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Waverly, being the ray of sunshine that she is, tries to reply to every single comment on her videos (and let's be honest, she's not gonna get THAT many comments on fringe history vids) so she happens to notice that one user is leaving nice comments on every single one (and not just "great vid!" comments like actual observations and shit) so she looks up the username out of curiosity and finds Nicole's tumblr, looks at the "my face" page and OH SHIT SHE'S HOT

they would tho omg

the first videos Nicole watches have like her drunken comments on it but then she stays up all night watching Wave’s videos and her comments on each one gradually get more legible (and more flirty, like Nicole always comments on the content of the video but she also throws in a compliment to Waverly as well)

Waverly is definitely already crushing on Nicole before she even sees her face because Nicole’s comments are funny and they make her blush and smile so that’s why she does a little bit of internet stalking to find her tumblr and just the “oh no she’s hot moment” is like a great not only is she smart and funny and sweet bUT SHE’S ALSO HOT

She also finds that Nicole lives in the same city as her but it’s a big city and she definitely doesn’t expect them to go to the same school so it catches her off guard too

3 Michael Cole kicked off SmackDown with Dean Ambrose, who spoke about his victory over Chris Jericho in the first-ever Asylum Match at Extreme Rules and about qualifying for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match on Raw. But fellow qualifying Superstar Kevin Owens brought The Lunatic Fringe’ comment to a sudden close when he ordered Cole out of the ring. He proceeded to lay his own claim to the prized contract — good for a WWE World Heavyweight Championship opportunity whenever the winner wants it.

Sami Zayn, another Ladder Match combatant, soon joined the party, claiming he will triumph at Money in the Bank. Not to be outdone, Alberto Del Rio also interrupted, and he appeared ready to attempt to qualify himself against Zack Ryder. When attention turned to the Essence of Excellence  Owens seized the opportunity and attacked Zayn from behind. In response, Ambrose attacked Owens. Zayn reengaged and nearly kicked Ambrose before stopping himself. Perhaps he shouldn’t have restrained himself, though, because moments later, Ambrose tried to hit “The Underdog from the Underground” with Dirty Deeds, reminding him that it will be every man for himself at Money in the Bank on June 19.