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With no resistance from the producers, Kurt Frings quickly obtained for ( Audrey Hepburn ) a salary of $350,000 plus an expense allowance of $500 weekly for War and Peace — the highest fee paid to any actress in the world (at the time) and thirty times her payment for Sabrina.  “I’m not worth it — it’s impossible! Please don’t tell anyone!” she said to Frings.


There are some looks that never get old. The beauties of the past show us that looks always re-appear and NEVER let you down. 

Bangs or Fringe: Anna Karina and Audrey Hepburn rocked the bangs both chunky and baby. It always gives off a retro- sophistication. Plus, up do’s always looks so much more put together. 

Black Liner: Sophia Loren with her extreme cat-eye to Brigitte Bardot’s smudged around the rim liner, black liner is classic (no matter the shape.) Even just a touch on the lower lash line adds fullness and shape. 

Strong Feature: Dorothy Dandridge’s strong angled brow and Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lips can carry a look on their own. Having a focus feature allows you simplify a look by having one strong point to notice. Good brows aren’t a new trend, learn from Dorothy’s arch. Study it. Live it. 

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I am a gigantic fangirl and I watch a lot of TV shows. Reblog/Follow me I’ll check your blog and follow you! I am currently watching 35 shows I think and I’ve watched some more that have ended/cancelled. 

- Containment (ship: Jake&Katie)

- Shadowhunters (OTP: Malec)

- Legends of Tomorrow (ship: Captain Canary)

- Lucifer (ship: Lucifer&Chloe)

- Fear the Walking Dead (ship: Nick&Ofelia and Chris&Alicia)

- Blindspot

- Supergirl (ship: Kara&Winn)

- Sense8 (ship: Kalagang)

- Poldark

- Daredevil (OTP: Frank&Karen)

- Outlander (OTP: Jamie&Claire)

- The Flash (ship: Snowbarry)

- The Musketeers (ship: Constance&D’Artagnan and Aramis&Anne)

- The 100 (OTP: Bellarke)

- Peaky Blinders (ship: Thomas&Grace)

- The Originals (ship: Haylijah and Klamille)

- Vikings (ship: Lagertha&Ragnar)

- Banshee (ship: Hood&Siobhan)

- Beauty and the Beast

- Arrow 

- Once Upon A Time (OTP: Captain Swan)

- Person of Interest

- Teen Wolf (OTP: Stydia and Scira)

- Agents of Shield (OTP: Fitzsommons)

- The Walking Dead (OTP: Richonne and Glaggie)

- The Vampire Diaries (OTP: Delena and Bonenzo)

I’ve also seen:

- Smallville (ship: Clois)

- Eye Candy (ship: Lindy&Tommy)

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer (ship: Bangel and Spuffy)

- Ravenswood 

- Hannibal

- Under the Dome (ship: Barbie&Julia)

- The Secret Circle

- Haven (ship: Audrey&Nathan)

- Fringe (ship: Polivia)

- Ghost Whisperer