with a coffee in your hand you make your way down a cute street in paris, it was the first time you visited the beautiful city and hoped to spend some time alone. thinking of nothing else but music that reminds you of the soft sunlight that pours into your room every morning, an ever so gentle wake up call to help you get out of bed. you are at that point in your youth where you are shy and  unknowing of who you are and where life will take you. as you’re walking down the street you can’t help but notice the girl at the coffee shop across the road. you see her for the sixth time in the six times you’ve walked down that street, always in the same place, always reading literature. you used to be intimidated of her. of her wavy brown hair and fringe, of her clothes that are beautiful and somehow poetic. of the way she smiles when she read something funny. of the way she sits up straight and moves as if she is in a film from the sixties. the way she doesn’t care for the world around her, even if it was someone she knew, like that girl that made fun of her for never fully knowing who she was, or that boy that saw her cry and told his friends were watching her. if only they could see her now. something about that girl used to make you sad. maybe it was the way she used to study in the library for hours in hopes to someday make it out okay. maybe it was because when you look at her, you wish that you have that type of self validation, that you are able to make it out like she did, and become the successful and beautiful woman she is at that very moment. before you know it, you are stopped and she is looking back at you. that girl is you. you are that girl.

Taehyung AU- A Creature Lurking (Pt. 1)

Taehyung can’t help but stare at his soulmate through a window. Maybe one day the window won’t be in the way.

You sat down in the booth.
It was easily seen due to the large extensive window fitted in the wall of the small building. However, only you could be seen. He was invisible.

Your scent lingered in his nose. Nerves tingled with anticipation as he watched his- you sit down waiting for the other human to arrive.
Taehyung didn’t like how you would push yourself out of your comfortable safe haven, even if he had never confronted you directly, he knew that was what you were doing.
The way your heart rate increased when surrounded by people. The way you duck your head down, trying to be unseen. If only you were within his grasp, you wouldn’t have to go through the hardship of lurking into the dangerous outside world.

Taehyung scoffed at the simplicity of his thoughts. Aren’t we more dangerous than any of these humans? The voice in the back of his mind mocks.

I would protect her, shelter her from the tainted race that ever took advantage of her. Taehyung thinks in reply. The filthy stench of liars and danger wouldn’t be the one lingering on your skin. Only his.

He wanted you to be drenched in his scent so every male, every creature knew you were his and that you were untouchable.
His tongue tingled and pleasurable shocks cascaded up and down his spine as he imagined his tongue on your skin, tasting your neck. To be able to smell your hormones mingle with his. He imagined you against any old wall, his hands touching every part of your blooming body.
Shaking the vivid image from his brain, Taehyung stalked closer to the window, still shielded by his dark hood and the steel lamppost across from the place you held residence at that moment.

Another female, taller, prettier than an average human patted you on your shoulder as she shuffled into the seat across from you. A timid smile was pulled from the slouched girl whom Taehyung was watching over, you. He could feel your anxiety cripple your insides as it rippled through his own body. The slightly familiar women was of no danger as far as he could see, no, but you felt intimidated as your confidence drew back behind your doe-like eyes.

Why must she torture herself like this? If you would come to me, you wouldn’t need friends, you would never be lonely. You would have your own family to protect you and love you for who you are. Taehyung’s eyes sadden at the presence’s words.

His breath hitched as your nervous hands brought a cup to your lips. Squinting, Taehyung triggered his supernatural abilities to zoom in on your cherry-like lips. They were his to bite and cherish, yet he couldn’t even see them up close, pressed against his own. Oh how complex this situation is.
Taehyung imagined how the situation would have changed if you were like him. A wolf. The presence at the back of his mind purred. If you followed each other’s scents and met in wolf form, he knew that he would not be able to control his dominant self or his lustful instincts. You would have felt it too. You would have been able to take it. Take him. He needn’t worry about hurting you or scarring you with his actions.
Yet, he liked your human self. You were cute and small, admirable and smart, beautiful and warm. The pull was still just as strong as it would have been if you were like him, but he could now feel the strain take an exhausting toll on him. His muscles felt like they would shake off his body whenever he saw you through the crack in your bedroom curtains to see you in your half-naked self. Taking a run and hunting the wild in his wolf form didn’t work anymore.

His human side and his wolf agreed on at least one thing.

You looked like an angel with the moonlight blooming off of your milky skin and the mounts of your chest looked the perfect size for his hands to just take for his own and squeeze tenderly.

An involuntary groan escaped his parted lips as he saw the tip of you tongue peek out from the corner of your mouth to catch the foam of milk that gathered there sip after sip. A growl erupted from his chest and he had to cast his eyes down to hide his eyes that illuminated in extreme moments of emotion.

After Taehyung had calmed down his racing thoughts and the whimpering wolf at the back of his mind became almost silent, he peeked back up from below his hood and a breath of panic consumed him as you were not there

The seat was empty.

The other female was also nowhere to be seen and Taehyung’s anxiety prickled his skin, patches of hair trying to grow out of his otherwise smooth arms. He called upon his hearing abilities to try and track down your voice.

“Thank you for meeting me. H-have a safe trip back.” He heard the gentle sweeps of your breath and the warm hum of your voice in time to see you walking out the door of the building, bowing to the tall female you had been with in the booth.
Taehyung let out a large huff and rolled his head back, relief consuming him. Despite his calm and collected approach to threats and such other issues that had arisen previously within his pack, coming down to his mate’s safety and well-being- his mask was completely torn off.

The shape-shifter looked at you from under his fringe, taking in your uncomfortable expression. It was just you, left alone on the street now with other bystander’s whom you didn’t know and had no intention of knowing.

A couple of seconds passed by before you started your walk back home, the meeting with your acquaintance from college went fairly well. You talked, shared interests (not that you had anything in common anyway) and managed to discuss what you had to in clear detail. Yet still, the niggling awkwardness and the uncomfortable beating of your heart set off your anxiety.

Sighing, you walked alone…or maybe not?

You stopped at the sound of constant footsteps, in pace with your own from behind you.


No footsteps.

Eyes widened and frightened, you took gentle steps with your eyes darted at the corners, trying to see if you could capture any suspicious movements from behind you.
You thought you saw a guy in a hood, hiding behind his fringe and dark clothes. When you turned around however, he was gone. There was no one there. Stop being paranoid, you scolded yourself.

Carrying on walking, there were no footsteps or guys in hoodies. Although it was getting dark and you didn’t want to be outside so someone could follow you.
Your thoughts focused on your previous meeting with a classmate. Does she think I’m good enough to join the group? I need to get in if I want to get a scholarship for next semester! I don’t want to have to work part-time jobs again, I still haven’t recovered from last semester. You worry by yourself, something you are used to now. Your parents don’t want to dabble in your life currently, not when you are an adult and are expected to live and eat by yourself. I can’t let them down, you think to yourself.

Taehyung watches from a distance, trying his best not to be noticed so he doesn’t scare you. Hopefully you don’t look left and see him across the road. Sighing through his nose, he tries to pick up on your emotions and pricks his ears so he can hear your heart beating.

She feels sad, lonely. Taehyung’s wolf sulks in the back of his mind. If you weren’t such a goddamn wimp, she wouldn’t have to feel like this!

I’m trying! Taehyung hisses, in reply to his wolf. She’s just not ready yet, she’s been through too much to try and fit in. I’m not going to ruin it for her.

I’m running out of patience friend, do something about the pull or I’ll do it for you. Taehyung felt his wolf claw at his mind, reminding him that he can take control if he wanted.

Don’t worry. Soon I’ll approach her like a human before I reveal myself. I won’t abandon her or let her be harmed. She’ll have to come to us then.

Good, because I don’t think I can stay at this distance much longer, my friend.

No Glory, A snippet: Chapter 24

Because… why not

Harry hit the ground running.

The ground beneath his feet was cold and damp, his feet were bare. The wind blew, the sound a continuous note of shrill foreboding. Static filled the air. The world was a monochrome blur, consisting of only shades and tints of gray.

“…Harry Potter…”

He was in the maze.

The labyrinth of thick hedges and magical obstacles, the Third Task. Harry was racing along those same pathways, only this foliage was a dull gray, the sky a dark and steely veil.

“…Harry Potter…”

He ran.

Heart thundering, adrenaline coursing through his veins, Harry sprinted. A left, a right, another left. There was something following him, something chasing him—that serpentine entity of his nightmares, it was coming for him

Harry made another turn, and found himself in a clearing. This, in the past, was where the spider had attacked him, had attacked he and Cedric…

But there was no fierce beast, here. No trophy, no end in sight, no portkey to whisk him away to the death of his friend and the rebirth of a monster… But there was something. Where the gleaming, golden trophy had once awaited the champion atop a raised platform, there now stood the Mirror of Erised.

Harry warily approached.

The moment he stepped onto the platform, the wind stopped, and all was eerily still. He left footprints on the stone platform as he moved towards it; evidence in residual water that Harry Potter was here, walked here, stood here.

He held his breath as he looked into the mirror. He was wearing the same, ragged robes he had been dressed in when he’d gone into the forest to die—that same, fringed fabric and stained cloth.

He wondered why he was barefoot.

The reflection, for a long moment, remained unchanged. Harry waited for his parents to appear, to see his family… He choked on his breath, suddenly, an emotion he was unprepared for swelling there with the guilt-ridden words forming in his mind…

Mom, Dad… I failed you, I’m sorry….

They did not appear.


The Dark Lord in all of his freshly resurrected, serpentine glory. Pale skin, slits for nostrils—and those eyes, those same, searing eyes that were the precise hue of fresh blood. Voldemort’s irises alone had color in this nightmare.

Harry turned instinctively, thinking the Dark Lord must be standing behind him. He wasn’t.

The monster existed only in the mirror.

Harry watched the horror unfold in the silver.

His reflection was acting of its own accord, no longer mimicking him. Voldemort stood behind his likeness, and when the Dark Lord reached one long, unnaturally white hand to card his fingers through his hair, the false-Harry melted into his touch, eyes fluttering closed and obviously blissful at the physical contact. Voldemort pulled the reflection closer to him, whispering something which Harry could not hear into his reflection’s ear, wrapping his arms around his waist, gloating, smirking—

And the entire time, those scarlet eyes never left his.

No, Harry thought as he witnessed the darkest wizard of all time bite his ear, kiss his neck, lower his hands down his chest…


Across his stomach and over his hips…

“…Harry Potter…”

No, no! This is not my heart’s greatest desire. This is not, this is not, this is not!

…Then why was he staring, watching, enthralled like someone in a trance?

Voldemort’s eyes were gleaming. Harry’s reflection was panting, and when his eyes opened, they, too, were no longer colorless but a startling red, pupils dilated with undeniable lust—


Harry awoke with his heart in his throat and someone’s robes in his hands.

The world snapped into focus, far too bright. Harry hissed at the abrupt and vivid clarity.

“Fuck, Potter!”

Harry released his death grip and sat up straight. His pulse was racing, the sudden return to reality far too jarring for his liking.


anonymous asked:

Fionn Whitehead for the Last Magazine aesthetic makes me think of Louis, why. Fionn is so adorable, though, and quite like Harry in a few aspects. Can't wait for the film.

I was thinking the same thing about him in that photo shoot! There’s a lot of Louis in the aesthetic for sure - the soft fringe, the clothes, the silly faces etc. I’m seeing the film tonight and am so excited!!! And yes, I can see aspects of his personality that are similar to Harry’s. He’s clearly very bright and takes his work very seriously. 

The thing about Fionn that I’ve found the most hilarious is how he responds to Harry’s quirkiness. It’s quite different from Louis in that respect. Louis is, of course, always super fond and encouraging. Fionn seems utterly baffled by H at first - he strikes me as a very serious person on the whole. But as the junket process went on you can see how he falls into the role of straight man to Harry’s silliness - he’s simultaneously confused, but fond and amused as well. And he even loosens up enough to start taking the piss out of him. I love it! I don’t really understand how his reactions to Harry can be read as anything other than fondness. I guess people who hate Harry will find ways to throw hate at Harry even when there isn’t any. 

Sorry, I know that was a tangent…but I’ve been thinking about all of that for a few days! 


I think it has become apparent that over the years I have just accumulated far too many articles of clothing. With that thought in mind I think I’m going to create a sister account where I will photograph pieces from my closet that people can purchase through paypal.

I have SO much stuff everything from vintage to newer pieces I never wear. I just want these gems to go to homes where girls will actually give them the love they deserve!

Would you be interested in shopping my closet?

Is this a good idea?