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List of TV Shows with Canon Autistic Characters

This list includes TV shows with recurring autistic characters who are either stated in canon, or by the writers/creators, to be autistic. This list does not (to my knowledge) include any autistic-coded characters. This list is organized alphabetically.

The A Word (Joe Hughes)

All My Children (Lily Montgomery)

Alphas (Gary Bell)

Arthur (Carl Gould)

Boston Legal (Jerry Espensen)

The Bridge (Danish/Swedish series; Saga Norén)

The Bridge (Det. Sonya Cross)

The Code (Jesse Banks)

Community (Abed Nadir)

Coronation Street (Roy Cropper)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (Gil Grissom)

Criminal Minds (Spencer Reid)

Degrassi: The Next Generation (Connor DeLaurier)

Dollhouse (Topher Brink)

Elementary (Fiona Helbron; Season 4)

Eureka (Kevin Blake; First three seasons only)

Fair City (Robert Daly)

Fringe (Parallel universe version of Astrid Farnsworth)

Girl Meets World (Isadora Smakle)

Good Doctor (Park Shi-on)

Grey’s Anatomy (Virginia Dixon; Season 2 only)

Hannibal (Will Graham)

Kimi ga oshiete kureta koto (Mayuko Amemiya)

King & Maxwell (Edgar Roy)

Parenthood (Max Braverman; Hank Rizzoli)

The Politician’s Husband (Noah Hoynes)

ReGenesis (Bob Melnikov)

Rose Red (Annie Wheaton)

Saving Hope (Shahir Hamza)

Sesame Street (Julia)

Shortland Street (Gabrielle Jacobs)

Sirens USA (Claire “Stats” Bender)

Skins (Jonah Jeremiah “JJ” Jones)

Spooksville (Watch)

St. Elsewhere (Tommy Westphall)

Strange Empire (Rebecca Blithely)

Touch (Jacob “Jake” Bohm)

Waterloo Road (Karla Bentham)

With the Light (Hikaru Azuma)

Yellow Peppers (Omri Ochayon)


Possible Cases:

Archer (Sterling Archer; Mentioned in S04E08)

The IT Crowd (Roy Trenneman. Briefly mentioned in finale)

Orphan Black (Veera Suominen aka M.K.; Mentioned in Orphan Black: Helsinki comics)

[Updated 11/26/16]

The Signs as Fringe Sciences
  • Aries: Parallel Universes
  • Taurus: Dark Matter
  • Gemini: Shapeshifting
  • Cancer: Teleportation
  • Leo: Black Holes
  • Virgo: Cryptozoology
  • Libra: Artificial Intelligence
  • Scorpio: Bio Weaponization
  • Sagittarius: Wormholes
  • Capricorn: Relativity of Time
  • Aquarius: Telekinesis/Psychokinesis
  • Pisces: Precognition
5x01/5x02 - Part 1

Part 2 can be found here

Season 5 baby. Let’s do this! And since the two first episodes aired so closely I decided it was easier to just let my observations overlap. I’ve split it in two parts.

I won’t go into the cold open with Lydia in great detail here. I already did a breakdown of that scene here, and aside from Jeff confirming that Lydia being at Eichen House is real and not just in her head, I don’t have all that much to add. 

I also did a trailer breakdown a while back and some of my speculations are debunked already, like the bloody hands belonging to Liam and not Stiles. But I was right about this part at least

I’m predicting Lydia locked up at Eichen House is the cold open we’ve been hearing about, and that we will get the story told how she got there - in fact I wouldn’t be surprised if 5a is a flashback in its entirety.

Yay for small victories :) Jeff has confirmed that as well now and it has me pretty excited. 

Regression to the mean

One of these days I will have to do a post on thermodynamics, entropy and asymmetry in time. I do think it could be useful. Anyway, it’s fitting that as Scott and Stiles have this discussion

Scott: You ever hear of regression to the mean? 
Stiles: No, I don’t think so. 
Scott: It was his way of saying that life can’t ever be all bad or all good. You know, eventually things have to come back to the middle. So, think about the last few months. Things have been good, right? But not amazing. 
Stiles: Yeah, but no one’s tried to kill us in six months either. 
Scott: Right. We’ve been pretty much in the middle for a while. Which means, at some point, the scale has to tip one way or the other. Things are gonna get really good again… 
Stiles: Or really bad.

Stiles has just uttered the word “bad” and immediately thunder breaks out marking the start of a storm. 

The storm rages on for the entire episode and brings with it lots of funky effects on electronics. 

The storm also prompts the Yukimuras to give us some mythology surrounding the Wild Hunt.

Mr Yukimura: You know there’s a legend for a storm like this. 
Kira: Dad, please don’t turn a three-hour traffic jam into an educational experience. 
Noshiko: He’s talking about The Wild Hunt. About the Ghost Riders. Imagine a night like this, Kira. In storm clouds just like these, phantom hunters would appear. Riding black horses with blood-red eyes. And wolves and hounds at their side, baying and snarling. 
Kira: What were they hunting? 
Noshiko: Souls. 

If you want to learn more about the wild hunt check out athenadark​‘s post here

Since this post will be very long please  hit the link to read more.

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