So essentially the way to acquire a fifth season of Fringe is the same way we did last year, sheer fandom power.

The beautiful thing about this show is that it’s ridiculous and insane and mind boggling, which is why we all love it. However, these very aspects of the show often lead to disagreements amongst the fandom. Which is fine. As long as you keep it cool. Like, don’t go and attack someone because you are gung-ho on Gene x September as your OTP and they’re not. It’s just not alright, and certainly not conducive to a united fandom that will get a fifth season. 

To achieve that fifth season that we need so much we must do as the glyphs tell us and unite (cheesy right? but also true so just roll with it). Because holy mother of pearl, if we don’t get a conclusion to this story line we’re all going to explode and then bad things will happen and yeah, just, nope, it has to be concluded.