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I see ur “Ronan is part of the dream pack” au’s and I tip my hat, but.

Honestly, I have a really hard time imagining Ronan falling in with Kavinsky’s gang. Kavinsky is basically against everyone Ronan stands for–he’s a cheater, for one, and we all know Ronan won’t stand for that shit. Also it’s explicitly stated in the text that Ronan doesn’t smoke? The only drug he partakes in is alcohol. Ronan is a hedonistic asshole, but he’s a principled hedonistic asshole, and he won’t let Kavinsky bend those for him.

With that out of the way.

Imagine: Adam and Kavinsky.

Which imo is way more likely and I can easily see it happening! Imagine if the chance encounter with Gansey and the pig didn’t happen, if Adam hadn’t seen Gansey lingering by his piece of shit car that day, if he’d taken a different route, if he’d stayed for a while longer.

Adam is opportunistic. Imagine Adam among all the preppy Aglionby boys, both hating and envying them. Imagine his life without Ronan and Gansey sharpening and redirecting his anger and focus, without Noah’s quiet cheer, without Blue making the boys better people. Both Adam and Gansey have a dampening effect on each other; Ronan said that Gansey-on-fire was a common sight before Adam came into their lives, and Gansey, in turn, is a constant reminder for Adam to be careful, be cautious, to keep himself in check.

So without that, imagine–

Kavinsky, with his sunglasses and slicked back hair and savage grin on the wrong side of wild. Kavinsky with his skin clinging to his bones and words that are as patronizing as the rest of Aglionby’s student body, but unlike them, he hides his bite just enough that you can tell he’s hiding it, as earnest as it’s possible to be in Aglionby. At night when Adam’s driving back from work, head throbbing and mouth dry, a white mitsubishi will whizz past far far above the speed limit followed by three other gleaming cars. Sometimes a blue BMW will be racing nose to nose with the mitsubishi, not a part of them but one that’s invited to their games.

Adam will see this, and feel a stab of longing in his gut so strong it hurts, and then he’d get mad at himself for feeling that way, for wanting that.

Kavinsky will see this dusty-haired boy who looks like something from ages past, a boy who seems like he belongs in the era of classicism discussing politics by candlelight. This boy who seems as genial as they come, but when you try to dig deeper you find you can’t get in. He’s prickly and slippery by turn, practiced at evasion, slipping between your fingers like dry sand. Adam is unknowable. In another world, companionship will have softened him before he had the chance to close off, and his defenses are incomplete. In this one, that never happened. Sledgehammers aren’t strong enough to break through Adam Parrish.

Of course Kavinsky would be interested. After a few chilly exchanges, he’d pop up at Aglionby more often to trade snide remarks with Adam, both in school and on school grounds. He’ll find where Adam works and try to catch him off guard. He’d make pointed jabs at his clothes, at his upbringing, at his accent, but Adam would fire back just as good. Adam is unknowable, but that’s just because no one’s really tried. Gansey and him had exchanged a few polite words, but in this world nothing will happen to shake their relationship from “classmates” to “more.”

Adam wouldn’t resist, exactly, as Kavinsky’s circles grow tighter and tighter, but he wouldn’t make it easy for him. He is an opportunist with no one to soften his edges, no father figure to pledge allegiance to, and Kavinsky has so much to offer. And maybe he likes it, the fact that someone is this fascinated with him.

He officially falls in his first summer at Aglionby. Even without school, Kavinsky seems to coincidentally pop up wherever he is–hey Parrish, still working on that sack of shit? as he leers at the entrance of the trailer park, fancy seeing you here, in the parking lot of a convenience store, pulling up to him at a red light and grinning at him all sharp-edged and wrong before speeding off. 

spending another evening alone? he’d ask one day when they pass each other on the sidewalk, and even behind his opaque lenses the weight of his stare almost feels like a physical force. And Adam’s curiosity is piqued, his nerves frayed, and he’d stop and look back.

“Yes,” he’d say. “Unless that was an offer.”

Kavinsky would grin and say, “You can take a hint, after all.”

After, Adam doesn’t officially become part of Kavinsky’s gang. One, he’s not that stupid, and two, he won’t let Kavinsky own him. If Gansey can’t bend him with kindness, Kavinsky can’t bend him with force. He’s lumped together with Kavinsky, of course, but it’s always Kavinsky and his pack and Parrish. He and Kavinsky’s relationship will always have an element of antagonism. Where Gansey tries to smooth his sharp edges, Kavinsky sharpens them and laughs when they draw blood. Adam is part of his clique, but he isn’t his.

Kavinsky dreams Adam a car, which he refuses to touch. At his rejection, Kavinsky will just shrug and grin and say “whatever.” Of course, Kavinsky will force Adam in it eventually, probably tricking him in against his will. 

“Oh look, no car for me today. Skov? Swan? Jiang? Proko? Shit, man.” And then they’d all look at Adam, and Adam will know he’s trapped.

He’ll doubt their validity. “I don’t have the keys.”

Kavinsky will toss a set of keys to Adam, and Adam’s expression would be blank but inside he is punching that grin right off of Kavinsky’s gaunt face.

Throughout all this, Kavinsky will still have his obsession with Ronan. Adam would see them sometimes, Gansey-Ronan and eventually Gansey-Ronan-Blue. His relationship with them is probably the best out of the pack, because he pays attention and he’s not antagonistic and he’s with Kavinsky but he knows maintaining relationships with Gansey and Ronan might come in handy some day. He’s with Kavinsky, but they aren’t friends. Sometimes he looks at Gansey and Ronan whispering at each other in Aglionby, shoulders pressed together and matching grins on their faces, and he’ll wonder - but that is a tale for another world, not this one.

He is Kavinsky’s, but they are not friends, and when Kavinsky dies he won’t move to stop him because he knew this was how it’d happen. He and Kavinsky are alike in a lot of ways, including wanting to control their own fate. Of course Kavinsky would decide his hour of death. By himself, or not at all.

And without Kavinsky, there’s nothing tying him to the rest of the pack. It was always him and Kavinsky, not him and them. Imagine him taking a walk after Kavinsky’s death, mind carefully blank. He’s maybe got some earbuds in, not paying much attention to where his feet take him, and when he looks up he’s surrounded by trees. He’d never seen this forest before. There shouldn’t be a wooded area anywhere near here. Just as he’s about to work his way to a quiet panic, he hears footsteps.

Adam turns, and a figure emerges from the trees. “Parrish?” Ronan asked, an expression of naked surprise momentarily overtaking his usual hostility. “The fuck are you doing here?”

Surprise, surprise- Dean Ambrose x Reader

||Request- Wolf Dean; he and pregnant reader have sex and she goes into labor!- Smut-||

“You know what guys,” Roman said as he lounged in your hotel room, “we all should go camping tomorrow as a little pack before you two split from ours.” You giggled with excitement, “yes! Dean and I would love to go camping with you and Seth!” Dean looked up from his phone, “are we gonna have separate cabins?” Roman smirked, “yea, we don’t wanna be up all night listening to you guys, y’know.”

You blushed a deep red, “well that’s..good. But you know I’m expecting soon so I’m not just gonna-“ Roman cut you off, “I know, I know, sorry.” Nesting.

Dean tried to push back the thought; it seemed as though you weren’t too keen on making love in your late pregnancy. You got up and looked outside the room window, “I guess we better hit the hay if we’re gonna take a big trip into the wilderness tomorrow.” Roman got up, “true. Meet us downstairs around 9AM.”

Dean nodded, “okay, thanks Ro.” Roman walked out and went straight back to his room.

Demand her to mate. It’s almost season.

Dean gave an awful cough, “fuck!” You looked back, “are you okay hon?” He looked up and nodded, “I think I just need to go to bed.” “I sure hope you’re not coming down with a cold from the seasons changing,” you wobbled over to the bed to sit.

Dean came around to the other side and slipped under the covers with you. “I loved going camping with the boys. It’s just a bunch of bullshitting. Sometimes we try to fish, but somehow it ends up with Seth getting some hooks stuck in his arm,” Dean quietly laughed. “Jeez, I hope I won’t be the next victim of being hooked,” you yawned. His hands instinctively went down to your swollen stomach, “the little shits will have lots of fun. If we’re lucky, they may just come.” You placed a hand on his, “they better not! We won’t be near a hospital.”

Nature. Pups.

“Well we wouldn’t need a hospital. Wolf pups being born out of a woman might freak the nurses out,” he stated. You sighed, “well then,” you whispered, “if that’s the case, I hope they’re quick and painless.”

Little shits.

You rolled over and situated yourself, “goodnight babe.” He placed a hand on your stomach, “goodnight baby girl. And goodnight our shits.”


“This is such a nice little rustic cabin!” You said with excitement. “Yea, we always try to come here every year. It’s a tradition,” Dean said hauling the suitcases inside. “Where’s Seth’s and Rom’s cabin?” You asked unzipping your clothes suitcase. “Next door,” Dean quickly said before going back outside to make sure he didn’t leave any luggage.

Nest and mate. Nature. Perfect.

Dean leaned against the rented car. His stomach muscles tensed as he felt a wave of arousal.

Rut. Mate. Own.

He gave a long ripping cough and tried again to get a breath.

No denying. Let me out.

Dean finally caught a breath and cleared his throat. “Fuck dude,” Seth piped, “you wouldn’t have an asthma attack if you actually listened to the wolf.” Dean sighed, “well fuck, mister dick pic, I don’t want to go around fucking Y/N every time the wolf wants. I respect her.”

Seth gave a low threatening growl, “fuck you.” Dean gave a smug smile and composed his looks before heading back into the cabin.


You sat in a purple fold out chair watching the boys burn marshmallows all to hell. You giggled as Roman brought his marshmallow back to examine it, “damn it- it’s too burnt.” You reached over and grabbed his stick, “give me a marshmallow and I’ll show you how to PROPERLY roast a puff.”

Roman handed you a marshmallow and you jabbed it onto the tip of the stick. You sat up in your chair and extended the marshmallow above the flames. “Hey careful,” Dean said in a worried tone. “Honey, there’s no way I’m going to hurt myself while roasting marshmallows,” you said while keeping your eye on the white puff.

After a minute you retracted the stick back to check on the now perfectly brown marshmallow. “And this gentlemen, is how you perfectly roast your marshmallow over a fire,” you stated as you rubbed the brown puff onto the chocolate and graham crackers in Roman’s hand. “Thanks,” Roman smiled.

Five minutes later everyone packed up the snacks and called it a night. “Goodnight guys!” You said waving at Roman and Seth as they traveled back to their cabin.


“That was fun. I had no idea how bad Rom was at roasting things,” you laughed. Dean laughed in agreement as he pulled his pajama pants on. You had already changed and waited in the king sized bed. “Move over woman!” Dean huffed. You liked to sprawl your body out, leaving no laying space for anyone else.

You moved and slipped under the covers; Dean did the same.

Nest now. Den.

“Hey,” Dean said sitting up, “could you get up for a second, I gotta readjust the bed.” You rolled your eyes, “why didn’t you do that before we got in bed?” You stood from the bed.


Dean put the pillows on the left and right side of the bed. “Wait, what are you doing? Why are you making a nest?” You questioned. Dean didn’t answer. He fluffed the covers and made a not so impressive nest from what they had.

“Lay,” his voice dripped with need. You slowly laid down in the little nest, “you’re in rut?” He nodded, “being out here- tonight with you. In nature. The smells, your smell, my thoughts. It’s driving me crazy.”

He laid beside you, and gave you a deep uncontrollable kiss. You could feel his member poking through to you from his PJ’s. You pushed his lips off, “now?” His blue eyes turned to a feral yellow, “can I?” He pleaded. “B-but the pups?” You quivered.

“Eh don’t worry about the little shits, they’re fine,” he got closer to your ear and whispered, “but daddy’s not.” His hot growling voice sent a wave of pleasure through you. “I can fix that,” you whispered; you decided to play along with his rut.

He quickly raised your body up and ripped your shirt and pants from your hot body. You took a deep breath as you felt his fingers trail down to your pussy. He kissed your neck and whispered, “your so fucking wet for me.” Just that sentence made you give an involuntary moan.

He gave lusty growls into your neck before you decided you wanted him. You tugged at his fabric. He speedily took his pants off, including his underwear. You got on your knees, “are you sure you want me?” You asked.

Need. Mate.

“Yes,” he growled. You slowly positioned yourself on his dick before going down to penetrate. You hadn’t tried to fuck in little over a month. The wolf always seemed to have its way when it went into rut though.

You slowly began to ride with a gentle rhythm. His hands gripped your hips trying not to lose control and buck. You slowly began to pick up speed and get into a messier rhythm. He started bucking with your rhythm. Soon enough you came; tightening around him until he released.

You hopped off and laid beside him. “Shit, that was quick. Was that too much,” he asked. You shook your head no but you felt a dull contraction. You ignore it, thinking it was just too much activity and it upset the pups. But the pain keeps coming back, each lasting longer than the last.


“H-hey Dean I t-think I might be having the babies right now,” you said whining. Dean got up and called the others over for help. Within minutes the boys were there. “Okay, uh. What do we need?” Dean quickly said looking around the cabin. “Well uh we need water,” Roman chimed.

“You fucked me into labor!” You yelled in pain. Dean sat beside you on the bed, “I’m sorry. But I was right about the little shits!” You grabbed his hand, squeezing it, “I think my hopes are coming true, I think they’re gonna come fast!”

You tried to control your breathing while you pushed. Seth grabbed a towel and grabbed the first puppy from you. “Oh my god, here’s the first pup!” Seth said with wide eyes. Roman ran from the bathroom to the bedroom, “I have scissors!” Dean took the clippers and snipped the first cord.

You barely could push the second time around but you managed to push enough for the pup to slip through. Seth grabbed the second and last pup. Dean clipped the cord and Roman dried the pup off.

Joy. Pups here. Tired.


“One is a girl and the other is a boy,” Roman said examining both pups to make sure they were healthy. “Here,” he handed one pup to Dean and the other to you. You got the girl.

Dean sat beside you cooing at the baby in his arm, “this little shit probably gave you the most trouble. He’s just like his daddy already.” You smiled and rubbed the baby boy’s brown fur, “he’s perfect, like you, I can tell that already.” He looked down to the girl you had in your arms, “my god, she has your perfect fur.” He played with her little paw and cooed.

“Well uh guys. I guess we’ll leave you two alone to tend to the pups, we’ll be back in the morning,” Seth said waving. Roman and Seth left to go back for the night.

You looked over, “we’re blessed.” He nodded and placed the pup on the bed, “well I knew you would get angry, but I brought the crib just in case. And now- it’s useful!” You gave a tired smile and placed the other pup on the bed.

Dean brought the crib in and set it up. You placed both pups in and kissed them a goodnight.

You both jumped back into bed. “Thanks for hatching our shits baby doll,” he said kissing your forehead. You yawned, “yep. Thanks for you know, fucking me into labor.” He chuckled, “hey, I had no control over what the wolf did.” You quickly fell asleep between his words.

“Hey, Goodnight baby doll,” he said nudging you awake. You opened your eyes, “goodnight babe.” And the pups slept soundly throughout the night. Surprise.

Style over substance= A MG rant

Dear Marc,

First of all, I think it would be fairly accurate to say that most Olicity fans know the DNA of Arrow better than you and your writers room. Whenever Arrow has been at its strongest it was when the focus was on character. To clarify, the characters we care about. The core characters. I think it to be of no coincidence that the upturn in quality of these past few episodes sees a return focus on Oliver, John, and Felicity. When you force characters on your audience and we tell you we don’t care, that isn’t out of pettiness, or because we want our ship back, its because you failed to introduce and write for these new characters in a way that would invest our interest. When you sideline popular characters and fridge already established dynamics to shove the newbies down our throats, the backlash is to be expected.

This season Arrow reached its 100th episode. Something to be celebrated. Appreciation should be shown for the incredibly talented cast that you are lucky to have. Instead, you marginalise them, disrespect them publicly and give into the fringe element of the fandom.

New characters should have been introduced in a way that tied in and enhanced the storylines of the core cast. But instead you shoehorned them in and stuck the others in no mans land.

You waited too long to unveil Prometheus. Josh Segarra has been a revelation in the role so far, but I feel like we are running out of time with him. His reveal should have been earlier.

Susan Williams was a mistake. You repeatedly told us that she was a good person and that Oliver had “deep feelings” for her. This was never shown on screen. She was introduced as someone who was manipulative, conniving and just plain awful. Then you had her date Oliver even though she was investigating him, which was a huge conflict of interest. Then you spent more time on her job than you gave to Felicity’s Havenrock storyline, or John’s being in jail storyline. Then you turned Oliver into Ollie 2.0 by making him an unbelievable douche. Then when Susan was kidnapped, Oliver barely blinked. He showed no concern for her at all. WTF? Don’t get me wrong, that last part was hilarious, but what the hell were you thinking with this whole storyline?

Don’t even get me started on Billy.

No one is asking for a whole episode of Olicity going shopping. Even Felicity would probably hate that. What we want is Olicity together in a healthy, happy, normal relationship. No baby mama drama, no bullshit love interests. No tropes. Just let them be together. Let them figure out how to be together and work together. Let them talk to each other. Be there for each other. Let them deal with any issues like adults. You can still have explosions, and stunts and action. You did it before. Its called 4A, remember the ratings back then?

Now, I know this isn’t about ratings. I get that. What it is about is writing to your shows strengths. Stephen Amell, Emily Bett Rickard, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Paul Blackthorne. They are what this show was built on. Not your ego. So get over yourself.

One last thing, cutting the season shorter won’t solve Arrows problem. Getting better writers will. The fact that you actually said that cutting the season would reduce the number of “filler” episodes just proves this. Why don’t you use these “filler” episodes to focus on your incredibly talented cast. Instead of another villain of the week or gun PSA, write your own “Zeppo” episode.

Or maybe after 5 years, its time for you to go. Bring in some fresh ideas.

anonymous asked:

Would you mind linking the Davos meta? He suffers from "too many people like him"-itis so for better or for worse he's now a target for some of the fringes of fandom. I remember one user calling him "Saint Davos" deprecatingly. That was the bleeding edge of "please stfu about this guy" that's now gaining more traction.

Sure, I was referring to @racefortheironthrone’s ASOS chapter analyses here and here

I love Davos, and I don’t think we should start hating on him just for being popular/a genuinely good guy. I don’t understand that line of thinking. He’s an amazing character. It’s simply refreshing to see Davos’s flaws acknowledged (namely what I call his religious hypocrisy). Melisandre is a hypocrite for thinking she’s a “champion of light” while others are totally Bad. Stannis is hypocritical in, well, just about everything. Sometimes we forget that Davos is hypocritical too…which is important to realise, since we’re getting 90% of our Team Dragonstone information from him!

One of GRRM’s finest feats is convincing readers that Davos is a reliable narrator. He’s not. The show doesn’t seem to fully grasp this, and so it writes Melisandre exactly the way Davos sees her—cruel, scheming, sexually manipulative. It’s easy to fall into the trap here. We want Davos to be the lowborn hero, because he is so relatable, loyal, and humble in background; we want to brush away Melisandre’s good deeds and intentions because Davos does and we like him. But Davos’s perspective is consciously skewed against Melisandre’s benevolence. Davos can’t see that they come from such similar places, that they both feel threatened by what they don’t understand, that their minds aren’t that different in the end. I think the meta summed it up best:

Another sign of how unbalanced Davos is in this chapter is that our onion knight spends this chapter acting a lot like his vision of Melisandre: a violent, aggressive religious fanatic who believes that divinity is guiding their every action.

Davos plotted to kill Mel long before the Edric issue came to a head, and mostly because his deity needed appeasing. The irony is clear here. At this point in the series Melisandre had done nothing to deserve a mob stabbing. It echoes Jon Snow’s murder, interestingly enough, not just in form but in motivation. We can understand the motives behind such attacks, we can even sympathise a little, but it does not entirely justify the deed. Trapping a woman and gang-stabbing her is no more honourable than using a shadowbaby to prevent further strife. 

But Bri, you say, Davos was unwell, delirious from the Blackwater, and grieving the loss of his sons. He was. Melisandre is suffering from unspeakable trauma too. Her POV shows us that she lives in a state of almost debilitating fear, that her psyche is a jumbled repressed mess, that her faith has become an all-encompassing coping mechanism. So why did I love those analyses of Davos? They acknowledge that—while Davos isn’t exactly pious—he also turns to religion when in pain.

While his born-again identity might be a passing phase, it’s also important for this moment that Davos finds in the Mother a reason to live that pushes him past his suicidal depression. 

Davos and Melisandre are not meant to be moral opposites or enemies. If anything, they are warped mirrors of each other.


Thank you to my beautiful show, Fringe, the most wonderful show i have watched and will ever watch. I still miss you everyday. Thank you to the Fringe fandom for keeping the show alive.


anonymous asked:

1.) (only on anon bc my personal tumblr isn’t my primary one, my url is angrypedestrian) Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for saying, like, smart things about fandom and all the nonsense that has been happening this weekend. I tend to hang out on the periphery of fan stuff, because as a dude (trans and queer, but still a dude) in fandoms that tend to be primarily queer women, I try to be really conscious of the space that I occupy and take up and how that can translate into digital communities,

2.) so I end up not really saying a whole lot because I don’t think it’s my place. But I’ve also been in fandom a long ass time, and the past couple years have gotten scary in what folks are doing and how they interact with creators and actors. So yeah, just wanted to thanks for people like you and @ratherembarrassing for being outspoken and calling people on their shit.
3.) I also realized recently that, like, a million years ago you left a nice comment on a Quinn Fabray is trans fic I wrote, which is nuts that I’ve been following some of y’all for so long. But I just wanted to say thanks for that too. Thanks!

Thank you! and also you’re welcome, but mostly thanks. this means a lot to me to hear.

more thoughts under the cut, because i’m still very aware that, like, not everyone wants to hear it. and i get that.

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Protective- Dean Ambrose x Reader

||Request: Can you make a wolf Dean where he’s jealous because AJ is flirting with reader. Then almost kills him. Dean then whimpers like a pup for forgiveness.||

“You like that hon?” AJ said as he pinned you against the wall. He traced your collarbone while he watched your mouth for what he thought was going to be a moan.

“No AJ get off of me!” You pushed the Southern man away, “and I thought Southerners were supposed to be mannered!” AJ gave a cocky smirk, “well of course honey, we are! I’m just the champ. Girls just fall for me- like you.”

You gave a wide eyed response, “dude, I never said I liked you. So get the fuck away from me.” AJ rolled his eyes in response, “feisty young thang you are,” his southern slang was kind of alluring. You looked to the other guys in the locker room. You saw Ambrose was the only one paying attention to your little situation. His deep blue eyes gave a fierce stare at AJ.

Defend mine.

Dean walked over and grabbed AJ by the neck to pin him to the wall, “you like that punk? Don’t fucking think about touching my mate again.”

AJ’s eyes begged for a release, “F-f-fuck you, Ambrose,” was the only thing he could choke out. Before a fight broke out you inserted yourself between the two men, “how about you let the dumbass go babe and we can go back to our room?”

Tear into him. Dominate.

“She’s mine. Claimed,” Dean spat as he dropped the choke. AJ huffed, “you got a fine piece of ass on your hands though.” You quickly grabbed Dean’s hand and jerked him away, “don’t mind him. But I do have a fine ass!” Dean looked down to you and smirked, “yes you do,” he said as he gave your ass a big spank, “and it’s all mine.” You jumped in surprise and giggled.


You sat in your hotel room alone. You decided against running with the wolves tonight; reason being is because you didn’t want to get side swiped again by AJ.

You settled into bed at 1:30AM, praying Dean was staying away from the city with the pack. You knew how unpredictable he was when he shifted.

Your phone rang.

“Fuck,” you groaned as you rolled over to the nightstand to unplug your phone to take the call from Seth of all people. “Yes?” You asked bluntly.

“Call your fucking hound off of AJ,” he uttered quickly. You gave a tired grunt, “what am I supposed to do? Where the fuck are they?” Seth gave a long pause before responding, “we’re in the back of the hotel in the bush line. Hurry.” Seth hung up.

You swung your legs off of the bed and slipped into your fluffy black slippers. You grabbed the room key and jogged out. You jogged all the way down to the lobby and out the door.

You ran in the shadows of the hotel to not be detected by god knows who but you were paranoid. “Stop Dean!” You shouted at the bipedal werewolf. AJ was just in his feral wolf form.

“Dean I said stop!” You yelled as you got up to the group standing around the brawling were’s. You took a deep breath and yelled, “bad boy! Bad Dean!” You hated scolding your mate like a literal dog but it worked ninety nine percent of the time.

Dean stopped his assault and looked at you. His eyes became soft. His tail tucked between his legs. Then whimpers followed; he hated disappointing you.

You made your way to your mate and ruffled his fur, “I didn’t mean it baby boy. You’re good. Good mate.” You pressed your head into his hard chest, “good mate. No fight.” Dean ceased his whimpers and wrapped his furred arms around you.


“I forgive you Dean,” you said looking up to meet his royal yellow eyes. He leaned down to sniff your face and give a quick lick on the cheek for his thankfulness.

You were released from the embrace to see that Seth and Xavier were checking AJ’s wounds. “He didn’t hurt him that bad, did he?” You asked. Seth quickly shook his head, “nah. Looks like he has a few cuts but besides that he’s just a big pussy.” You smiled and thanked the boys for alerting you to this fight.

“Goodnight babe, you know where the other door key is, come in anytime you want,” you muttered to Dean. He nodded and bounded off into the wooded area. You sighed and made your long trip back to your room.

You pulled out the room key and unlocked your room. The bed was basically calling your name at this point. So you went ahead and slipped into bed for some much needed sleep.


💕 Happy Galentine’s Day 💕

What’s Galentine’s Day? Oh, it’s only the best day of the year. Every February 13th, Leslie Knope and her lady friends leave their husbands and their boyfriends at home and just kick it breakfast style. Ladies celebrating ladies. It’s like Lilith Fair, minus the angst. Plus, frittatas!

Hey Rhink Fans

from a Fandom Old:

There may be a tendency in the next few months for fandom to divide into Those Who Are Going and Those Who Aren’t. I know from experience how much potential there will be for hurt feelings and drama. Your Fandom Aunt is here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! Even in my day (the ancient times of the early 2000s) we did our best to share experiences like this without smart phones and instant video and all the tools we have now. I’m only on the outer fringe of Rhink fandom (and I prefer it that way tbh), but I know there are some quality humans up in here who will do their best to help folks who can’t go see the Tour of Mythicality feel like they did. I know I will. I got u fam <3