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Uni roomate AU hate sex? And d and p hate each other and are free to love together, not even the first day there Phil gets cocky ad starts getting in Dan's face, lots f sexual tension and kinks?

Warnings!! Smut: Daddy kink, Dom! Phil, degradation, dirty talk, hate sex, angry fucking, witty banter, etc etc.

~When Dan found out he was put into the same room as Phil Lester on the first day of university, he was less than thrilled to say the least. Ever since they met the year before, they had never seemed to get along. And now that university was starting up again, Dan was put in the same room on him since they both needed a roommate.

~Phil Lester came bruiting in, throwing his duffle bag across the room and sitting on the top bunk. His hair was messed up in the back but still in is usual fringe, his short sleeved Muse T-shirt showing each one of his tattoos off, his ripped skinny jean clad legs swinging off the top bunk as he watched Dan unpack.

~Dan was bent over, folding and putting clothes into his bottom drawer. He hadn’t been paying mind to his position, not noticing Phil watching his ass move. “You know.” Phil said after a moment, watching Dan more for a second before continuing. “If you weren’t such a fuckin’ prude, you’d be someone I’d definitely consider fucking.”

~Dan rolled his eyes, snapping back into an upright position, looking at Phil. “Was that supposed to be some fucked up compliment? And they say romance is dead.”

~Phil chuckled and starts cracking his knuckles as he spoke. “Romance? You couldn’t pay me to date you. Putting up with your whining bitch self? I’d kill myself.” He chuckled. “But that ass. That’s something special. You get laid often?” He asked.

~Dan chuckled bitterly, crossing his arms and looking at him. “Even if I was what business of yours is it?” Dan replied, his time sharp and snarky. “I’ve heard you’re a promiscuous type.” Phil commented, smirking at him.

~Dan shook his head. “You’re insufferable you know that? I’m not promiscuous. I enjoy my fun.” He said. “Unlike you who fucks everything that has a pulse.”

~Phil shrugged, looking at him and keeping the confident smirk plastered across his face. “Haven’t fucked you yet. Even I have standards.”

~Dan scoffed, looking at him back and giving him an angry glare. “Yeah like you could fuck me. I’m a bit above the bar of cheap blondes and easy twinks you pick up.”

~Phil shrugged and got down off the top bunk by jumping, clapping as he walked towards Dan, combat boots hitting the ground hard as he did. “You’re not exactly a prize, Danny.” He smirked. “But you’re definitely fuckable”

~Dan sneered, turning away from Phil as he grew closer, hearing his steps stop. “Sorry, I don’t fuck bullying, punk ass man whores.” Dan said and Phil chuckled.

~Phil shrugged and moved to pull the back of Dan’s hair. “Care to put your money where your mouth is?” He smirked. “Because you wanna keep talking, I’ll knock your teeth down your fucking throat.” He threatened and Dan turned around once he let go, glaring, angry. “You couldn’t even if you fucking tried.” He said.

~Phil smirked again and shrugged. “Have it your way.” He said, grinning before punching Dan straight in the chin, knocking him back.

~Dan coughed, jaw grit in pain and glaring at Phil from where he was on the floor, lunging up to knock him down, trying to swing and missing, getting hit again.

~Dan groaned loudly, leaning back on the floor, only a few feet away from Phil on the linoleum floor. “You look oddly hot right now.” Phil commented.

~Dan wiped his mouth, his jaw and cheek already starting to bruise. “Right. Why are you flirting with me after hitting me twice?” He chuckled, trying not to try and hit him again, knowing he couldn’t.

~Phil shrugged and waited a moment before getting up, moving between Dan’s legs. Dan didn’t know what he was doing until he felt a hand wrap around his throat hard, Phil’s lips on his moving fast.

~Dan kissed back, unsure why as the pressure on his neck tightened, gasping for air. Phil moved his tongue passed Dan’s lips, exploring his mouth and pinning him to the ground with his body weight, still gripping his neck.

~Phil let go, moving an arm under Dan’s waist to pull them chest to chest, pulling away from the kiss and burying his face in his neck, starting to kiss and nip at the soft skin. “I hate you so fucking much.” He mumbled against his skin.

~Dan moaned quietly, his legs moving around Phil’s waist tightly. “Yet you’re kissing me.” He commented and Phil gripped his waist tightly, biting down particularly hard and earning a loud moan from the writhing boy under him.

~Phil growled, moving his hands up under Dan’s shirt, roaming his chest to his lower back, holding him close as he went to work bruising his neck. He moved back, pulling dan up with him in his lap as he rested back on himself.

~Dan moved with him languidly, easily giving in and being submissive. “F-fuck.” He mumbled, feeling his lips on his sensitive neck.

~Phil moaned quietly against his skin as Dan instinctively started grinding into him in the position they were in. His hands wandered down, grabbing his ass and groaning. “You’re so fucking stupid but god damn.” He groaned.

~Dan chuckled breathlessly through a moan. “Degrade me Daddy.” He smirked, feeling the grip tighten and making him gasp. “Oh I intend to.” Phil spoke lowly and Dan shuddered.

~Quick, Phil stood up, slamming Dan into the wall and kissing him again, roughly, hard and passionate, lust and hate filling the room, tension thick as the two kissed. Tongues clashing, hips moving against each other, high pitched moans from Dan echoing off the walls.

~Phil moved them once more, slamming Dans body into the bed and pulling off his shirt as quick as he could manage before going back to Dan, lips molding to his perfectly.

~Dan moved his arms around his neck, hand lacing through his hair and pulling as they kissed. “Daddy..” he groaned slightly, moaning into his mouth when he started to palm Dan over his jeans, putting pressure on his already aching erection.

~Phil popped the button of Dan’s jeans, getting down the zipper quickly all while having his mouth on Dan’s. His hand moved under his boxers, taking him in hand and stroking him slowly.

~Dan pulled back, choking out a quiet moan at the contact, feeling Phil’s hand tug and jerk his cock, thumb swiping through his slit each time he came up, flicking his wrist as he sped up.

~Dan arched his back off the mattress, giving in to Phil’s touch. “Such a worthless slut.” He chuckled, watching Dan squirm under him in pleasure. “Letting someone you can’t fucking stand touch your cock, make you feel good.” He smirked and pulled back his hand, looking at him. “Get up and strip, or you’ll be punished.” He instructed.

~Dan wanted to argue as make a smart remark but went against it, standing up and doing as told. Phil watched him, seeing his shirt and pants hit the ground quick.

~Once Dan had stripped, Phil pulled him into his lap and moved his hands down to grip his ass tightly. “Lube?” He asked and dan nodded eagerly, pointing to the cupboard by the bed. Phil reached over, pulling out the small pink bottle. “Princess has a vibrator.” He smirked and popped the cap.

~Dan blushed brightly, shaking his head. “Fuck you” he tried and Phil chuckled, two fingers pressing to Dan’s entrance now. “I’m gonna.” He smirked.

~Phil pushed in two fingers, feeling Dan tighten around the digits, already starting to bounce against them with need. Dan bit his lip, hands resting against Phil’s lower stomach as he moved himself along Phil’s fingers, trying to fuck himself back and moaning quietly.

~Phil smirked and slowly started to stretch him, searching for his spot. Dan moaned loudly, falling forward, burying his face in Phil’s shoulder. Phil rubbed over the sensitive bundle of nerves, prodding into it over and over again after a while, properly fingering Dan once he was stretched enough.

~Phil got harder and harder at the sight. Dan was fucking himself down, riding his fingers, making obscene noises, moaning and begging. “Daddy please.” Dan sobbed after a moment. “Want your cock.” He tried.

~Phil chuckled, still moving his fingers in and out of him roughly, hitting his spot continuously. “Fucking hell such a needy bottom.” He smirked, pulling out his fingers and hearing Dan whine at the loss.

~Phil undid his jeans, looking at Dan and biting his lip. “I bet you’re gonna swallow my cock with such a tight cunt.” He smirked, grabbing the lube and coating over himself with it quickly.

~Dan babbled incoherently, feeling his body well up with desperation as Phil’s tip pressed into him slightly. He slowly sunk down, groaning loudly at the stretch of his cock. “Fuck! Daddy!” He cried out, hearing Phil hiss at the tightness.

~Phil moved his hands in his hips, groaning lowly, his voice gruff, the heat in his stomach building up as Dan slid up and down his length, starting to bounce after a minute.

~Dan moaned loudly, feeling Phil hit his prostate each time he bounced down hard. “Please. Talk to me daddy!” Dan cried out as he rolled his hips slow, getting speed again quick.

~Phil groaned and nodded, leaning back and watching Dan move. “Fuck you’re so tight. For a pathetic desperate whore you know how to take my cock, riding me so good. Pretty tight little ass, swallowing my length each time you go down, making such fucking slut noises.” He got out, letting out a low moan and fluttering his eyes shut for a moment, enjoying the feeling.

~Dan kept whining, his voice breaking as his hips moved quickly. “Daddy please…let me cum please.” He begged softly and Phil chuckled.

~Phil reached between his legs, kissing him firmly and moving to stroke over him firmly. “Cum for me. Cum like a good slut, make your pretty noises for me.” He bucked up, trying to get himself closer.

~Dan nodded and squeezed his eyes shut, crying out as he came, white ribbons spraying across his stomach, his hips moving still, purposely over stimulating himself and fucking himself back as he rode out his orgasm.

~Phil groaned out, Dan clenching tightly around him as he slowed down, pushing him over the edge until he came hard, deep inside the brunette male.

~They rested against each other panting, slowly falling back and laying down. “Maybe I don’t hate you that much.” Dan mumbled tiredly, and all Phil could do was giggle as they passed out together, not thinking about what came next.

A/N: I’m doing much better. This is actually the worst thing I’ve ever written. Sorry anon!

book loras (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

  • best knight in westeros
  • seventeen
  • beautiful
  • already a legend
  • best fighter
  • loyal
  • joins kingsguard to protect lil sis and to avoid marriage
  • minor jokes about sexuality not actually stereotyping character
  • still could take you down with hands tied back unless you’re brienne
  • will never betray renly by word or deed

show loras 

  • highgarden’s heir
  • pillow biter
  • sword swallower
  • likes fringed sleeves
  • that’s it
  • that’s the character
Betrothed Pt.1

Summary: Another Arranged Marriage Series :3

Author’s Note: Thank You for reading! <3

Member: Kim Seokjin

Word Count: 1,884

Genre: Angst

Written By: Q. Antheia~

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“Princess (y/n)!” The head maid Mary boomed from across the hall. “Get back here this instant!“

You turned around and face the big women as she ran as fast as she can towards where you stood. You sighed."But Mary! I want to walk through the garden! It’s such a nice day!”

Storming up to you, she grabbed your wrist and gave it a harsh tug. “Princess! Your father is calling you! So, be an obedient child and answer his call!”

You scoffed and held back a laugh.Oh now he wants to see his wretched mistake, hm?”

Mary ignored your words and pulled you towards the room, angrily slamming it shut once the both of you were inside. She yelled out for your personal maids - whose room connected to your - to come get you ready. The three of them quickly came to your side and frantically began to open drawers upon drawers of clothing and accessories.

Raising a brow you spoke. “I can dress myself, thank you very much.” You ripped your arms from their hold and walked to the closet, picking out a simple blue silk gown with a pink sash around the waist and a elegant bow in the back that your mother attached around the waist. You smiled warmly at the dress. “I will wear this. Please find my pearls.” You told the maids. However, instead of complying with your demand, they looked straight at the head maid nervously, questioning the decision you made.

Mary spoke up.”You will not princess.”

You calmly placed the dress on my bed and crossed your arms. “Excuse me?”

She picked up your dressed and returned it to the closet, returning with a hideous dress. Something only described as a marshmallow dress. It was pink and white, with bows on the top of the chest and on the arms. The sleeves were fringed and there was a cage suppose to make your figure - more specifically your behind - look more attractive. Very uncomfortable for a visit to your father. “You will wear this pretty dress, princess.”

You cringed. “Why? What is the occasion for wearing a horrid dress like this? Is this my punishment?” You smiled a bit as my three maid snickered at your remark.

The older lady glared at the three younger ones, shutting them up for good. Her glare then turned to focus on you. “Princess. You will wear this dress even if I have to strip you naked and force it upon you.”

You unconsciously covered your chest and sighed deeply. “Fine! Gosh! Just…. ugh!”

You stood there as your maids helped you slip and fasten the dress, and accessorized you with a white choker and a diamond ring. “At least the jewelry is simple.” You murmured.

Two of the maid fixed you hair while the other applied your makeup, completing the look. You stood in front of the mirror. All you felt was despair. “I don’t look like me.”

Mary smiled softly. “(y/n). You’re beautiful.”

You shook your head. “No, I don’t. I look like a doll.”

She chuckled and led you out of the room towards your fathers throne room.

You puffed your cheeks, slouching a bit as you walked. “I don’t wanna go.” You whined again to Mary. That did nothing, but earn a slap to the small of yout back. You yelped, a mixture of surprise and pain.

“Stand up straight. Smile prettily. Remember your manners.” She stopped you before the door and observed you. She frowned and reached over, pulling the dress down a bit from the top, revealing your breasts.

“Mary!” You pulled away in shock. “I am visiting my father!”

She rolled her eyes. “Child. You’re not just visiting your father. The prince of Aestas is here.”

“And? What does this have to do with me?”

She scoffed. “Princess. Think about it.”

You stood there silently thinking before your eyes widened. “No….”

“Correct you are princess.”

You shook you head. “No, no, no, no, no. No! Mary! Please.Convince my father to not go through with this!”

She sighed and rubbed yor back. “Princess, this was bound to happen. You two have been engaged since birth.”

You narrowed your eyes at her. “Shouldn’t the engaged have a say in this?”

All she did was shake her head, leading you closer to the door and ordering the guards by it. “Announce the princess’ arrival.”

You faced her and pleaded. “Mary please! Please don’t let him do this to me.”

Sadness - no pity - sparkled in her eyes. “This is out of my control (y/n). This is your destiny. Be strong my dear. Just how I raised you, okay? Promise me.” She cupped my cheek, tears filling her eyes. “Promise the one who loves you and cares for you more than anyone else in this world. The infertile women who was blessed with the most beautiful child to care for as I would if I had my own.”

You swallowed the lump in your throat and nodded. “I-I promise, but I won’t go down without a fight Mama Mary.”

Tears flew down her cheeks, causing you to tear up as well.

“You haven’t called me Mama in ages.” She sobbed.

You wiped the tears from my eye and hugged her tightly. “Mama Mary, I love you.”

She nodded and wiped her tears away, fixing your makeup quickly and checking your appearance. She cupped your cheeks once more. “(y/n). I love you so much. Be careful. I will be in the back praying for you. Be brave.” She kissed your forehead and rushed off to join the other servants.

You  straightened my back and waited for your name to be announced.

The large doors in front of you opened wide, a bright piercing light ran past, causing me to squint. Damn chandeliers.

“The princess of Hiems, (y/n), is now entering the room! Show her your respect!” A random guard bellowed.

You slowly walked inside, back straight, hands at your sides, your figure filled with confidence. You walked straight in, facing your father and bowed respectfully waiting for him to speak first.

His eyes glance over your figure, judging you immediately like he always does. Finally he spoke. “Daughter. You’re late.”

You nodded. “I do apologize father. I have no worthy excuse for my late-.”

He waved his hand, silencing you. “I do not care.”

You clenched my jaw, waiting to hear what else he had to say to the daughter he despised.

“Enough with small talk, princess…” He never did call you by your real name. “This is prince Seokjin, of Aestas.”

Your eyes glanced over to the tall figure by his side. His hair golden blonde, plump, pink, kissable lips, wide shoulders and mainly stance. You nodded and bowed respectfully, but quickly towards him. “My pleasure your highness.”

He nodded, bowing as well. “The pleasure is all mine.” His voice sounded soft, melodic. In another life, he would’ve been an amazing musician.

You glanced back at my father, waiting for his words and so did the prince.

“You two will be wed in seven days.” He spoke bluntly, the crowd of maids, butlers and royals bursts into cheer.

Your dared to glance at the prince, his expression emotionless. I bet he doesn’t want this either.

“Father, if I may. Why the sudden engagement?” You bit the inside of my cheeks, nervous of overstepping the boundaries with your father.

His eyes flashed with anger as he muttered in a deadly tone. “You. Call. Me. Highness. Understand?”

“My apologize, your highness.”

He glanced at the both of us.”You two are being arranged to be wed for peace between the Heims and the Aestas. That is all. You two will play your duty to both kingdoms and unite them.” He fixated his deadly gaze on you. “Un.der.stand?”

You swallowed the lump in your throat and clenched my fists. Don’t go down without a fight (y/n).

“But Father! I don’t want this!” You bursted. “I will not marry him!”

You watched my father stand from his throne, walk down the few steps and lift his arm in the air. You knew what was coming, its happened many times before. You closed your eyes and braced myself for the hard slap you’ve just earned yourself. You heard the loud skin to skin contact, but when you waited for the tears and the pain to settle in, it never came.

You fearfully peeled your eyes open, curious to see if the hit just made you feel numb or if this is what it feels like to be unconscious. Instead, Your eyes were glued onto a mans back. You tilted your head and saw your betrothed standing between you and your father. His cheeks mismatched in color with the shape of my fathers palm on one red cheek. Your eyes widened in shocked.

“Prince Seokjin?” The king began. “You dare stand in the way of my punishment for my idiotic, worthless excuse of a daughter?”

You winced at his words, a sting in your heart, nothing new. Why does he always have to say these things? You took a deep breath and blinked the tears out of your eyes focusing on Seokjin.

He spoke. “It is my duty to protect my fiancée and take blame for her foolish words and actions.” He bowed at my father. “Please accept my apologizes for my fiancée .

You clenched my jaw at him. Of course. A suck up for power. Another snobby prince… who just took a slap for me. You shook your head. No (y/n). This still isn’t right…

A small smile of approval spread across your fathers face. He nodded and patted the princes shoulder. “I accept. Please control your fiancées’ words and actions. I now place the burden on your shoulders prince Seokjin of Aestas. Rise.”

You bit my lip, clenching yout fists in frustration. Why can’t I control anything?

He rose and nodded. “Our marriage will untie Hiems and Aestas together.”

The king nodded. “That is the plan.” He walked back and took his seat on the throne. “Servants and royals! You are dismissed! I wish to speak to the engaged alone!”

You watched them all leave. You looked around the room and your eyes met with Mary, her eyes filled with pity while yours filled with despair. The doors shut, making you turn your attention to the king and prince, his eyes filled with rage.

“Princess. Prince Seokjin has spared you from further punishment. However! If you dare, to speak out against my word, I will punish you severely! You will marry him! You will unite both kingdoms and you will bear his children! This is your duty as a women and a princess! If I hear any complaints from the prince, I will handle you myself! Do you understand!?”

Your body began to shake as your eyes threatened to burst into tears. You took a deep breath and whispered. “Yes, your highness.”

He nodded. “Good, you ungrateful wretch. Leave to your room!”

You quickly turned your back walking out of the doors, silent tears spilling down your cheeks. The moment the doors closed, separating the two men from you, you ran to your room and slammed it shut just so you can bawl your eyes out.

~ Queen Antheia ~

silhouette design in magical girl raising project

i love some of the character designs in this show, but not all of them, and for various reasons. some characters have great color schemes, and some don’t; some have creative clothing choices, and some don’t; some have design choices that just bother me personally.

this post won’t be addressing any of those - although i may in another post.

this post is specifically targeting the silhouette design.

silhouette is incredibly important in character design - if you can’t recognize a character in silhouette, you’re less likely to recognize them later or from a distance. in anime this doesn’t get addressed often, as many character designs stay relatively close to normal clothing, which tends to not have interesting silhouettes as normal clothing (and hair) usually can’t believably defy gravity and follows what is possible to make via standard clothing manufacturing.

however, in magical girl anime, these boundaries are lifted, as the clothing and hairstyles are created and maintained through magic. magical girls can be held to a higher average, as it is expected that one lets loose in the character design. magical girl raising project is unique in that ‘magical girl’ simply means a girl with magical powers - a girl’s aesthetic doesn’t have to follow the standard magical girl fare of a fluffy skirt, boots, pigtails, etc. the artists went wild with this, more so than a lot of series i’ve seen.

so, without further ado, my opinion on the silhouette design in tandem with the character desig. there will be spoilers, so watch out! my deepest apologies for the image quality; it is frustratingly difficult to find clean versions of the artwork! this is specifically for the anime versions of the designs.

snow white: 3/10

snow white is… rather boring. it’s not terrible - keeping the standard fare makes sense for her character - but the interesting parts of her design aren’t pushed enough. the bud on her head and the flower straps in the back would be interesting if they were larger and more visible from more angles, especially when she stands still. the bows on the back of her boots are the most interesting part when she isn’t moving, and that draws attention away from the more important parts of her design. 

ripple: 8/10

ripple’s ponytail and scarf create an interesting silhouette, even when she’s still, but they look extremely similar - they can get lost in each other in certain poses. the pompoms on her skirt create some interesting movement in her dynamic poses, but look kind of weird in others. the ha on her shoes create a very interesting look from the side; it looks completely different from the high heel image the mg genre is used to. 

swim swim: 9/10

the ‘devil tails’ and bat wings not only create a recognizable silhouette - they even use it in the opening! - but they also immediately indicate that swim swim will be trouble. the ‘tails’ also create a skeleton bell dress shape; it makes her look a bit like an evil queen, which is exactly the role she takes on. the rest of her is very smooth - fitting, as she’s a swimmer. her curly hair creates interesting negative space, too. my only gripe is that i wish the wings were a little bigger, but any bigger and she could fly with them, so i understand.

tama: 6/10

not a fan of the leash; it looks like a tail, but not only does the long, thin tail not work with the fluffy rest of her design, it takes attention away from the fact that she already has a tail. aside from that, the batwing cape creates interesting negative space in her dynamic pose, and the large paws stand out amongst the cast of characters with tiny hands. the floppy ears are very visible, and from multiple angles. 

cranberry: 1/10

the only interesting thing about cranberry’s silhouette, unfortunately, is the leaves on her shoes - the rest is streamlined and nothing sticks out. the mullet skirt isn’t apparent unless she’s moving - it otherwise looks like a normal skirt. her upturned jacket collar doesn’t create any negative space like it does in her chibi art, her flower crown isn’t very visible… overall rather weak.

the peaky angels: 5/10

the twins are interesting in that they essentially have two silhouettes - when they’re together, and when they’re separate. 

separately, the one-sided wing is an unexpected shape, and the speech balloon halo becomes a very distinguishable shape, too. the rest of their form is unfortunately indistinguishable - the bell-shaped dress makes them look like an egg. their hairstyles aren’t that different, either, and one of them just looks like she’s got a perfectly round head.

together, their silhouette forms a whole angel, which indicates that they’re only whole when together - fitting, because after yunael dies, minael goes ‘one winged-angel’ in personality. definitely an interesting take on the ‘tiny angel’ look.

hardgore alice: 3/10

while i love hardcore alice’s character and color palette, her silhouette is rather uninteresting. her wide, wavy hair takes up the entirety of her upper body, the ends are indistinguishable from her dress’s hem, and her hairpiece is flush with her head, so it’s invisible in silhouette. the rabbit plush she carries around can add something nice, but it’s rarely visible because of the dress’s length. the bloomers’ ruffles look good, though, and the apron adds some appeal in more dynamic poses. the long, wavy hair makes her, at first glance, look like a little girl, which suits the character, but i wish it wasn’t her only feature.

sister nana: 2/10

nana’s overlapping elements don’t really work. the nun’s habit’s scalloped edge or her hair’s drill ends would have looked fine on their own, but together they look like one big, uninteresting mass. her hair also blocks out the interesting appeal on her torso - the (pillows?) on her hips would have an interesting shape if they were visible. the ends of her hair, however, sync up nicely with the way the end of her dress is drawn with the bunching. you really can’t tell she’s a nun at all -particularly with the slit dress - unless you see her in color.

top speed: 9/10

immediately you can tell top speed is a witch. the hat gives it away, and the cape sells it. the crooked tip is visually interesting, but doesn’t point in a direction that looks out of place. the braids are always visible, and look fantastic when in motion. the cape unfortunately blocks out most of her body, especially her skirt and collar, which have interesting shapes, but it follows the same line as the braids, which looks good, and fits the whole ‘halloween witch’ theme. 

calamity mary: 7/10

holy howdy, those spurs have a great shape, as do her long fringe sleeves. the fringes create good negative space, especially when moving and the individual strings fan out. her boots and gun holster make her legs together look more interesting than one or neither. her hair kind of detracts from her shape -long hair often does - and i wish her hat had a wider brim so you could tell what it is, but it does have a different tangent than her head, so it’s visible even in sihouette.

weiss winterprison: 4/10

she… mostly looks like a block when standing still. the asymmetry of the belt and the scarf looks good, and the crossbody belt creates a small shape on the right, but everything else lies flat - the scarf on her neck, the belts in the front, even her hair is smooth and flat. in motion, though - the loose straps and the scarf fan out to create excellent negative space. while this isn’t always good practice, it works to a degree with winterprison, better than it does with sister nana, because winterprison tends to melt into the background unless she’s in a fight.

magicaloid44: 10/10

definitely one of the greatest silhouettes in the show. her very short height immediately stands out in the cast of similarly-statured characters. the four ‘ponytails’ create a very distinguishable shape, especially in a ¾ view. the triangular jetpack wings work with this, skinnier and longer but pointing i the same direction. while the gauntlets and her skirt merge together, the gauntlets’ top is still easily distinguishable from her arms and the rest of her body. the sharp, perfect angles lend themselves well to making magicaloid44 have a different feel from the rest of the characters - fitting, since she’s a robot.

la pucelle: 8/10

with one glance, you can tell she’s wearing a ton of armor. the jagged shapes around her arms and legs couldn’t really be anything else. the jagged tail and horns, too, make you think of little else than a dragon. the dragon knight aesthetic is instantly visible, especially when paired with the huge sword. her hair creates negative space, more so than most of the other characters. some of the armor shapes could be bigger and more imposing, though.

ruler: 8/10

whatever those things on her head are, they’re the strongest part of her silhouette. they stick off her head very visibly, and the ribbons create good negative space. her upturned collar is visible in most angles, and looks very regal. the cape blocks out more detail than top speed’s does, but it works here as well. it just skims the ground; it’s clearly been tapered and exactly measured, and she looks like a ruling authority. she gets a lower score than top speed, though, as the rest of her outfit has a better silhouette than the cape, and you can never see it.

nemurin: 11/10

the best silhouette in the show. there’s so much appeal in this design - the pigtails that drag and gather lazily on the ground, the clouds dripping off her hair, the gathering of the nightgown, especially in the sleeves, the bunched up socks… everything about the silhouette creates fantastic visual space. the pillow’s ruffles connect it visually to the socks and the clouds, which all have the scalloped shape. even without the pastel colors, the shapes and her posing always give off a sweet, lazy girl vibe. i’m pissed that they killed off such a well-designed character so soon.

mhmkay so everyone’s like - okay 5k’s the one that died. okay well i like 5k and after going back through the episode, im pretty sure that isn’t 5k’s body. you have two possible victims of the fall. 5k and the man.

the body we saw in this episode is the man and let me tell you why

first the outfits. this might just be overlooked by the writers or whatever but let me show you something.

this is the man as he appears in the season 3 finale

next here is the body that is supposed to be 5ks from 4; 01

ive pointed out three things from this picture. first the vest. the vest has the nice smooth edges as we see in the above picture of the man, its not messy or a fringe end like 5k’s is. next is the most damning piece and that is his hand. it is the man’s mechanical hand, both pictures of the mans hand show the silver lines of where the mechanical joints are.

the last thing im not sure of, but i dont know for sure, looks to be the mans gun.

here is an even more close up if you wish. here is a picture of 5k in the finale of season 3

things are missing on the body.  that is supposed to be 5k’s.
1) his hat
2) his long sleeve shirt
3) the fringe on his vest ends, and the fringe on his sleeves which was seen when he used his sleeves as wings and jumped off the cliff.
4) his slingshot

while 5k is supposed to be dead, a yellow slingshot would stick out like a sore thumb

now i also want to point out something else. that body is SEVERELY decomposed for a body that just died. my reason? not only is it the man’s body but the crows have eaten some of his body. not to be gruesome or anything but I don’t think that a murder of crows would hurt 5k in any way due to his bond with them.

no way would a body be like that with almost all the flesh gone without something happening to it. a fall would just MANGLE the body up very much, which is shown. again i don’t think the crows would do that to 5k but they don’t care to much about the man now do they?

added note:

in addition - if the man wasn’t dead we would have seen him in the glimpses of zona right? because they wouldn’t have left their man there if he was still alive.


1) Dress by Alexander McQueen, 2000-01.

2) Dress by Alexander McQueen, 2000-01.

3) Coat by Alexander McQueen, 2000-01.

4) Dress by Alexander McQueen, 2001.

5) Dress by Alexander McQueen, 2001. (The underdress is made of oyster shells.)

6) Ensemble by Alexander McQueen, 2001.

7) Dress by Alexander McQueen, 2001.

8) Ensemble by Alexander McQueen, 2002-03.

9) Dress by Alexander McQueen, 2003.

10) Dress by Alexander McQueen, 2005.



Blue, brown and mauve changeable silk with narrow white stripes, brocaded with bands of tiny puce floral devices, having capped pagoda sleeve, brown fringe trim, wide waistband, full skirt with gauged gathers and pocket, glazed cotton lining. Provenance: Maria Pambrun, daughter of Pierre, chief fur trader and director of Fort Nez Perces, married in 1842 to Dr. Forbes Barclay of Oregon City, the home is now the Barclay Museum.

Random Doctor Who Thoughts As It Airs

1. Why does Bill’s friend have fringe on her sweater sleeves?

2. The tall Scottish roommate is super cute.

3. Why does Bill dress like a toddler?

4. I love that all the students know the Doctor because he’s a University legend apparently.