fringe season two

Binge watching shows that have ended
  • First few seasons: marathons episode after episode for days/weeks on end
  • Last season: limits number of episodes to watch per day, rewatches old episodes, tries to get into different shows to prolong current one
  • Gets to finale: Paces room angrily, before finally saying "Fuck it" and pressing play
  • Post Finale: In a state of duress/grief, unable to perform normal human tasks
Watching the Season 2 Finale of Fringe. This is how I felt:

At first, I’m like:

And then Peter sort of hits on fake Olivia and I’m like:

And then Walter talks about being in the mental institution and I’m like:

And the Olivia kicks fake Olivia’s ass:


And then I rewind and watch it again:

And then the end. OH MY GOD THE END!!!

This pretty much sums it up: