fringe: 2x17


New Girl Rewatch Party: 2 x 17 - Parking Spot

I just love this episode so much it was really, really hard to choose the scenes to gif. So this post will have bonus gifs :)

  1. They are clearly uncomfortable next to each other, but are trying to show they are okay with it. These scenes of everyday moments are my favorites. It’s been a long time since they brushed their teeth together, right?
  2. This staring contest is very funny. Schmidt and Jess know that Nick will give up easy, so they come together to end “the weaker side”. Episodes with the three of them together are very good (I’m really looking forward to Rumspringa. Not just to see Nick and Jess, but I really like episodes with the 3 together).
  3. I think this is the first episode that shows Nick drawing, something nobody comments on the show, but he’s really good at it.
    Zooey is very pretty in this episode. Her hair is amazing, just like the makeup and the clothes. Jess seducing Nick and he asking her if she got hit on the head is very funny. And then Jess doesn’t know how to deal with Nick wanting to hug her and does a purple nurple. Poor guy.
  4. The way Nick looks at Jess when she sits super close to him is so like a teenager in love. I find it very cute. Schmidt’s reaction is priceless. “You think that I’m blind? You think I can’t smell it? You think I can’t hear it? The stench of filth and lust is all over this room. Smells like fricking Tijuana.
  5. This scene reminds me of this video (x) and I laugh everytime!
  6. ALWAYS.
  7. I forgot this. The Winston plot was a bit weak (imo) but has some good scenes. This in Cece’s apartment is one. It’s funny to think they were not friends one day.

      8. The box of condoms that Jess bought on Valentine’s day of the year
      before (1x13)! Back when the writers were still worried about continuity. I
      love Winton’s reaction to the empty box.
      9. Nick pretending to be sorry he kissed Jess to see if things were back to
      normal between the two of them. Jess looks so disappointed, I feel sorry for
      10. Classic scene. There is not much to say.

       11. I once read a really good fanfic about the creation of the no-nail oath. I
        was trying to find it to post here, but couldn’t. If anyone knows what I’m
        talking about and can help me with that, I’ll be really thankful and make
        you a gif of your choice :)
        I love the Jess that it’s in this episode - and especially this scene. I miss  
        her and I want her back.
        I hate Schmidt’s reaction to finding out about Nick and Jess. I’m still waiting
        for Schmidt to redeem himself for wanting to break them up.
        12. Schmidt and Jess kissing will forever be weird (and they know it). But I
        made this gif because of Nick’s face. He can’t see what’s happening right
        there, but he thinks that has to happen so things will be ok again. So

This was longer than I thought it would be…sorry for that, if anyone read all this. :)

Update from Sean Pertwee (Elementary: LeStrade)

So happened to see Sean Pertwee at a con today and got the chance to have a fairly long convo re: Elementary. He said that Jonny and he are “mates” from way back, so he loved working with him. And that Lucy is a “doll.” 

Of course, he also said he’d LOVE to come back, tho he’s full-time on Gotham. He said Gotham’s studio in Brooklyn is not that far from Silvercup. But apparently, Fox / CBS are being nasty about sharing talent and have put the kibosh on it.

In fact, he said that Lucy “rang him up” to come back to the show for an episode she was directing, which was fine, but he almost preferred to work with her as a scene partner. He also said she acts as kind of a de-facto co-exec producer (which we kinda figured, but then wth, give her the actual credit!).

I said he was fantastic in that final episode (Ears to You 2x17) and he remembered that his character had gone off to Greece or somewhere, so it wouldn’t be impossible for him to return. We talked about the show being too procedural and not conducive to arcs, which sucks, but makes for better sales overseas. (Though MOST other shows do have season-long throughlines and seem to do fine.)

He came across as a very nice, smart guy. Had interesting things to say in his Gotham panel at the con as well. Tho it’s funny – we had this long talk while we were waiting for the autograph signing to be set up. Then ten minutes later, when I actually went thru the line, he had no memory of me or the prior convo. Actors. ;)