fringe: 5x12


can we talk about how arthur is so upset that merlin’s leaving him in the most important moment of his life that he can’t help but change his mind about Melrin not being a coward? can we talk about how arthur has to hang his head down because he’s so disappointed, that he’s going to war and merlin’s backing off, that he can’t look at him in the eye? can we talk about how heartbreaking it is that arthur last thought of his best friend is that he’s not going to be at his side like he always is because he thinks Merlin’s scared? and can we talk about how merlin is going away to get his magic back only so he can SAVE ARTHUR, how he’s doing EVERYTHING in his power for him and ARTHUR DOESN’T EVEN KNOW IT? 


AU: Klaus didn’t actually leave Mystic Falls… and he couldn’t resist staying away from seeing a certain blonde vamp after what happened all night yesterday. (;                

 P.S they totally ended up doing the fricky frack on her perfectly neat bed and soapy floor. #klarosex.