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Distract Me
  • Word Count: 1,414

She sat facing him, her long brown hair draped over her shoulders and her fringe pinned up to keep stray pieces from falling in her face as she read. Dozens of books lay scattered between them, loose papers, crumpled wrappers and empty water bottles were strewn about the room. He watched as her eyes scanned the page, stopped, looked to the top of the next and then scanned down again. She exhaled wistfully, and glanced over at her lit cellphone. He watched her slide the lock screen open and poke at a few buttons responding to the text before returning to her book. 

His mind wandered from his studies, biology textbooks all seemed to jumble into one. He looked up, past her and caught a glimpse of his own reflection in the mirror. His unruly blonde hair seemed crazier than ever in the summer humidity, he readjusted the pins in his own hair before looking back down to his love. She continued to look over at her phone in between pages, poking aggressively at the screen.

“My love who are you paying so much attention to?” …

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goth kids scenarios/headcanons.
  • despite them all being shown to have a form of artistic talent/interest, i like to think of henrietta and firkle being the better artists of the bunch. 
  • henrietta is the hardcore queen because she doesn’t need a jacket or a longsleeve anything in 50 below weather. 
  • henrietta is always running out of bookspace on her bookshelves because she has so many journals and poetry books crammed into them.
  • pete pinning his fringe back with bobby pins so it doesn’t get in the way when he’s applying eyeliner. 
  • firkle glaring at everyone in the group hoping his face delivers his message of “fuck all of you, i’m like 3 ft tall, you need to get the mug down for me.” whenever they’re at someone’s house.
  • sometimes when people he especially dislikes are standing too close, firkle will begin chanting indecipherable shit making others believe he’s cursing them or summoning the devil but fake-scaring them is hilarious to him. 
  • pete will stand further away if someone is too close. henrietta will roll her eyes and scoff at the person to hint at them move away from her. michael probably doesn’t experience this problem so much since his height can be intimidating to others, though i guess i can see him shifting irritably or tapping his fingers against the handle of his cane, dealing with the discomfort knowing he can rant about it later on. all of them have different preferences when it comes to dealing with people in their personal space.
  • michael is the most logically driven out of the bunch. 
  • michael would do so well if he were on the debate team but he’s really not into that sort of thing.
  • henrietta not only collects poetry books, but medieval daggers as well. so many of her paychecks have gone towards buying several online.
  • imagine them all working on a comic together tho?  they plan which part of the comic to write/draw and then combine their finished pieces together. 
  • henrietta going to her parents because she actually wants to learn piano so they pay for her to take lessons. only the teacher is this old ladywho’s a complete wet blanket and her house smells like old spaghetti so henri teaches herself.
  • firkle is a huge roman dirge fan. 
  • one time, firkle goes out to coffee someplace else instead of benny’s (since everyone else is busy and it just doesn’t feel right to go without them all there) and he orders coffee. the person gets his order wrong and there’s cream and sugar inside it and he’s slightly curious about the taste so he drinks it. and he loves it. he’s having an emotional crisis. hot coffee with cream and sugar…that’s not very goth. so the only time he’ll drink coffee with cream and sugar is when he’s home by himself.
  • pete straightens michaels hair one time and halfway thru they both realize just what a terrible idea it was.
  • pete skips going to school because he misplaces his bolo tie and spends the entire day looking for it. it’s probably someplace dumb like on the bathroom sink.
  • all four of them probably talk and smoke over gossip and will make predictions and not even a week later, it happens and they’re like “i fucking knew it.” 
Mapp & Lucia

aka all of my spinster fashion choices in one show!

What’s this? Jodhpurs, suspenders, knee high boots?

Red lips, slicked-back hair, swagger, be still my beating heart.


I JUST. That pin! That perfect collar! That waistcoat! That face!

And what’s this? Fat, jovial spinster sisters wearing tons of checks and knitwear? SIGN ME UP.

I want every item of clothing in this picture on my body.

Brocades. Beads. Curls. Conniving smile.

Omg, power shoulders, take me now.


Huge, billowy caftans? Yes, why not?

Pleats! And figs! And reclining with a book in the garden!

And finally, literally everything in this picture except in this case they have loving sex in the garden and then shack up together.

In conclusion, it is a DREADFUL TRAVESTY that we do not have 7 seasons and movie of British village scheming spinsters upon which to feast our eyes.