fringed tops

The Summer of the Seventies

Bell-bottoms, knitted crop tops, fringe - it seems as if retro has made a huge comeback. The fashion industry loves to embrace the next big thing, but this summer, we seem to be embracing a decade that has already come and gone, and is now back again! The SS15 shows in Paris, Milan, and London were heavily inspired by the iconic 70′s. Designers including Prada, Tom Ford, Gucci, Miu Miu, and Giambattista Valli- just to name a few- all showcased their throwback designs. So what trends should you expect to see this summer? Here are a few!

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Outfit 1 : Top // Pants // Choker // Bracelet // Clutch

Outfit 2 : Top // Shorts // Necklace // Ring // Thigh High Heel

Outfit 3 : Romper // Arm Cuff // Nails & Ring Set // Fringe Heels

Outfit 4: Top // Pants // Earrings // Clutch // Pumps

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marchin-clocks  asked:

Shit, I never thought of comparing Walt and Gus to Light and L but it makes so much sense now???

Every bit of their dialogue is so Mood™

“I don’t think we’re alike at all” is my favorite Gus-being-L moment, probably my favorite from the show in general… well, aside from pretty much the entirety of Box Cutter, because I just asdfghjl; “Get back to work” is epic. I realized today I’m such a f*cking hypocrite because I bitch abt ppl calling sociopaths cinnamon rolls but then I think about Gustavo Fring 💖 I know he threatened to murder an infant but he didn’t deserve anything that happened to him.

ALSO: If Light is Walter, that means Misa has to be Skylar… (even though Skylar is driven by her love for her family/children rather than Walter, the pure devotion is in a similar vein…), but I’m very much stuck on Jesse? Skipping him (lmao sorry Jesse), Aiber would be the perfect Saul (charismatic and slippery criminal-playing-the-good-guy). If Light is Walter I think it would be great if Hank were Soichiro, with all the family drama lol… I hate Marie so she’s excluded from this AU. Mello would probably have to be Tuco just because he’s such a crazy-ass gangster and my favorite side character. L is Gus so that makes Mike… Watari LMAO how great would that be. Watari telling Light to shut the fuck up and let him die in peace gmh. I really want to cast Naomi as Lydia but I think Takada would be better suited for her… not personality-wise, but the course of her actions just doesn’t seem very Naomi-like to me. Also, Matt is Todd because he doesn’t give a FUCK!!!!!


OOTD: DIY fringe T-shirt

Last weekend I was out with friend for her pre-wedding shooting. (Congratulations to her). It was too hot so i don’t wear any make up…not even the lipstick haha..look so pale… I was wearing my DIY fringe t-shirt (both the design and fringes). I also got this shorts really cheap: 3 USD from the full price of 6 USD yeah, ‘Three’ outlet shop because there is a cut mark at waistband. It is just too small and noone will notice that. So I don’t mind to buy them :)

T-shirt : Myself

Shorts: New Look

Shoes: Converse

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Relationship status: single (forever alone lmao)
Favourite colour: idk but i love pastel colors
Lipstick or chapstick: lipstick
Last song I listened to: be the one by dua lipa
Last movie I watched: rogue one

Top Three TV Shows:

  1. stranger things
  2. the walking dead
  3. penny dreadful/ fringe

Top Three Characters:

  1. glenn rhee
  2. ron weasley
  3. vanessa ives/ tony stark

Top Three Ships:

  1. klaus x caroline (the vampire diaries)
  2. ron x hermione (harry potter)
  3. glenn x maggie (the walking dead)/  ethan x vanessa (penny dreadful)

I’m sure it’s because of the concert but lately my love for Aoi just is shooting up hiiiiiiiigh like I just want to play with his fringe pajama top and hear him giggle and cook dinner with him and watch him play the guitar on the couch and then send him home to a person he loves and who loves him with all their heart and for who he is like damn I’m literally jumping back and forth between “please fuck me” and “please just be happy no matter what just let us know you’re happy you deserve it so much”