fringe season two


I don’t trust you, Doctor Bell… or William, or… Willam… or whatever cutesy name you think might appeal to my childhood instincts. It won’t. Your company has been involved in, if not directly responsible for, some of the most horrific things that I have ever seen, to say nothing of the fact that you just yanked me into a parallel universe to warn me about an inter-dimensional war that I believe you are responsible for starting. So what I want is not warmth, or tea. It’s the truth.

Olivia Dunham >> 2x04 || Momentum Deferred

Binge watching shows that have ended
  • First few seasons: marathons episode after episode for days/weeks on end
  • Last season: limits number of episodes to watch per day, rewatches old episodes, tries to get into different shows to prolong current one
  • Gets to finale: Paces room angrily, before finally saying "Fuck it" and pressing play
  • Post Finale: In a state of duress/grief, unable to perform normal human tasks

fringe 2.08 august

August: Will she be safe now?

September: Who is she? Why did you save her?

August: I saw her many years ago. She was a child. Her parents had just been killed. She was crying. But she… she was brave. She crossed my mind… somehow. She never left it. I think… it’s what they call… feelings. I think… I love her. Will she be safe now?

September: Yes. You made her important. 

fringe 2.21 northwest passage

Ann Mathis: I wish there was something I could do for you. Whatever your experiences are, whatever you can’t or won’t tell me about… I think you’re looking for meaning in things that… have no meaning.

Peter: I don’t know who I am anymore.

fringe 2.20 brown betty

Ella: And Peter looked inside Walter’s eyes and realized there was still goodness inside him. So Peter took his special heart, and with all his might, he split it in two. And the heart was so magical that it still worked. And together, they made goodness, and lived happily ever after.