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It Hurts: Part 1

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He walked through the airport, slightly blinded by the flashes of cameras and deafened by the screams of fans, but guided by the other members and managers. He kept his head down, genuinely scared that he would get hurt.

The fame was nice for a while. It’s really flattering to get recognized in public and get asked for autographs. His insignificant signature became an autograph, something of actual worth. But the fans became too rowdy, too passionate, too much.

Now, don’t jump to conclusions- Taehyung loved his fans. He was so thankful for each every one of them. He just don’t love it when they made a scene in public places, like airports, making it difficult for others on the flight or for those who wanted to pick up their loved ones.

He kept his eye on Namjoon’s butt, just to stay with the group. Even though they’ve been in this airport countless times, he lost track of where they were because he had been keeping his head down.

He looked up to gain perspective of his surrounding.

And through his fringe, the lights, the posters, the fans, he saw her.

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