fringe benefit

The morning after getting blackout drunk, you wake up to discover you’ve become stunningly attractive. Your one-night stand enters behind you. “Like what you see? It’s one of a few fringe benefits you get out of our agreement. Now get dressed – we have a long day ahead of us.”

Another kinky wager

Summary: As he previously promised, Bucky helps you work out all those irritating little kinks in your pool game.
Characters: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Absolutely NSFW. It’s all sex and pool tables folks, please walk away unless you’re over 18.  

A/N: Decided to write a follow-up to ‘Pool balls and underpants’, because I just couldn’t move on without a smutty sequel. This can read as a stand-alone story, but it will make more sense why Bucky’s wearing Steve’s underwear if you read the first part. And besides, who doesn’t love reading sassy sexual innuendos from Bucky Barnes?

Also, I meant this to be short, and once again my imagination spiralled out of control, and here we are. I regret nothing.

Pool balls and underpants 

He’s startled for a moment, before a sly smile stretches across his face, and he whips around to follow, white socks slipping and sliding on the smooth tiles as he chases after you.

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Could you possibly do a mafia!daddy!phil × pastel!little!Dan ? ?? Cause that hc is freaking grEAT (possibly some smut?)

Prompt: dan wearing those cute velvet shorts you see on Instagram and phil can’t keep his hands off of him. (mafia!daddy!phil and whiny!little!dan?)

Oral fixation pastel Dan is all I beg you for

can i pleeease have some more little dan with oral fixation??? 

Here y’all go. Plus dirty talk, exhibitionism, and cockslut!dan. If you have trouble getting past the cut on mobile, open in your browser.

Being the son of the boss always has it perks, but when your father is the boss of the mafia, the fringe benefits are almost endless. It certainly isn’t the most relatable circumstance, but Phil Lester is acutely aware of the privilege his heritage brings. His family has never had any financial issues, and, although it may not be the most honest money, it made for a very comfortable childhood. Growing up, Phil never had to worry about being bullied in school – even though he was a fairly strange, quirky kid that would usually attract that kind of negative energy in the cesspool of teenage hormones that is high school, everyone was well aware of who his father was and what he could do, so he was left well alone. Now that he’s older, his blood keeps on giving in the form of a large house in London and connections with almost every business in a ten kilometre radius. That’s not to say Phil has had an easy life, but his problems are quite disparate from the average persons’. He may be rich with a notorious last name that opens back doors, but he does live with the constant knowledge that he may be shot dead at any moment, so he supposes it all evens out.

He works as part of the family, of course. That’s how the mob operates and, although he’s had his fair share of morality crises, he enjoys it. He’s not the eldest son, so, as long as nothing happens to Martyn, he isn’t expected to take over when his father – willingly, or otherwise – steps down, but he is still in control of some aspects of it. He supposes he’s a capo, in a way, being able to give orders to soldiers to do the bidding that’s sometimes his own, and sometimes passed down to him from his father. Most of the members he ranks above are considerably older than him, considering he’s only twenty-five, and he can tell from the hard look in their eyes when he gives orders that they’re not exactly thrilled about that. It doesn’t really matter, though, because to go against Phil is to go against the boss and, unless they’re actively looking to be killed, that’s not a very bright idea.

Phil’s seen a lot of shit since being inducted into the business at twenty. Before that, his father always kept things vague and the gory details hidden, probably more on Phil’s mothers’ wishes than his own, but the reality of what being in the mafia involves couldn’t be sugar-coated for him forever. He’s seen theft, assault, battery, and a fair share of murder. It’s not what Phil would call ideal, but it comes with the kill-or-be-killed lifestyle. He’s pretty much desensitised to the horror of it all by this point, but there is one incident that affected him above any other; it was also the chain of events that led to him meeting Dan.

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I like rain because it seems to bring people together. When it’s raining out, everyone is in the exact same state: a human being looking to not get wet. It is that togetherness, so refined at such a basic level, that fills my soul and makes the hard moments in life survivable.

They took Hank’s company car today. Just came up to his desk and demanded the keys. I could tell he was distressed. I offered him a ride home but he just stared blankly ahead and said “Okay.” I’ll have to see how he’s doing when I drive him home after work today.  He had that car for four years. Took good care of it. It was basically his. Just wasn’t because some piece of paper says it belongs to the company. I guess that’s fringe benefits for you. Easy to give, easier to take away.

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Dunno if you read this before but I was wondering have you ever write a fic where Harry is totally being a guy in trying to impress Ginny?

A/N: little shorty!  I hope it’s fulfilling <3  Side note, I kinda want to do more Jily lived + Hinny fics, so if anyone has ideas/prompts send them please?  Anyway, enjoy this canon verse Hinny snog fest.

Also available on FF and Ao3!


The trainee auror program at the Ministry starts with about a month of mind-numbing lectures and reading assignments on the basics of magical law enforcement, which means the only things Harry got to show off to Ginny before she left on September 1st were paper cuts and eye strain.  Which, that’s not why he chose to become an auror, but the fringe benefit of impressing Ginny was a pleasant idea that was sadly unfulfilled.

So by the time Ginny’s back for Christmas break and Harry’s finally completed his physical training circuit, it’s been long enough that he doesn’t really think about the changes to his body much anymore, despite the definitive increase in muscle tone and overall broadness.  Until Teddy spits up on Harry’s t-shirt and Molly sticks out her hand expectantly for the dirtied clothing.  After passing Teddy off to Ginny, Harry whips the shirt off – somehow miraculously keeping any baby fluids off his person – and hands it to Molly, all of this in such quick succession he almost misses Ginny’s gob smacked expression.

When Ginny’s eyes drag away from his newly muscled chest and connect with his, a blush rises on her freckled cheeks and Harry can’t help but preen a bit at the thought that Ginny finds his body attractive.

In fact, he so much can’t help it that he finds himself looking for ways to subtly flex when Ginny’s around.  Preferably shirtless.  Which is actually not particularly difficult since Teddy’s lately become a fan of throwing rather than eating his various vegetable mashes and flexing is literally a matter of thinking about it.  And eventually Ginny seems less embarrassed and more in favor of taking full advantage of the free show, while Molly just rolls her eyes and tosses Harry’s shirts in the wash.

The only real difficulty then, is toward the end of Christmas hols when Harry invites Ginny to his flat and Teddy is out of the picture.  Because up until this point, Ginny has ogled and Harry has strutted, but no one has gotten any immediate gratification from the ogling and strutting – although they did have a rather spectacular snog once Molly and Arthur went to bed after Sunday dinner at the beginning of the week – so Harry’s determined to find a reason to be shirtless when Ginny arrives.  And hopefully stay that way.

In the end, he decides to just be so harried – no pun intended – that he hasn’t gotten a chance to put one on in the first place, which is actually very near the truth, considering Harry’s barely got his jeans zipped before the floo flares and Ginny calls through the flat, “Honey, I’m home!”

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The government insists ALL demonstrators who engaged in “violent acts” during Puerto Rico’s national strike yesterday are students from the University of Puerto Rico (UPR), which seems misinformed at best, and ominous at its worst, considering this administration has consistently demonized the public university system–perhaps, some say, in an attempt to fuel the people’s resentment and eventually privatize some campuses or university property. 

This, of course, wouldn’t come as a surprise, especially when one looks at recent legislations that reduce labor rights and fringe benefits, and the administration’s emphasis on transferring public workers to the private sector via public-private partnerships (P3). This in itself raises other issues, mainly concerning union representation, wages, et al., but that’s another load to swallow.

Cold Shower

Prompts: A combination of this a fluffy YJ!Nightwing X fem!reader scenario where the reader asks him about the birds and bees (because she honestly doesn’t know and Wally accidentally mentioned something along those lines in front of her while talking to Artemis)? AND this, A one shot where Nightwing is training a new female reader with powers in YJ

Words: 725

AN: Thanks to my wonderful beta’s for plowing through these stories!

          “I’m never going to get this.”

          “You’re doing fine.”

          You peer up at Nightwing through one eye as you try and catch your breath. “Says the guy who’s been doing this since he was eight.”

          He gives that boyish grin and you feel your heart speed up. “So I have a bit of an unfair advantage.”

          You roll over onto your stomach and rest your chin on your arms, “I’m a dancer, not a fighter.”

          Nightwing shrugs, “If anything that should help. You have you great endurance and good muscle mass, you just have to learn how to fight.”

          “And keep my emotions in check so a Tornado doesn’t pop up.”

          He nods, “That would be a nice fringe benefit.” There’s a moment of silence before he says “I know this hasn’t been easy, developing powers, learning to fight, dropping any resemblance to normal life.”

          You shrug “I’ve never been a social creature. I usually just went to class and then practice, and that was it. That was my life. This is just different. I’ll adjust eventually. Can I ask you a question though?”

          He smirks, “You mean a second one?”

          You roll your eyes, “Very clever. What did Wally and Artemis mean earlier when they were talking about the birds and the bees?” You watch as Nightwing goes rigid, and a faint blush paints his cheeks. “Was it a mission involving you and Bumble Bee or something? Or maybe her and Robin?”

          “What?” The word comes out of his mouth in a very high pitched tone. Your brow knits together in confusion.

          “Did I say something wrong?”

          Nightwing coughs and clears his throat. “How old are you?”


          He looks at you in disbelief. “And you’ve never heard of the birds and bees?”

          “Should I have?”

          He stumbles over the words, “Well, you know most parents have this talk with their kids when they reach puberty. You know they talk about protection, and things.”

          It takes a moment for the meaning to dawn on you, and then you laugh. “You mean when KF asked Artemis if she wanted a repeat of the birds and bees he was asking for sex?” Nightwing’s face colors a bit more and you laugh. “Sorry, I don’t mean to laugh. We were just always pretty open about that in my house. We just called it sex, you know? I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

          “I’m not embarrassed.”

          You finally sit up, “So then why are you turning five different shades of red? Are you trying to revert back into a Robin?” You tease.

          He just suddenly stands up and says, “We should really get back to practice.” You smile as you stand up and get back to it. He knocks you on your ass about five times before you’re able to get a sneak attack in.

          The two of you collide and you roll, as you fight to pin him. You finally get him a few minutes later, and you pin his hands above his head. It’s as you sit there leaning dangerously close to his face, straddling his hips that you realize the position you’re in.

          But you don’t move. Instead you notice how nice his cheekbones are, and slowly you let go of his wrists. He moves them slowly; one goes to your hip, and the other goes to you neck. And then he’s guiding your head down, and you’re kissing him.

          Your hands are on his chest, and your fingers bunch in the fabric of his workout clothes. It’s a long kiss that grows more passionate as it goes. Then his fingers are tangled in your hair, and you’re stretching along his body. Your fingers play with the bottom of his shirt, before pushing it up.

          He sits up, with you in his lap, and helps you get it fully off. His hand starts playing with the hem of your shirt when suddenly a downpour of water soaks the both of you. You gasp as the two of you break apart. His hands stay on your hips, keeping you close as the two of you look up at the rain cloud above your heads.

          You wince and just say, “Sorry.”

          He just laughs and brings you in for another kiss before saying, “That is an entirely new definition of a cold shower.”


“Fifteen years ago I would have been prepared for this,” he says.

They’re sitting at their kitchen table while Will sleeps downstairs. Mulder’s not sure what time it is. They haven’t seen real sunlight in a week; their bodies’ schedules are in disarray. Scully is tapping her fingernails on the table and the noise is making him crazy.

“You wouldn’t have expected this,” she counters. “Even then.”

“No,” he admits, and finally breaks, covering her hands with his own to still them. “This isn’t the apocalypse I expected.”

He’d let himself get complacent. After Will was born, after they quit the X-files for good. They’d closed up that part of their lives as surely as the FBI had shut the door to their basement office. Locked it up and nailed boards across the door, for good measure. And it had seemed — for such a very, very long time — that none of it would ever find them.

On the counter the radio hums. They leave it on at all hours, trawling for a signal. All three of them are developing impressive forearm muscles from the hand crank. Fringe benefits of the end of the world.

Reports are sporadic. For a few hours on the third day the old NPR station kicked in and the three of them listened in rapt silence the entire time. They know now that if Scully had stopped at a different grocery store, one closer to D.C., she wouldn’t have been able to come home. They know that the interstates are closed, that major roads into the cities are blocked off, that the electricity is cutting in and out all over the rest of the country.

They’d had pretty good luck on shortwave, at least until yesterday. Yesterday they’d been listening to a man on a CB describe the scene in Baltimore, the city he’d fled. Flames licking at the waterfront, chaos on the streets, and some strange disease spreading through the neighborhoods, a disease that killed you just as you started to notice the symptoms—

And then, midsentence, the man had started screaming. And then they’d heard a gunshot. And then that frequency went silent.

Nothing new on any frequency since then, either.

“I keep expecting people to show up at our door,” Scully admits, her voice raspy, uneven. “My mom. Matt. Frohike, somebody from work — anyone. Mulder, what if—"

“Don’t,” he warns.

She continues anyway, though she has to fight to get the words out. “What if everyone we know is dead?”

He thinks they probably are, but he doesn’t say so.

The Sindria Effect 2.1.2:  Understanding the Nature and Narrative Value of Tragic Villains in Magi Through Comparative Analysis

NOTE: I strongly recommend watching this clip before reading the text below the cut. The dialogue will probably confuse most readers, but the circular logic of the villain is critical to understanding what objectively defines the antagonist as a tragic villain.

I’m posting this as a video supplemental to The Sindria Effect 2.1: an essay in which I distinguish between Elder David as Il Illah’s pawn and Zeus!Sinbad, entity borne of Sinbad, his seven djinns and Il Illah that have become a tragic villain.

This is a clip from Kara no Kyoukai: Paradox Spiral, the 5th installment of a film series based on a novel written by Kinoko Nasu. It is his first and best-written work. Full stop. While even his most avid fans will admit Nasu has numerous faults as a writer, but few of his readers or peers in the industry will challenge the notion that he’s a genius when it comes to writing tragic villains. 

So, what are the criterion for a well-written “tragic villain,” and which antagonists in Magi meet them?

  1. They have a truly heartbreaking backstory. Something so Kafkaesque you wouldn’t wish it upon your worst enemy.
  2. The villain commits terrible atrocities (typically involving the mass murder of innocents) because of their own SELFISH motivations. They aren’t fighting in the name of some higher being, to eliminate an enemy of someone they care about, avenge the death of a loved one, or even an ideal. They do what they want to do out of blind ambition, curiosity, or some other principle that serves only to comfort themselves. If someone happens to benefit from their actions, it is of no consequence to the villain. They are monsters that fight for the sake of themselves alone. 
  3. The villain’s motivations are so unrelatable & logically flawed that the audience can neither justify the villain’s actions nor sympathize with their plight. This is the most important qualifier. It’s what makes Nasu’s antagonists the gold standard for tragic villains in animanga. 

If the character is written properly, the audience is unable to sympathize with the villain because their thinking has become so convoluted that even they don’t understand why they feel so motivated to do what they’re doing anymore. If they are forced to think about their motivation to it’s logical conclusion, they are confused by their own answer. There is no way to talk them out of what they are doing becuase there is no longer any logic behind what they’re doing at all. 

The villain in the clip above, Araya Souren, is Nasu’s tragic villain prototype. He was a truly benevolent Buddhist monk with magical powers. He is over 200 years old: he genuinely cannot remember how old he is. All he can honestly say is that he has been alive for more than two centuries. He’s not immortal. He could easily kill himself or just stop using the magic that keeps him alive. 

Early in his life, he desperately fought to save the lives as many innocent people in a war that took place in pre-Meiji Japan. He feels an overwhelming sense of sadness, frustration, and disgust with all of humanity because he couldn’t save everyone. Saving “as many as possible” simply wasn’t good enough. For whatever reason, he needed to save EVERY person who was in danger to maintain his sanity.

To alleviate his own vague sense of aggravation, he decides to destroy the world at some point in the late 20th Century. His method of choice involves opening a path to Akasha, a place where all of human history is recorded. By doing so, he thinks he will “give justice” to the people he could not save by ensuring their deaths are “properly” observed and recorded. But he will be the only person to see it. Then he will die. He also claims to hate all of humanity, including the people who died “without meaning,” so killing everyone in the present for the sake of those who died in the past doesn’t make much sense. His ritual also involves driving people to die meaningless deaths so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

He doesn’t even try to defend the logic behind his plan. He simply states that it is what ran through his mind. Long before this fight, he admitted that he no longer knew why he was doing what he was doing. He just knew he wanted to do it. 

Confused? GOOD. The confusion and unrelatable nature of the villain is necessary to nullify the tragic backstory. It smashes the notion of tired cliches like “a villain is just a victim whose story hasn’t been told.” We know his story, and nobody watching the movie or in the movie can make heads or tails of why he’s killing people left and right to reach Aksha. 


The criteria listed above explain why Elder David is no villain. He is a monster, but ultimately a pawn. It is also a useful tool for categorizing and evaluating the importance of other antagonists in Sinbad no Bouken and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic. They are the key to figuring out who the real “big bad,” is in the story. Sinbad is far and away the character that comes closest to meeting all of the criteria for the “Araya Test.” I’ll start with characters that fail the test.

  • Ithnan fails to meet criteria 2 & 3. He’s fighting to avenge Setta, serve his god, and undo damage that he feels Solomon has done. What he’s doing is morally wrong, but his motivations are logically consistent.
  • Falan fails to meet criteria 2 & 3: She’s fighting to avenge Wahid and Tess. She seems to think that creating a dark spot will allow her to reunite with Tess. She’s clearly lost some of her sanity and is obsessed with Tess. Her emotional and behavioral response is disproportionate, but again, it’s easy to understand why she’s doing what she’s doing.
  • Arba fails miserably by lacking all three. By all accounts, she lived a good life until she saw someone meddle with the god she was pre-programmed to obey. Everything she does is for HER FAAAAAATHER!!1!!!11!!!!! and no one else. It almost makes logical sense until you realize that the god she worships has no sense of what most human beings would consider right or wrong. According to Orthodox Church, Il Illah demands offerings of magoi. Even the suppression of other species was openly acknowledged as a way to offer magoi to Ill Illah. Her religion is “do stuff to feed a spaghetti monster because I was told to at some point.” Solomon is arrogant in her eyes becuase he decided to do something other than that. That’s it. 😕

Failing to meet more than one of the criteria is intentionally crafted aspect typical of minor antagonists. They may play a significant role in the narrative as a whole, but it’s fairly obvious upon meeting them that they’re not going to be the “final boss.”

Elder David is a special case that fails to meet all three.  There isn’t much to his story. He doesn’t suffer a heartbreaking loss. His only tragedy he had to face was feeling lonely because nobody could see what he could see. It’s no worse than what a child prodigy who goes to college when they would normally be in grade school goes through. 

His motivation is fairly straightforward: standing by Il Illah’s side. He has a mission. He knows what it is. He doesn’t know why he was given the mission, but he understands it well enough to deceive the world about his intentions for 800 years. His motivations aren’t particularly relatable or compelling, but they make logical sense. He gets a little confused along the way, but Sinbad quickly helps him figure out the puzzle and he moves on with a clear sense of purpose and confidence. Ironically, all that Sinbad had to do to “set him right” was explain that his mission remained the same: assisting a god in creating a new world and making it work until that god decides to destroy it and create another one.

 I can’t say that I feel much in the way of sympathy for him, but I understand why he’s done many of the things he’s done. Again, he’s a terribly written villain because he’s the villain’s pawn. He’s a red herring through and through. 

Sinbad, on the other hand, comes very close to meeting all three criteria on the level of Araya Souren. He has an entire manga dedicated to his heartbreaking backstory. By the time he decides to become a god, he admits that he’s doing what he’s doing for selfish reasons. When Neo-Sinbad is asked why he wants to return the world to the rukh, his answer is “because I want to.”

While he’s not as unrelatable as Araya Souren, Zeus!Sinbad/Neo-Sinbad’s argument that he’s trying to help the world by destroying it is pretty hard to swallow. While Araya placed a disproportionate amount of value on lives of the past, Zeus!Sinbad is obsessed with the lives of an indefinite future. 

In truth, he’s less concerned about what happens to the people in the new world he seeks to create, and more about the thrill of defeating destiny itself. A potential utopia is a “fringe benefit” he hopes will come of it. If not, he won’t be deeply disappointed or discouraged. He’ll feel exhilarated by the new challenge. Destroying that failed world and creating a new one will be another adventure to be enjoyed. He’s not a perfect analogy for Araya Souren, but that’s fine: a well written animanga villain simply needs to fit the Araya mold. Just how well written Sinbad is as a villain is pretty subjective, so I won’t try to make an argument either way. The upshot is that he manages to cross the “true tragic villain” threshold. 

I still don’t think he’s the “final boss.” Bear in mind that Sinbad is dead and gone. Zeus!Sinbad is an entity borne of Ill Illah, Sinbad, and the souls of seven chieftains of Alma Torran that somehow became the embodiment of principles that Sinbad would come to believe in. What has turned the remains of Sinbad into a villain is a mass of powerful entities that made up Il Illah’s core. 

The villains behind human the villain(s) are the rukh.

That will be the thesis of an entirely different series. The Sindria Effect 3.0 will focus on the narrative purpose of Sinbad no Bouken and finally answer the question: How will the destruction of Sindria 1.0 change Sinbad and his relationship with his subordinates?

Tag, you’re it @ivoryrosewood! That’s what you get for writing awesome response essays like this. 😜

Terra Nova ~Part One: New Town~

And so it begins! Part One of a ten-part series written for @outside-the-government​‘s ‘Write Away the Winter Blues’ challenge! I’m thinking 1-2 instalments per week as it goes. I’ll put it together in one long post at the end. Beware, the prompt may look fluffy, but this story is definitely more adventure-suspense (with fluff involved of course!)

UPDATE:  This fic is now complete! Please see my MASTERLIST for all following parts :) 

Because I love them both, I’m melding the TOS and AOS Bones timelines. If you so desire, there are Easter eggs to be found!

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS). Pairing: Reader X Bones

Words: 1,489

Warnings: some suspense, a few mild swear words. Can’t think of anything else!

Tagging @medicatemedrmccoy :D Thanks for letting me ramble about this fic! If anyone else wants to be tagged just let me know!

“Captain’s Log, Stardate 2285.4. We are orbiting an unknown planet, which lies beyond Starfleet’s updated star charts. I’ve elected to call it ‘Surak’, because it looks peaceful, but it appears there’s turbulence under the surface. Plus I’m 99% certain it will annoy Mr. Spock, a fringe benefit of being Captain.”

“Captain, I am incapable of experiencing annoyance.”

“I amend my statement. I am 100% certain it annoys Mr. Spock. Regardless, we have detected a Starfleet medical distress signal coming from this planet, which - according got our sensors - currently houses humanoid life with a culture distinctly similar to early 21st century Earth. To limit possible disruption, I am only sending Dr. McCoy and security officer Y/l/n to the planet’s surface. They are scheduled to report back in one hour.”

Pressing the button to end recording, Kirk looked out at the slowly rotating planet, the red land gleaming in sunlight. You and Bones were down there somewhere. It was the right call but still, he hated not being on the away mission. Drumming his fingers on the arm of his chair, Kirk realized it was useless.

“Mr. Spock, you have the con.” rising from his seat, Kirk moved to leave the bridge. Maybe if he practiced some more he could finally get that nerve pinch to work.

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❝ Thank you for showing me how to be a human being. ❞
❝ The fight isn’t over until it’s over. ❞
❝ Every weapon has a weakness. ❞
❝ I just found your Kryptonite. ❞
❝ I don’t care how powerful they say you are. ❞
❝ This is war. We can’t think with our hearts. We gotta think with our heads. ❞
❝ We choose to go to the moon. ❞
❝ Whether it’s a long time or a short time, I just want to spend it with you, if you’ll have me. ❞
❝ I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but will you marry me? ❞
❝ Damn right I’m lying to myself. I lie to myself every day, sometimes every hour of every day. ❞
❝ It’s a fringe benefit of being a freak. Pain, injury doesn’t keep you down for too long. ❞
❝ What do you do with all the hate? ❞
❝ So, are you going to tell me what you have in mind or are we going to stare at each other until the sun comes up? ❞
❝ That would be a terribly inefficient use of our time. ❞
❝ Would you please stop talking like a damn fortune cookie? ❞
❝ Thank you my friend. I hope I see you again soon. ❞
❝ First we bury our dead, then we dig like there’s no tomorrow. ❞
❝ All I’ve got now is hate, I’m not going to waste it. ❞
❝ I will personally mount your head on the wall on this establishment. ❞
❝ You’re going to get off your ass and we are going to move. ❞
❝ I understand what we are fighting for … completely. ❞
❝ I think you’ve made it to round 2. ❞
❝ No one said anything about a bubblehead and a damn murderer. ❞

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I'm probably going to kill myself this year and I kinda look forward to it knowing I'll probably get to meet Eric and Dylan 😇

‘Probably’ is the operative word here. You know the thing is, when we cross over, what happens next has a lot more to do about our own selves, our own spiritual being, first and foremost.  It becomes the ‘bigger picture’ and less about the details that we struggle with or the things we obsess over here about in human form.  You might think you’re just going to visit the boys as some fringe benefit but the odds of that aren’t great when you’ve chosen to stop the existence you were contracted into. Based on the decision you made in prematurely ending your life and merging back into the collective consciousness of The Everything, has it’s own sets of spiritual challenges just as life down here has had in the struggles of living in the physical plane.  Ending your physical life is not a free pass to the ‘free and easy’, perfect form of existence over there. If that were the case, there would be no reason for any of us to have been born into this world on the Earth. There is still your individual souls work to be done. You may not realize it now but you contracted yourself to do it.  In choosing suicide here, you will only create a set back in your soul’s journey. Your were born here for a reason and a purpose. Trust me.  There are a certain set of difficulties because your spirit needs to learn and grow from the challenges put forth here before you. Cutting your life short is not a way to a quick reprieve.  The boys realized this all too well when they made the destructive, finite choices they made.  They had much to face in not facing the here and now.  When you get ‘over there’ it becomes all about what your soul needs and very little about what you as human personality wants all to cheer yourself up.  Committing suicide in hopes of visiting or hanging out with Eric and Dylan is not what you are about as a spiritual being nor is it what Dylan and Eric’s sole purpose of existences was/is about either. I know it can be such a struggle here and you often feel disconnected and completely alone.  Believe me, I can relate. :)  I understand that it’s painful and you just want to make it stop and you might not see the point to all of this. But, know that we are all here in the same boat. We have come together united on the tag because of those boys.  They would be the first to want you to continue on and do what they could not. Unlike them, we have so many here with us experiencing the same sort of suffering in knowing how they suffered. We all here have a shared pain and so much common ground.  All you need to do is reach out as you’ve done in this statement you’ve made here. You may say you want to die and welcome ending it all with open arms but if that were the case there’d be no reason to tell me this on anon.  Really your message is a way to seek connection by saying such things.  Please know that all of us are here to see you through your message.  We are here to help you in your pain and you matter down here. <3  Take one day at time and be kind to yourself. Your are meant to live the life you were born into. Do it the best you can and experience all your meant to in this existence, and one day your life will end at the proper time it was meant to. And then, you will be on the next evolution of your spiritual journey where we will all reunite with family, friends, pets - and the ones we love most, when it was all meant to be in the fullness of time. 

LOT/CC fic: Lenny

“You named it WHAT?” Sara gets a surprise when she visits Mick’s new “guest.” 

Just a bit of not-quite-fluff that takes place after “Turncoat.” Thanks to @larielromeniel​ for reading it over!

Can also be read here at AO3.

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“So, as captain, I should probably tell you to get this little furball off the ship…” Sara tilts her head, studying the small black rat with the bright eyes as it sits up in the cage and studies her back. “…but I think he’s actually sort of cute.”

Mick grunts as he crosses the crowded disarray of his room, joining the captain in peering into the cage at the glossy-furred rodent.

“Yeah,” he allows. “And it’s driving Haircut nuts. Sorta a fringe benefit.”

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Businesses do have the right to choose their customers though. It's not nice but it's true, and I agree with it. If you were selling your bike and say "I'll give someone this bike for one hundred quid" and three people come forward, you can choose who to give that bike to however way you like. If only one person comes you can still say "actually, I don't want to sell you the bike". It's a private transaction and it's a slippery slope when the state gets involved in private businesses.

(2) The government has the right to make sure everyone is following the law, but there is no law that businesses have to sell to everyone, and I don’t think there should be.

What you’re talking about is a private transaction and equating that to full, legal businesses. Of course anyone can go out and say, “Hey, I’m a private citizen and I just want to sell this item that I have,” and then decide whose money you want to take. But if you have a registered business that says, “No, you don’t get to buy from me because you have a certain trait" and there is literally no other excuse to not sell aside from, “We don’t like that trait,” then that’s wrong.

I don’t know what the laws are like in the US, but over in the UK, we have laws against discrimination, and I agree with those laws.

Just imagine for a second.

“I’d totally sell you that plain green coffee mug like everyone else, but you’re black and we don’t serve black people here.”

“I’d totally let you eat in our restaurant like everyone else, but you’re a Jew and we don’t serve Jews here.”

“I’d totally let you buy one of our standard products like everyone else, but you’re disabled and we don’t serve the disabled here.”

  • Is someone not following an established dress code?
  • Is someone wearing something that covers their face and you’re worried that if a crime is committed, they won’t be able to be identified by witnesses or security cameras?
  • Is someone harassing/being abusive towards staff or other customers?
  • Is someone being indecent or otherwise breaking a law?
  • Is someone demanding a service that is promoting hatred or violence?
  • Is someone demanding a service that you don’t offer?

Then you get to say, “No, not serving you.” That’s because literally anybody, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc etc etc can choose to either follow or not follow those rules.

It’s a ridiculous argument that does nothing but support discrimination. What, suddenly it was wrong to make discrimination illegal as far as employment and pay is concerned? “Well, it’s a private business, so if they decide to pay women less than men, that’s their decision, the government shouldn’t be involved!”

No. That’s unacceptable. And I’m sorry, but this kind of argument is nothing but an attempt to support discrimination. They’re businesses. They have to follow the law. The law says that you can’t discriminate. I am sick and tired of hearing, “But it’s a slippery slope!” I’m sorry to break it to you, but anything can be a slippery slope. Absolutely anything in regards to arguments and laws enacted and the rest of it. That’s why we keep a close eye on how things are going.

I’m far from an expert on US law. All I can do is share this with you.

The law forbids discrimination when it comes to any aspect of employment, including hiring, firing, pay, job assignments, promotions, layoff, training, fringe benefits, and any other term or condition of employment.

And this:

* In a restaurant, a group of Asian Americans waits for over an hour to be served, while white and Latino customers receive prompt service.

* Haitian American visitors to a hotel are told they must pay in cash rather than by credit card, are charged higher rates than other customers, and are not provided with the same amenities, such as towels and soap.

These examples may be violations of federal laws that prohibit discrimination because of national origin, race, color, or religion in places of public accommodation. Public accommodations include hotels, restaurants, and places of entertainment. If you believe you have been denied access to or equal enjoyment of a public accommodation where there is a pattern or practice of discrimination, contact the Housing and Civil Enforcement Section at (202) 514-4713. You may also write to:

U.S. Department of Justice
Civil Rights Division
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Housing and Civil Enforcement Section, NWB
Washington, D.C. 20530

Are you sure that you’re against the government enforcing laws like these? Are you absolutely sure that US law says that businesses are allowed to discriminate?

Because when US citizens argue against this – and the majority of the time, it’s US citizens that come up with these arguments – you shy away from discrimination on race and try and shift the conversation to LGBT people. You like to pretend that it’s nothing like outright racism, but all you do is end up shifting the conversation to another group that you’re not happy about being near.

It’s money. It’s business. If you’re in a business and you’re so bigoted that you’d rather lose money than simply serve a customer because they make you feel “icky” in some way, then you shouldn’t be running a business in the first place.

I’m sorry, but this kind of thinking needs to stop, because it’s grotesque.

Service Dog Prospect ramblings

So lately I’ve been getting a lot of interest in being on our waiting list for potential service dog prospects…  we don’t intend to breed often, and our next planned breeding is one I have selected specifically for speed, size, conformation, drive, etc… temperament is of course always going to be crucial for us, while color is just a fringe benefit, but without a doubt the goal for this next generation is to really focus on producing silkens that are highly functional sighthounds.

Mouse is bulletproof, biddable, and just an all around amazing dog… you can go through all my posts here and on Facebook to see just how impressive she is shaping up to be.  But until now, I’ve only seen Ranger at race meets, where I fully expect to see a dog that is in a highly aroused state… Ranger is just a small, solidly built speed demon.  He’s one of the fastest dogs in our breed right now and really a joy to spend a day with in the field. 

Recently Ranger was sent to a breeder in Canada to sire his first litter (Mouse will be his second, the owner has no intention of letting him be overused) and I expressed my concern about using a dog that I only know personally from his dominance in racing.  I asked her to tell me about his temperament during the time she spent with him so that I could get an outsider’s opinion.  She sent me an extremely detailed response, but I’m just going to leave this bit here:

“He is extremely biddable, very outgoing and friendly and one of the more unflappable dogs I’ve met.  I would think that Ranger has the potential to sire excellent service dogs.  Christina describes him by saying that every day is Ranger’s best day ever, and she’s absolutely right.  He just seems to take it all in stride and he’s very friendly and polite.“

Suddenly, I’m even more excited about this litter…  waiting is so hard!

The Parabatai Oath

This may not be news to some of you, but my friend who brought me into the Shadowhunters fandom was unaware and thought it was really cool, so I wanted to write a brief meta post about it. (Thanks, @thethirteenthhouse!)

I should note that I am pretty much a show-only fan (full disclosure view expressed here) so I am only going by that portrayal. One can infer from the Shadowhunters television series that it is going with a worldview that posits that multiple mythologies are real, including one of a Judeo-Christian flavor. The notion of Nephilim is something that is borrowed and extrapolated from the Bible/Torah, etc. Given that, I think it’s fair to assert that Biblical mythology has a place in this world that is pretty solid.

Which brings me to the Parabatai Oath. I was watching 02x03 with thethirteenthhouse and when Jace began to recite the Parabatai Oath, I started to think… this is really… really familiar. And then it hit me.

Cut for length.

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Terra Nova

(Moodboard by the amazing @yourtropegirl​ :) )

The story is now complete! Below the cut you will find the entirety of Terra Nova in one easy-to-access post! You guys are the best, my first  long fic experience in this community was pretty incredible! <3 Thanks again to @outside-the-government for the amazing prompt :) 

Pairing: Reader X Bones

Words: 17,207

Warnings: Swearing, descriptions of childbirth, descriptions of explosions, tension, secondary character death

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Could you explain this tfw no ZF joke? I really dont get it... :D

Get ready for a long explanation! For everyone’s reference, the joke (supplied by @awesomepus​) was:

Q: What did the mathematician say when he encountered the paradoxes of naive set theory?
A: tfw no ZF

You probably already know the ‘tfw no gf’ (that feel when no girlfriend) meme, which dates to 2010. I’m assuming you’re asking about the ZF part.

Mathematically, ZF is a reference to Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory, which is a set of axioms commonly accepted by mathematicians as the foundation of modern mathematics. As you probably know if you’ve taken geometry, axioms are super important: they are basic assumptions we make about the world we’re working in, and they have serious implications for what we can and can’t do in that world. 

For example, if you don’t assume the Parallel Postulate (that consecutive interior angle measures between two parallel lines and a transversal sum to 180°, or twice the size of a right angle), you can’t prove the Triangle Angle Sum Theorem (that the sum of the angle measures in any triangle is also 180°). It’s not that the Triangle Angle Sum Theorem theorem is not true without the Parallel Postulate — simply that it is unprovable, or put differently, neither true nor false, without that Postulate. Asking whether the Triangle Angle Sum Theorem is true without the Parallel Postulate is really a meaningless question, mathematically. But we understand that, in Euclidean geometry (not in curved geometries), both the postulate and the theorem are “true” in the sense that we have good reason to believe them (e.g., measuring lots of angles in physical parallel lines and triangles). Clearly, the axioms we choose are important.

Now, in the late 19th and early 20th century, mathematicians and logicians were interested in understanding the underpinnings of the basic structures we use in math — sets, or “collections,” being one of them, and arithmetic being another. In short, they were trying to come up with an axiomatic set theory. Cantor and Frege were doing a lot of this work, and made good progress using everyday language. They said that a set is any definable collection of elements, where “definable” means to provide a comprehension (a term you’re familiar with if you program in Python), or rule by which the set is constructed.

But along came Bertrand Russell. He pointed out a big problem in Cantor and Frege’s work, which is now called Russell’s paradox. Essentially, he made the following argument:

Y’all are saying any definable collection is a set. Well, how about this set: R, the set of all sets not contained within themselves. This is, according to you, a valid set, because I gave that comprehension. Now, R is not contained within itself, naturally: if it is contained within itself, then it being an element is a violation of my construction of R in the first place. But R must be contained within itself: if it’s not an element of itself, then it is a set that does not contain itself, and therefore it is an element of itself. So we have that R ∈ R and also R ∉ R. This is a contradiction! Obviously, your theory is seriously messed up.

This paradox is inherently a part of Cantor and Frege’s set theory — it shows that their system was inconsistent (with itself). As Qiaochu Yuan explains over at Quora, the problem is exactly what Russell pointed out: unrestricted comprehension — the idea that you can get away with defining any set you like simply by giving a comprehension. Zermelo and Fraenkel then came along and offered up a system of axioms that formalizes Cantor and Frege’s work logically, and restricts comprehension. This is called Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory (or ZF), and it is consistent (with itself). Cantor and Frege’s work was then retroactively called naive set theory, because it was, of course, pretty childish:

There are two more things worth knowing about axiomatic systems in mathematics. First, some people combine Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory with the Axiom of Choice¹, resulting in a set theory called ZFC. This is widely used as a standard by mathematicians today. Second, Gödel proved in 1931 that no system of axioms for arithmetic can be both consistent and complete — in every consistent axiomatization, there are “true” statements that are unprovable. Or put another way: in every consistent axiomatic system, there are statements which you can neither prove nor disprove. For example, in ZF, the Axiom of Choice is unprovable — you can’t prove it from the axioms in ZF. And in both ZF and ZFC, the continuum hypothesis² is unprovable.³ Gödel’s result is called the incompleteness theorem, and it’s a little depressing, because it means you can’t have any good logical basis for all of mathematics (but don’t tell anyone that, or we might all be out of a job). Luckily, ZF or ZFC has been good enough for virtually all of the mathematics we as a species have done so far!

The joke is that, when confronted with Russell’s paradox in naive set theory, the mathematician despairs, and wishes he could use Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory instead — ‘that feel when no ZF.’

I thought the joke was incredibly funny, specifically because of the reference to ‘tfw no gf’ and the implication that mathematicians romanticize ZF (which we totally do). I’ve definitely borrowed the joke to impress friends and faculty in the math department…a sort of fringe benefit of having a math blog.


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“John is such a pure artist. He doesn’t care about the reward, he doesn’t care about any of the things that come with rock stardom or being in a band or any of the things that someone might think would be the fringe benefits of being in a band. Those things are of absolutely no concern to him. He just lives for the process of making music and for the process of surrendering his body and his soul to the spirits and letting music flow through him. It’s all he wants to do. And he’s really dedicated his life to just doing that and to creating good feelings in the world by doing that.”

- Flea