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Yoongi Scenario: Leave Me Lonely

Summary: Yoongi is a vampire from royal heritage, he belonged amongst those who weren’t able to feel human emotions. Never did he wonder that one day he’d be bewitched by the scent of a woman and that her touch was the spell which would break down the boundaries of his vampiric sentiments.

Genre: Angst / Romance – Vampire!AU

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word Count: 2.4k

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Leave me lonely~

Every rose has its thorn. Don’t trust me too much, you don’t know me that well yet.

Yoongi wasn’t the kind to resist temptation easily, instead, he was one of those people who usually denied their self-indulgence. However, standing on the grounds of his safe manor, he couldn’t help but let his thoughts wander to you – the woman who brought him out of his shell. To think how casually he found you; in the public library, by smelling the fragrant scent you unconsciously flaunted. It left him dizzy and gasping for air.

His fingers toyed with the fringes of his red velvet tuxedo absentmindedly meanwhile he waited for the arrival of his older brother, Seokjin. He cursed under his breath, hating being from the Vampiric Royal family in that moment. He wished he was a blatant normal human for the hundredth time – if he was, he would be by your side in a heartbeat.

“Brother” Yoongi muttered as soon as Seokjin entered the room.

“I didn’t come here to see you” he clarified, gazing at the gigantic window.

“Then, why would you come?” He sneered, obviously annoyed at his overly intrusive sibling.

“You’re senseless, did you know that? Soojeong told me you’re running after a human woman” Seokjin scowled, the distaste present on his voice.

“What’s so wrong with that?” Yoongi retorted, “do you think our parents would care? We don’t hate humans.”

He scoffed, “do as you please, brother. But, be careful because it might hurt.”

When Seokjin stepped out of the lounge to meet up with their sister, Soojeong, Yoongi kept thinking about your touch and how the tension residing in you was instantly transferred to him. The frown on your face was undone with his unsubtle observation. He resembled to a hawk, surrounding its prey. He couldn’t avoid it, however, you were a magnet that drew him closer to you naturally.

The sunken dorm you lived in was murky and old, nonetheless, it was the only place you could afford with your current job and situation. Many of your colleagues were on the same boat, working and engaging with a load of studies. You were privileged, somehow, because as your workplace was the library, studying turned out to be an easier task to you.

Until you met a man, a handsome young guy that started showing up frequently, causing you to get distracted simply by the thought of him. His ivory skin was flawless and contemplated his cherry lips, his hair was a sleek black color that tore you apart – his presence had begun to bring you at the seams. And you loathed the idea of being attracted to a man, you weren’t experienced romantically and you avoided seeing anyone in that light.

You heaved a sigh, climbing the ladder to rearrange the section of philosophy books. Cleaning up a little wouldn’t hurt, and it would help pass the time quickly.

Silence. Complete and utter silence filled the ambience. People paced around quietly and remained undisturbed while studying, listening to music, or inaudibly pondering about life. You were currently wiping off the dirt of one of the wooden bookcases when the mysterious stranger who gazed attentively at you beckoned you to come closer. When you reached him, nervous butterflies erupted on the pit of your stomach. With a strained voice, you choked out a small ‘yes, sir’ that elicited a cheeky grin from him. If you weren’t embarrassed enough…

“My name’s Yoongi” he said, staring straight into your eyes.

He looked exquisite. Adorned with a whole black outfit and glasses, he could be a model, barely you knew he was a five-hundred year old vampire.

“Yoongi” You repeated, calmer than before. So calm, that it seemed to alarm him. He stood up, chair scraping loudly against the floor.

“Please, go out with me.”

You stood for what seemed like a long time, mind blank, mouth wide open. This was not happening. The furtive stranger was asking you out? You told yourself that you should be smart and try to understand the situation, but it was too much. So, in response, you nodded. Having a little fun wouldn’t hurt.

Walking with him was quiet, Yoongi was a silent person just like you and he couldn’t formulate anything meaningful to say to you as he strode to the cozy place he had discovered two weeks ago, he thought if you’d like it. He felt an urge to hold your hand and he did, he was tired of holding back.

You had to stop yourself from yanking your hand out of his grip, his skin against yours was like fire and ice colliding, the ice melting into boiling water. You stared at his lips, you couldn’t afford to think of it. His soft, beautifully shaped lips…The way they curved just right, or how delicious they looked when he bit down onto his bottom lip. Or the way the veins on his neck were bulging, how dark his acorn colored eyes looked at that very moment, as if he was about to do something bad.

Was he a good kisser? No, no. Don’t be crazy. You’re being crazy, Y/N.

“How come have we never met before?” You said, thinking about how weird that you and Yoongi hadn’t ever bumped into each other.

“I don’t know” he soothed, caressing your bare shoulder while you walked, “maybe it was destiny.”

A destiny Yoongi made sure to happen, that’s certain.

Your confident footsteps toward me looks so pitiful today. Emotions? That’s an extravagance to me.

The dictate that said that ‘once you keep thinking about something, you would dream about it’ proved itself right. When someone knocked on the door of your dorm, you were dumbfounded. But, you had a vague idea of who it would be – Yoongi. Who else? The both of you had become exceptionally close ever since he pleaded you to go out with him which had been six months ago. There were times Yoongi would show up at your place, late into the night as you scrolled across the internet carelessly. He would appear at the door, your spare house key dangling in the knob because he always forgot which way to turn it to unlock the door.

Tonight, was one of those nights.

You sighed happily before dropping your papers down to your coffee table and lifting your butt off the floor, slightly groggy from so many hours of research. “Hey” you stuttered in an exhaled breath.

“Hey, beautiful” he purred coquettishly as he caressed your cheek.

You blushed at the action. Yoongi had been flirting with you for a while now, and you began to play along, jokingly blowing him kisses, or tell him how important he was to you. He was open, too. After breaking some of your walls down, he was straightforwardly blunt, he was in love with you and was going to make you fall in love with him as well. He was fun, almost always smiling, life of his own little party. You decided not to deny to yourself and himself the pleasure of both loving and being loved as you leant forward to brush your lips against his.

Yoongi was skeptical about your attempt, however, backing away as a jolt of shock hit him, “what are you doing, Y/N?”

If your cheeks were pink before, when he halted you, you probably looked like a tomato. Why were you so shy?

“Kissing you?” You stuttered, maneuvering your slender fingers on your soft lips that had faintly brushed with Yoongi’s. It was tingling and it felt right.

He groaned, “do you mean it?”

“How will you know without kissing me?” You retorted, unable to avoid giggling when he merely clasped his hands around your waist.

“Yoongi?” You muttered and he pecked your lips, gazing you with full adoration. “What now?” You mewled, nobbling him; chest with chest.

“Nothing. You’re just… outstandingly beautiful,” Yoongi stated eliciting a giggle out of you, as he presses you harder against him and against the wall.

“I lo–” he was about to speak.

You peck his lips.

And then, you were kissing – hard, softly, crazily, peacefully. As Yoongi tried to confess and utter the words he knew you wanted to hear and he wanted to say, you didn’t let him. The kiss was sweet, his lips soft, your tongues perfectly tangling on each other. You stopped and he eyed you, with his deadly orbs.

“I’m in love with you,” he whispered out, furtively. Finally sharing the secret, he had wanted to share all along as if he didn’t tell you every now and then.

Your eyes flutter closed in a nanosecond, your breath certainly vacillating. Not that you weren’t sure of your feelings – it was the mixture of an unpretentious spike of passion reaching its peak and it was love. The good old raw loving. You stopped your kissing session again to compensate the lack of air in their lungs. Nonetheless, the boy started to look at you with a newfound passion, acknowledging the things on your figure he thought he hadn’t paid that much of attention before.

And that was it, even if you weren’t sure of letting yourself fall for him, you decided you wanted to. Try to experience how mind blowing it would be to be worshipped by him, experience the simple act of loving and being reciprocated.

Yoongi thought his insides were about to burst.

“I love you, Y/N,” he murmured.

“I love you too, Yoongi,” you said, caressing his arm as you gave him a sweet smile.

When you awoke, you had the empty feeling in the pit of your stomach. Just as you suspected, a sleeping Yoongi laid beside you, blankets kicked to the end of the bed. He was spooning you, arms hugging you for warmth. His face was almost fully covered by his messy bedhead, and you gently pulled the covers up over your bodies since the room was slightly chilly. You ignored the ominous feeling ringing on your head, falling in a deep slumber yet again.

Yoongi, on the other hand, knew you had woken up suddenly. He had left the bed previously to just see his brother’s text and returned, you were definitely a light sleeper. When your heartbeat had gotten faster out of nowhere, he felt guilty, but as it subdued to its normal pace, he detached himself from you again. He forced himself to not gaze you longer than necessary or else, he wouldn’t drive back to the manor which he was requested to go. Yoongi smiled at your sleeping form, so peaceful.

His demeanor went from utterly pleased to terrified in a fleeting speed. He detached his body from yours, flinching at the coldness that came with your absence, it’s not like he wanted to. However, he obliged to the order he was given, or else he would be dead.

When your alarm clock rang and you tapped the covers only to find it empty and cold. It was 8:30 am and you couldn’t believe your luck, Yoongi had vanished into thin air. You huffed in annoyance, kicking the blanket angrily off you, the tears that fell from your eyes were helpless – it wasn’t the first time you opened up to a guy to only afford on him leaving, without looking back.

“I can’t believe it!” You croaked, your voice muffled due to your throat’s dryness.

As you took a shower, you scrubbed your skin with force, wanting nothing but to get rid of the dirt because his kisses and caresses felt like it now – your tender skin was crimson red.

Deliberating if you were overreacting, you sighed. Your coffee lost its scorching hot temperature only to have a mildly tepid one take its place. What should I do? Your tearful eyes didn’t help your despair as you hugged yourself to try and keep your body warm. Crying won’t help, you told yourself as you made your way toward your workplace.

Yoongi smelled a stench when he stepped foot on his manor. Not knowing what to expect, he called out his siblings and went upstairs to seek the source of the such smell that penetrated his nostrils obnoxiously. He placed his hand upon them, blocking his rational line of thought to one flooded with you and only you. He relished in your smell that was still strong in his hands. There wasn’t anyone in sight and he thought that maybe his brother had fooled him. Just leaving behind the sour smell that reeked his house.

Sighing, he turned on his heels when he heard the subtle paddling of feet. It was Soojeong, his eldest sister.

“Did he bring you here?” She asked softly, coaxing him to come closer.
He didn’t.

“Yes, he asked me to come.” He said. “But, I’m already leaving since you seem to have everything under control…” Yoongi swirled his body with his arms stretched out to nothing.

“Yoongi, wait,” she halted him with her soft hands griping her brother’s forearm, “did you mate with that human?”

He snarled. His siblings were doing all of this because he loved you?

When Yoongi approached the entrance door of the majestic library building, there was a stranger talking to you – a male dressed in all black. He cornered you in a dark, unfrequented spot in the library. Sensing your vitals, he could tell you weren’t afraid which caused him to conclude things erroneously. Principally because of the scene he wished he didn’t witness.

“What are you running away from? Why don’t you go out with me? I’ve missed you,” the man snickered and trailed his fingers on your shoulders.

“Don’t touch me, Soohyuk.” You hissed, “I have a boyfriend.”

Soohyuk pretended not to listen to you as he approached you, forcefully kissing you and dragging you out of the building. As soon as the young boy walked out the gates, he stopped with his arms grasping you tightly. You were terrified by the look on Yoongi’s face, by being kissed without wanting it. He was startled and wasn’t going to patient. Not that he ever had been. But, you were in love with him, for him you would endure everything and anything. Soohyuk ran. Further and further away.

“Yoongi?” You called out. No answer. “Yoongi, you know none of this is my fault.”

“Are you going to pretend nothing happened?” You asked with shallow breath – half whimpering, half pleading.

“I’m leaving,” he whispered, denoting everything but love.

A/N: this was inspired by @imsarabum ‘I won’t stop you’ series. Aksjajkaajaka.


It’s been a while since I’ve posted a look here! Haven’t been wearing fun makeup much, eh, nothing new. I’m out of liquid liner so that’s kind of contributed to it, but personally I think this look works nicely without it!

Yesterday I wore Bone, Fringe, Silk, and Velvet from the Kat Von D Metal/Matte palette and Specter from the Urban Decay Moondust palette (over Too Faced Glitter Glue) on the lid. My mascara is Too Faced Better Than Sex. My inner corner and face highlight is Pink Heart from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild palette (for the inner corners, I use NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese as a base to make it brighter).

On my face I’m also wearing the Elf Contour Palette, Benefit Rockateur boxed blush, and TheBalm’s Cindy-Lou Manizer as a topper for more glow. My lipstick is No Angel from Marc Jacobs (definitely one of my favorite nudes)!

anonymous asked:

Help! Today is my 29th bday and I'm going to a concert of one of my favorite bands tomorrow night with friends and I don't know what to wear? I plan to go shopping but what would Harry wear?

WOOOOOO BOY! This is the kind of ask I live for you have come to the right house. C&C FASHION Factory am I right?!

Okay sorry. Let’s get down to business. Birthday outfit AN concert outfit, this is v v important. We would first like to emphasize that wearing what makes *you* feel sexiest is the most vital part in all of this. Then of course to consider What Would Harry Wear?

1) Pink - the shade of ‘millenial pink’ Harry is so fond of at the moment is one of the hottest colors around. His album art featuring flowers also plays into the current trend of floral prints. Perhaps adorning yourself in a pink floral dress like this one from Forever 21?

2) Hawaiian shirts - I think there’s a way to make this work for you. Depending on the band you’re seeing, this could really work tie at the front with high-waisted jeans and some high-top trainers. Go for more toned down colors though and it might also make this more wearable. Just make sure it’s unbuttoned down to your navel to really show off the goods a la Harold.

3) Bows! Bows! Bows! - neck ties are actually all the rage right now and Harry certainly seems to love what my friends call A Neck Situation (AMAS 2015 yellow bolo, SNL Pink Gucci Pussy Bow, etc). Find either a stand alone pretty scarf to tie with something simple like a chambray (unbuttoned too deep) or find a shirt featuring a neck-tie/bow/scarf. 

4) Stevie Nicks - I actually feel very close to Harry when I dress like cultural, fashion, witch, and general Life icon Stevie Nicks. She’s his favorite person, and dressing like her has never been easier and more fun. Giant bell sleeves and a long skirt and fringe and VELVET?! Give it all. Also would work great for a concert. 

Whatever you end up wearing, keep us posted! We want you to feel amazing and I hope this helps!

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The elusive “Wishing” fabric 

Originally said to be made exclusively for the 1986 musical “Phantom of the Opera”. Woven in India and hand dyed/printed in England, this silk fabric comes from a small husband-and-wife shop outside London. They collect antique fabrics and trims as well as reproducing elaborate materials, and they’re a favourite among film and stage designers. No wonder this specific stripy/floral rococo fabric has appeared in many movies and TV series, as well as on stage.

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etsyfindoftheday 2 | 9.8.15

trendy kimonos by phraseologyla

  • velvet beaded fringe kimono in emerald
  • sheer floral multicolored kimono
  • hand-dyed indigo kimono

maybe you’re hella confident rocking the latest kimono trend … or maybe you feel a little like a poser in one (like i do). fear not! phraseologyla has TONS of styles so you can find the perfect piece to dip your toe in that trend’s waters … or, be bold and cannonball into it.