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Multi Character - Spoilers thru 4x22

anoniem heeft gevraagd:

I'm kind of curious because I know you love Fringe and dislike Peter, why? It's been so long since I've seen the show (I watched it in its entirety, but I was fairly younger), and I remember looking back some things that bothered me, but I never could put words to it. I dunno, I was just wondering because I know you don't like him if maybe you had more words than I can find.

oh anon, i could be here all day– basically it all boils down to the way the show shifted the story from Olivia Dunham’s hero story to suddenly special snowflake Peter Bishop.

the show started with Olivia firmly in the narrative seat as the hero, and the show ends, it ends with Peter. Literally only PETER BISHOP in the closing shot. We don’t even get to see Olivia. 

I love Joshua Jackson but Peter Bishop is boring. Also he was far more interesting as the Mad Scientist’s Daughter than Special Snowflake.

i will never, ever forgive the show for that shift. 

also? the episodes when Peter disappeared from the ‘verse? one of my favorites because Astrid finally got to go out on the field and have friendships with Olivia, even when Lincoln arrived, Astrid was still relevant, she did stuff. Also, I loved Amber!Olivia’s relationship with Walter. I loved her relationship with Nina.

I love that she had relationships with more than two people. 

And then Peter came back and suddenly Astrid’s relegated to the lab again, Lincoln’s shuffled off to another ‘verse. Peter - Walter became a thing and Amber!Olivia suddenly wanted to become Blue!Olivia more than anything in the world even if it meant erasing the relationships and bond she had with the people she’s made.

Peter Bishop is a blackhole where all narratives and relationships die. Everyone revolves around Peter Bishop. 

He can’t be important in one ‘verse, oh no, he’ special for all three ‘verses (I count the Amberverse as a different verse). 

Bitter? Am I bitter?

Hell. Yes.

I am never ever going to forgive the showrunners for the stunt they pulled. Never. My hate is strong and burns like 100,000 Kryptonian suns.  


I finally made my first Fringe fanvideo :3