Fringe / Alias parallels

There are tons of parallels between the two J.J. Abrams products, everyone knows that. I attempted to collect some of them.

So, here’s what I found so far:

  • PILOT DEATHS - Both Olivia and Sydney has just been/supposedly just should have been proposed when suddenly their fiances die in the pilot. Sucks to be an Abrams heroine. [Alias 1x01 Truth Be Told / Fringe 1x01 Pilot]

  • SHADY FIANCES - Prior to their deaths, both Vaughn and John are suspected as traitors. Eventually these accusations are proved to be false as we find out that they were only working for some sort of secret organization. [Alias 5x01 Prophet Five / Fringe 1x01 Pilot]
  • DREAMY REUNIONS - After their fiances supposed deaths both Sydney and Olivia reunite with their beloved ones in a dream/memory sequence in order to acquire information. [Alias 5x09 Horizon / Fringe 1x13 The Transformation]

  • CHILD EXPERIMENTS - Both female leads were experimented on as children. In both Olivia’s and Sydney’s case these experiments were led by the shows’ most significant father figures: Walter and Jack; and as an obvious reference, the same puzzle can be seen. [Alias 2x15 The Indicator / Fringe 3x15 Subject 13] + graphic by mooneiverfairytale
  • UNEXPECTED ORIGINS - Peter is from another universe, and Vaughn’s name is not Michael Vaughn. These discoveries about the series’ male lead ultimately change the whole course of the show. [Alias 4x22 Before the Flood / Fringe 1x20 There Is More Than One of Everything]
  • LOST MEMORIES - Beside not remembering important details of their childhoods, during the show Olivia and Sydney both reemerge after an unexpected disappearance with no memories of where they’ve been in that period of time. Later they try to fix that with a sort of drug therapy. [Alias 2x22 The Telling, 3x09 Conscious / Fringe 2x01 A New Day In the Old Town, 2x04 Momentum Deferred]

  • SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY - While Peter is being deceived by Alt!Livia, Vaughn - unsuspected - marries Lauren, a Covenant spy. Needless to say neither of these relationships end well. [Alias Season 3 / Fringe Season 3]
  • SINGLE PREGNANT LADIES - While Sydney is inclined to carry out her child on her own after Vaughn’s faked death, Alt!Livia has been left alone as well by her fiance since it became obvious that the soon to be baby is a Bishop heir (I believe Peter’s absence is also understandable in the scenario). [Alias 5x01 - 5x11 / Fringe 3x13 - ]
  • WARNINGS BY THE SUBCONSCIOUS - When Olivia believes she’s someone else her mind reminds her of who she really is in the form of Peter. In the case of Sydney, when Prophet Five attempts to extract some memories from her the illusion of Vaughn keeps her grounded in the dream-world. [Alias 5x09 - Horizont / Fringe 3x03 The Plateau, 3x05 Amber 31422]
  • DESTROYERS OF WORLDS - Peter and Sydney are both prophetized to end the world. Although in the latter’s case it turned out to be a rather high exaggeration or misinterpretation, Peter’s fate remains unsure. [Alias 1x15 Page 47 / Fringe 2x22 Over There Part One]

  • BRAINWASHING - Sydney and Olivia both went through some kind of brainwash-procedure to convince them that they’re someone else. In Olivia’s case it worked for only a short period, and Sydney just made them believe that she believed what they wanted her to believe. [Alias 3x11 Full Disclosure, Fringe 3x01 Olivia]
  • THE BEST FRIEND IS A SPY - Here comes my favorite parallel. I sincerely believe that it is not a coincidence that Charlie’s last name was Francis - more like a reference to the well known Alias character Francie who was killed and replaced by a double just as Charlie was by a shapeshifter. In the end, both doppelganger were shot by the main character whose trusted friends they were imitating. [Alias 2x13 - 2x22 / Fringe 2x01 - 2x04]

  • DOUBLED LEAD CHARACTER - Sydney and Olivia both had an impostor for a while. Peter was a bit slow with realizing the difference compared to Vaughn, but what its worth, an alternate version of the same person can be quite more effective as a double. [Alias 5x14 I See Dead People / Fringe 3x01 - 3x08]
  • LOSS OF A CHILD - Both Walternate and Sloane started their most questionable deeds after they lost a child. In Sloane’s case, his second daughter, Nadia’s death was what ultimately pushed him through the edge. [Alias 4x19 In Dreams… / Fringe 3x13 Subject 13]
  • IT’S BIGGER THAN SHE IMAGINED - This ingenious recognition was made by cristofle in this post.
    Sydney: “Vaughn, it’s bigger than I thought.”
    Olivia: (standing next to Peter) “It’s bigger than I imagined.”
    The Doomsday-machines themselves have a similar purpose, although in Fringe it seems to only affect Peter. [Alias 1x22 The Telling / Fringe 3x11 Reciprocity]

  • INFECTED WITH UNKNOWN VIRUSES - Recommended with browndemy’s wonderful graphic comparison, which presents just how much parallels can be made between Peter’s and Vaughn’s infection. [Alias 2x06 Salvation, 2x07 The Counteragent, Fringe 2x13 What Lies Below]
  • AGGRESSION AND SICKNESS - At some point both Sydney and Peter are infected with a virus that makes them aggressive and turns them against their partners. Spotted by kjmvid with this video. [Alias 4x06 Nocturne / Fringe 2x13 What Lies Below]
  • HOSTAGE SITUATION - Although the two situations and outputs are decidedly different, when Peter shot Alt!Livia’s hostage in the head it involuntarily reminded me of the time Vaughn shot Lauren as she held a gun to Sydney’s head. [Alias 3x22 Resurrection / Fringe 3x08 Entrada]

  • THE BROYLES/ALT!BROYLES/DIXON CASE - Beside being black and the female lead’s boss, Broyles and Dixon also had similar relationships with their families. For a period of time Dixon’s wife left him because of his job, just like in Broyles’ case. And just as the former reunited his family, the whole thing has gone to hell when his wife exploded. Similarly just as Alt!Broyles’ family seemed to get through an old trauma regarding their son, he was killed by Walternate. [Alias 2x19 Endgame / Fringe 3x08 Entrada]
  • BAD GUYS WITH BRITISH ACCENTS - Although Newton and Sark as characters are nothing alike, it is something worth mentioning. Especially as we already made some Lauren/Alt!Livia parallels. [Alias 1x14 The Coup / Fringe 2x04 Momentum Deferred]
  • NUMBER 47 - While in Alias number 47 beard with a mythological significance (it was Rambaldi’s special number), in Fringe it is more like a returning reference to the former show.

  • MULTILINGUALISM & FATHER ISSUES - Sydney, Vaughn, Olivia, Peter - all of them speak multiple languages and each and every one of them harbor some form of daddy issues. Whether it’s trust, abandonment, abuse or deceive - it is always something that takes us right into these characters’ cores.
  • SOUNDTRACK - Michael Giacchino’s name and music pops up in both productions, and it’s something a regular viewer can tell. The one and only composer of the Alias soundtrack works with Chris Tilton on Fringe.
  • SHE CAN HANDLE IT - as the wonderful mileyfringe pointed it out, Olivia and Sydney once use the exact same line during a therapy session: “The problems I have, I can handle.” [Alias 2x01 The Enemy Walks In / Fringe 2x05 Dream Logic]

In addition by forgottendialect:

  • Jack telling Sydney “There’s no one in this world that can do the things that you can do” (5x17) and Peter telling Olivia “I’ve never met anyone who can do the things that you can do” (2x15)

  • Sydney’s speech about Emily Sloane at her funeral: “I remember after dinner was over, Emily walked me out to the car. I didn’t know her at all, and she said in this simple, reassuring voice: “You’re gonna be okay.”” (2x01)
    and Olivia’s reflection on her former partner, Charlie Francis: “Then Charlie walks over. This man that I didn’t know, this gruff guy. And he said: “you’re gonna be fine.” (2x05)

  • Both lead female characters see themselves as young girls in their drug-induced hallucinations.

Also: check out this forum thread [courtesy of mileyfringe]. There are many more examples and interesting discussions on these parallels. To name one:

  • FRINGE SCIENCE - Vaughn says “Fringe science”. No kidding. He actually uses the phrase “Fringe science” to describe weird stuff the DSR is investigating. Props to user Kraver on the forum. [Alias 1x16 The Prophecy Again / Fringe]

Feel free to add more to the list. ;)