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The Summer of the Seventies

Bell-bottoms, knitted crop tops, fringe - it seems as if retro has made a huge comeback. The fashion industry loves to embrace the next big thing, but this summer, we seem to be embracing a decade that has already come and gone, and is now back again! The SS15 shows in Paris, Milan, and London were heavily inspired by the iconic 70′s. Designers including Prada, Tom Ford, Gucci, Miu Miu, and Giambattista Valli- just to name a few- all showcased their throwback designs. So what trends should you expect to see this summer? Here are a few!

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Outfit 1 : Top // Pants // Choker // Bracelet // Clutch

Outfit 2 : Top // Shorts // Necklace // Ring // Thigh High Heel

Outfit 3 : Romper // Arm Cuff // Nails & Ring Set // Fringe Heels

Outfit 4: Top // Pants // Earrings // Clutch // Pumps

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31 with taehyung please ^-^

thank you for requesting! i hope you like it! 

31. “I’m trying to flirt with you.” 


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I feel like this is a summoning ritual.

Like I shouldn’t have to mention this but Lup wear’s Barry’s jeans. Barry is a chub man so those jeans are low riding and guess what? She doesn’t wear a belt, they just magically hang by the dangerously low level of her hips and Barry is 9/10 dying inside and out.
Barry’s style is lazy dad on a football afternoon meets highschool boy who only owns graphic ts. Some people (taako) think his fashion isn’t saveable but Lup repurposes it all the time. Barry finds his shirts with cuts all over them or singed and he’s just kinda “meh” 
Barry at least twice a week accidentally wears a shirt Lup has cut up, and everyone is very shook when he sports a “IPRE” crop top with fringe detail and makes if fucking WORK
Barry can’t grow a beard, the most he grows is an uncomfortable amount of scruffy patches that only Lup adores
She calls it “Prepubescent man-child fuzzies” everyone cringes
Speaking of which, unlike Taako who canonly has the mentality of “no one needs to know my fucking business” when it comes to his personal love life, Blupjeans are sooooo opposite
They are PDA station, they are in your face, I love you + Make out sessions in the middle of a crowded room
They are “Baaaaaaaaaabe” and vomit inducing sweetheart giggles
They are Barry constantly having his hands on Lup and Lup is quite literally always sitting on Barry’s lap or vice versa
They are the couple that live with each other’s tongue down their throats and its very hard to double date with them without getting at least a little grossed out


Lovely New Hair Accessory by @sims4nexus available here:

@sims4nexus CC: fringe boots  orange top  & canvas flats (see Lookbook)

Most CC reblogged by me: dresses   socks & shoes   tops   bottoms  hair

Cas background 

^Note some Toddler hair may not be available 

Tot in purple (2nd pic) by @qdogsims

Werewolf Pup Tot (4th pic) by @hbcu-black-girl

Pink Flower tot (4th pic) available on my Gallery (ilovesaramoon)

Tot in orange, Riley Curry Coming As Soon as I locate all of her CC (smile)

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A Sweet  Heart Purse with BLING by @sims4nexus

Photo 1:   Shorts    Cap   Flower ACC   Tights

Photo 2:  Jumpsuit   Mesh by sims4nexus     Fringe Boots  Turtleneck Top

Photo 3:    Top  Capri Jeans   Beret  Canvas Flats by sims4nexus

Photo 4:      Top    Skirt     Super Sparkly Shoes

Photo 5:     Skirt    cape & gloves     Boots   Muff/Scarf    Socks

All other CC here:  HAIR   tops  bottoms  shoes & accessories

Note: duplicate CC only listed once, check all photos

Adopt my sweet Sim Tots (Photos 1-4)  HERE  Origin ID: ilovesaramoon

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A pretty girl will make you go to any lengths to make her smile

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Imagine: Johnny noticing you doing a choir recital. 
Not my GIF

Choir wasn’t exactly cool. When Two-Bit, Ponyboy or Johnny would hear them practice, they’d smirk. Gloating in the cool of their carelessness. That is until Ponyboy had a meeting with his advisor. Grades were wonderful. Track was a nice touch. But any involvement with the arts would put him over the top for a scholarship. Some mumbo jumbo about being well rounded. When Darry caught wind of the suggestion, he found himself enrolled in choir. The gang teased him mercilessly, but soon forgot.

That is, until the big spring concert. He begged the gang not to go. Pleaded even. With the concert theme being, “On the Silver Screen,” there wasn’t a chance in hell they’d miss it. On the 5 of April, they crowded the auditorium seats. They behaved themselves through the intro. But after the first number, “Surry with the Fringe on Top,” they were dangerously close to losing their composure. The site of Ponyboy singing and swaying to the beat was too hilarious to handle. 

As funny as his buddy was, his eyes kept wandering to the corner of the stage. There was a pretty girl tucked in the corner. She had shiny auburn hair. She scanned the crowd nervously and headed forward. 

“Now we have, Y/N with Embraceable you by Ms. Judy Garland.”

Her hands trembled as she adjusted the microphone. Her olive green dress came down to her knees with taffeta peeking out of the bottom. She didn’t have much make up on, except mascara and ruby red lips. Not that she needed it. Johnny figured she could light up a room all on her own.

“ Embrace me, my sweet embraceable you.
Embrace me, you irreplaceable you.  “

Her words floated across the entire auditorium, soothing the restless audience. She stopped his heart right than and there. It looked like she lived to sing. 

“Just one look at you
My heart grows tipsy in me
You and you alone
Bring out the gypsy in me”

Johnny thought she looked like a movie star. The way she closed her eyes to sing. The way she swayed like a church bell. Sodapop elbowed Darry and pointed to an awestruck Johnny Cade. Johnny did know one thing. He could’ve listened to her forever. The song ended far too soon. Not that it mattered. He ignored the rest of the show and replayed her performance a million times in his end by the time the concert ended. 

Ponyboy however, was glad the whole thing was over. Even though that meant sufficient razzing from his brothers and Two-Bit. 

“You dance so purdy, Kid!” Two-Bit laughed. 

“Should be up on the pictures!” Soda teased.

He was waiting for Johnny to take up for him. Nowhere to be found. He dodged embraces and fake punches from the gang to scan the crowd. “Where’s Johnny at?” 

Soda smirked and pointed to the refreshment table. His eyes about fell out of his head. Johnny held a nervous hand out, clutching a cup of punch to Y/N. She blushed and grabbed the cup. No one could hear what they were saying. Not that it mattered anyways. They were just plain stunned. Johnny Cade went up to a girl. No act or facade. Just himself to offer. And it seemed to be working judging by the way she leaned in and smiled while she talked to him. He looked equally terrified and happy. Sometime it seemed like Johnny was really the one with an edge. A true gentleman amongst hoodlums. 

“Well, I’ll be damned,” Two-Bit pipped up.

“Yeah, well. A pretty girl will make you go to any lengths to make her smile,” Sodapop nodded proudly.

“Especially like that,” Darry said clapping Soda on the back.