Unspoilered Fringe speculation on Alt!Liv

I was thinking. We all know, that Olivia and Alt!Liv as characters are quite different even though they were cut from the same root. The fact that Olivia grew up without her mother, and had to take care of her sister and niece should hold fairly enough reasons to separate her from Alt!Liv whose mother is still alive and whose sister died during childbirth. Also, Alt!Liv was never experienced on as a child, and never was burdened with the weight of the world. She led a more or less carefree life up until this point.

What we don’t know is whether the two Olivias shared the faith of having an abusive stepfather. Until now I speculated that Alt!Liv probably never had to deal with that circumstance - that’s why she seems much less gloomy and cares much less about life. But what if it is not the case? What if the two paths differentiated at another point? We all know, that Olivia shot her stepfather, but only injured him and ever since then, he was terrorizing her with sending a letter to her every year, letting her know that he’s still alive. Now, what if Alt!Liv was in the exact same situation and she KILLED the stepfather? Maybe that’s why she hesitated much less to take a life. She had to deal with these questions much earlier, and she might find the reasons to justify her actions much more simply.

I know that this is only a speculation and not one which is supported by any evidence. I also know, that it doesn’t explain Alt!Liv’s reluctance to take actions by herself, to be more initiative. But if we speculate about connecting Olivia’s job choice with her childhood horrors, it is only logical to assume that Alt!Liv had the same initial conditions.

The whole point of this rambling: I think too many fans underestimate Alt!Liv’s potential. While I can see why people dislike her because of the actions she made, it is still too early to announce everlasting despise against her. Remember guys: behind the whole hard-hearted soldier composure she is still Olivia. The least we can do is to be more open about her. So, go and:


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