fringed clothes


designers worn by princess madeleine: fadi el khoury

december 10th, 2014: nobel prize awards & banquet

december 11th, 2014: nobel laureates dinner 

december 10th, 2015: nobel prize awards & banquet

december 10th, 2016: nobel prize awards & banquet

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designers worn by princess madeleine: elie saab

june 7th, 2013: pre wedding dinner before her wedding to christopher o’neill

june 13th, 2015: wedding of prince carl philip to miss sofia hellqvist

april 30th, 2016: king carl xvi gustaf’s 70th birthday gala dinner

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with a coffee in your hand you make your way down a cute street in paris, it was the first time you visited the beautiful city and hoped to spend some time alone. thinking of nothing else but music that reminds you of the soft sunlight that pours into your room every morning, an ever so gentle wake up call to help you get out of bed. you are at that point in your youth where you are shy and  unknowing of who you are and where life will take you. as you’re walking down the street you can’t help but notice the girl at the coffee shop across the road. you see her for the sixth time in the six times you’ve walked down that street, always in the same place, always reading literature. you used to be intimidated of her. of her wavy brown hair and fringe, of her clothes that are beautiful and somehow poetic. of the way she smiles when she read something funny. of the way she sits up straight and moves as if she is in a film from the sixties. the way she doesn’t care for the world around her, even if it was someone she knew, like that girl that made fun of her for never fully knowing who she was, or that boy that saw her cry and told his friends were watching her. if only they could see her now. something about that girl used to make you sad. maybe it was the way she used to study in the library for hours in hopes to someday make it out okay. maybe it was because when you look at her, you wish that you have that type of self validation, that you are able to make it out like she did, and become the successful and beautiful woman she is at that very moment. before you know it, you are stopped and she is looking back at you. that girl is you. you are that girl.