fringe: 4x17

It’s going to end up being Fitz’s dad who turned him into this, isn’t it? AIDA changed the regret about his father abandoning him and the result was Fitz growing up to be an amoral, sadistic bastard. What kind of monster must that guy be if he had THIS much of a toxic effect on the character that’s pretty much been the show’s moral compass for the last 4 seasons? 

I am SO curious to meet Fitz’s dad now. The writers better deliver on this one… 

I can’t believe Jemma Anne Simmons and Leopold James Fitz both have 16 letters in total. They were made for each other yo.

EDIT: Also they met when they were 16 sooo

Also 4x16 was the first episode of this pod, which could probably be renamed the ‘Fitzsimmons arc it’s all about Fitzsimmons’

Also FZZT was episode 1x06 (16) 

In conclusion: *x-files theme plays*

Do you know what really fucking hurts, what makes me feel a little sick inside.

The fact that I was played so many times in that episode. (Don’t get me wrong that was a brilliant episode and Iain and Elizabeth (and Chloe) were incredible which is what makes all this so much worse - it was a high quality episode).

AIDA is hesitant to show Jemma to Fitz but she does because he won’t trust her if she doesn’t. Fitz sees the picture, looks like he has some sort of idea but decides to go along with AIDA’s plan while he sorts shit out. Goes along with the plan and authorizes lethal force against Jemma. (1st time my hopes are dashed).

Then he secretly looks into Jemma’s history and questions AIDA and gets the “other side” explanation from AIDA and oh look my hope is back because he’s questioning and there’s the stutter and the shaking hand and god she’s so manipulative but he still looks hesitant and torn (esp because he stares at Jemma on the screen and looks very confused). BUT then he goes and points a gun at Agnes (and look there goes my hopes again but then he says “then convince me” and I have a sliver of hope again).

Then of course AIDA wants to leave before Radcliffe can talk but they don’t and everything comes out. He looks like he’s fighting with himself and looking for answers and oops I have hope again. AND THEN HE ASKS ABOUT SIMMONS. “You two were in love. Unbreakable.” The eyebrow twitch and the clenched jaw - “I know exactly who I am.” paired with a shaking breath and strained forehead and so much effort and oh man I swore he was gonna shoot AIDA, or at least not shoot Agnes  (esp after Jemma just explained to Ward how she knows him and that he’s a good man). And there goes my hope again.

BUT THEN THEY SEE EACH OTHER. Look at his face, look at his eyes and his forehead and his posture and don’t you dare tell me that he didn’t feel something, didn’t get even the tiniest sliver of realization in that moment - even if only subconsciously (and lord help me my hopes are back).

Only to be crushed all but entirely by the tag. My only solace is that maybe he’ll have a dream or something and things will start to clink in to place in next week’s episode. I don’t know.

All I know is that that episode was a rollercoaster for my poor optimistic heart and while the episode and the acting was amazing, it made me tired and a little nauseous (and that’s without even starting to get into some of the real world parallels in there). I hope my heart can survive next week.