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#whereispeterbishop IS TRENDING TOPIC IN SPAIN!!! (and has been the first, but I didn’t capture it in time >_<)

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If there is an end for the series in any of the seasons that is season 4. Season 4 FORCED? You don’t watch Fringe since the very beguining if you think that erasing a major character and bringing him back from the nonexistence is “forcing the things”. This show –the writers, the creators– are capable of going there and beyond! #season4isperfectIdon'tcarewhatyouthink #becauseseason4isaboutloveandwhatweareabletoaccomplishforlove #season4isaboutchangingtheworldwithourheartsandimaginations #season4isaboutbeingabettermanandabetterwomanandtakingcareoftheonesyoulove #andeverythingisperfect #theplotaboutwilliambellanddavidrobertjonesisgreat #andoliviaistheperfecthero #andshegetshermanback #andIdon'tunderstandwhysomepeoplejustwatchtheshowsotheycansaythingslikethis

Fringe confessions

So there this thing that people post Fringe confessions that are most basically unpopular opinions about the show, the plot, the characters and the actors. And then there’s this thing called: Stupid Fringe Confessions, which is basically taking the confessions that people wrote and just saying that they are stupid. Some are just “No, that’s stupid”. 

Now, I’m in a lot of fandoms, and there are some with a specific threads and tags for unpopular opinion, but in none of them is the word “stupid” is used. There are a lot of mature discussions about said opinions, if someone disagree with someone else they try to convince each or they try to explain why they think like that. If they think someone didn’t understand something they tell him why, explain it to him.

But calling other fans “stupid” because you disagree with them, saying that they are not a fan of the show because they don’t “understand” it:

“I just don’t like what they think. And I don’t understand why they even watch a show that they don’t understand or like.  Period

That’s only on the Fringe fandom. 

It’s sad really, because the show is supposed to bring people together, not make them dish each other. People like that are not the real fans. Pople like that makes fandom look bad.