fringe halter top


yes… it’s that time again… pulling out trends and essentials for s/s out of my ass. just kidding.. except not.. this is just what i’m feelin’ for summer idk if i’m right or wrong every single time i do this


  • boho with a mix of edginess 
  • minimalism (like zara style) 
  • muted colors
  • denim cutoffs BUT not high waisted ones (shocking something not high waisted…) just regular shorts you wear at your hips. i’m talking about like the one teaspoon shorts.
  • sick ass oversized graphic tees
  • muscle tees
  • kimonos 
  • sleevless button downs
  • halter tops
  • fringe
  • anything lace/mesh/velvet/crochet/sheer
  • oversized everything
  • wearing an oversized top with cutoffs is literally everything to me that will probably be me everyday over summer 


  • high waisted shorts - light wash, dark wash, and black 
  • denim cutoffs - like i said i love the one teaspoon ones! and free people has some as well and they’re to die for 
  • bustiers
  • bralettes!!!!
  • oversized anything and everything - that goes for tshirts, tank tops, lightweight knits
  • basics - i fuckin love basics this goes back into the oversized thing i love oversized basics like all the ones from brandy 
  • slip dresses - i’ve expressed my love for slips in previous posts
  • basics with a “twist” - examples would be like an oversized tshirt with a bunch of holes in it, oversized tshirt with slits on the side, tank tops that have cool strappy backs etc etc etc 
  • knee high lace up boots
  • hats - i’m a sucker for wide brim hats it’s like an obsession that and i love snapbacks?? i have a rvca one and i love it  but mostly wide brim hats
  • lightweight sweaters/cardigans 
  • high top converse - black or white
  • nylon knee highs
  • a-line skirts 
  • sick vintage tshirts - i love vintage harley davidson and band tshirts 
  • a nice leather bag/backpack - especially if you’re going to a festival

this was all kind of repetitive i guess idk. but yeah if i think of anything else i will for sure add to the list and reblog it 

anonymous asked:

hi, i've been following your blog for quite some time and i love the clothes you share! can u suggest me some non basic crop tops / camis? tysm :)

i’m so glad u asked :) i’ve listed a few of my fave crop tops here. hope u like them and find what you’re looking for. xx