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The China Platter


((i’d advise you to avoid reading the post as it’ll kinda spoil the fic))


Summary: A dinner date turns into something quite unexpected


“Nice to meet you, Dan.” Phil’s mum studies the younger boy through the rim of her glasses as he abandons the stove to greet her with a polite hug.
“You too Mrs. Lester. Shall I get you a-…” He indicates to the wine rack.
“No, no, you’d better get back to your cooking.” She shakes her head, a fond grin forming on her lips as her grey-coloured eyes trail over his smooth, even features. He’s tall, she estimates around 6 ft 2, and his chestnut-coloured hair falls over his dark eyes in a fringed haircut. His patterned t shirt compliments the best of his slim figure, accompanied by his dark black jeans clinging onto his legs, displaying his shape attractively.
Throughout the meal, she can’t help but notice how handsome Dan is. In fact, she’d had been suspicious of her own son’s sexuality, but being a good mother, she felt that he would let her know if/when the time was right.
But seeing them living, plus working together, couldn’t help but fuel her growing curiosity.

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OOTD: DIY fringe T-shirt

Last weekend I was out with friend for her pre-wedding shooting. (Congratulations to her). It was too hot so i don’t wear any make up…not even the lipstick haha..look so pale… I was wearing my DIY fringe t-shirt (both the design and fringes). I also got this shorts really cheap: 3 USD from the full price of 6 USD yeah, ‘Three’ outlet shop because there is a cut mark at waistband. It is just too small and noone will notice that. So I don’t mind to buy them :)

T-shirt : Myself

Shorts: New Look

Shoes: Converse


S: You’re right. They needed a smokin’ hot, fantastic lead guitarist. Ta da! And I magically pulled him out of my pocket. And I said, “Well, that’s true.” And so the whole story wraps around to this - and if Lindsey wants to speak, he will - I like to tell this story because I really do want to- He’s backing away! He’s backing away. I like to say thank you, Lindsey, for telling Mick when he called and asked you to join Fleetwood Mac - thank you for saying whatever it is that you said. Which, would you like to step up to the mic and finish the story? Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Lindsey Buckingham.

L: Me? You want me to talk?

S: Yeah. I’d like you to say something.

L: *pondering* Say something

S: Nice. *laughs*

L: That’s very difficult for me. *S laughs* Right? *L laughs* *clears throat* Okay, well, let’s see. Yes, it’s true, it’s absolutely true. Mick had heard a song of ours. And their guitarist left and I got a phone call. I did not, I’d only met Mick once very briefly. And he said, “Lindsey, it’s Mick Fleetwood.”
“Hi, Mick.”
“Lindsey, would you like to join Fleetwood Mac?”
And, of course, what did I say? What did I say? I said, “If you’re going to take me, Mick, you gotta take my girlfriend too!!!”
And that, Stevie, *voice gets deeper* baby, that is loooooove.

S: Can I just add, in Stuttgart, to that little story since you do like to throw that in, that for five years previous to that I washed your jeans, sewed moons and stars on them, fringed them, ironed your T-shirts-

L: This is a new, uh-

S: made your house beautiful, cooked dinner, cleaned the house, was a waitress AND a cleaning lady, and also *voice gets softer* loved you.

L: That’s right.

S: So, it wasn’t just a one-sided deal.

L: Did I say it was?

S: Nooooo, but it kinda comes across like thaaat… We’re letting you in to the seriousness of this whole thing.

L: So, all this time-

S: I don’t think they really want to come in here.

L: All this time, I’ve been saying “that’s love, baby” you’ve been going “*sniffs* Hmph”.

S: Kind of. *laughs*

L: I can’t win! Geez! I did. I loved you with all my heart-

S: I know.

L: -didn’t I?

S: Yes, you did.

L: And you loved me too.

S: And I did. And that’s why we went together into Fleetwood Mac.

L: That’s right.

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anonymous asked:

do you think lindsey was one of stevie's great loves?

I do, absolutely. I mean…

“And I was very much the care-taker in that relationship, and I LOVED taking care of him. And I loved taking care of our house and, you know, all the things that women do when they love a man. You know, I washed his jeans and embroidered stupid moons and stars on the bottom of them, you know. I made sure that HE was perfect, you know.” - Stevie, 2003


“Stevie: Can I just add, in Stuttgart, to that little story since you do like to throw that in, that for five years previous to that I washed your jeans, sewed moons and stars on them, fringed them, ironed your t-shirts…

Lindsey: This is a new, um…

Stevie: …made the house beautiful, cooked dinner, cleaned the house, was a waitress AND a cleaning lady and ALSO loved you.

Lindsey: That’s right.

Stevie: So it wasn’t just a one-sided deal.

Lindsey: Did I say it was?

Stevie: No, but it kind of comes across like that. We’re letting you into the seriousness of this whole thing. I don’t think that…

Lindsey: So all this time…

Stevie: …they really wanna come in here.

Lindsey: So all this time that’s I’ve been saying ‘that’s love, baby’ you’ve been going, ‘hmph.’

Stevie: Kinda *laughs*.

Lindsey: I can’t win! Geez.  I did, I loved you with all my heart, didn’t I?

Stevie: I know.

Lindsey: Didn’t I?

Stevie: Yes, you did.

Lindsey: And you loved me too.

Stevie: And I did. And that’s why we went together into Fleetwood Mac.

Lindsey: That’s right.” - Without You intro, 2013


DIY Fringe Scarf | KelliUniverse

hysterical-for-joshifer  asked:

I wish you would write a fic about how you and your hubs met. :)

I know that this is so late but I hope you enjoy it. Surprisingly despite Everlarking it, there are some lines that were pretty much word from word on that first night that we met.

Enjoy babe!


“You should come out,” Gale told her. “I haven’t seen you in forever!”

“I’ve been busy,” Katniss replied as she balanced her cell phone between her chin and shoulder. “School, work, Cato…”

“Correction, you’re not with Cato anymore,” her friend said. “And, what are you doing right now?” Katniss didn’t respond instead taking another sip of her smoothie. “Let me guess. You’re at home, sipping a Jamba Juice smoothie and watching Law and Order: SVU.”

Looking up at her television, she reached for her remote turning it off just as Detective Benson elbowed a man before grabbing his boot.

Damn, what a good episode.

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