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Sorry for taking so long with this, but here’s my Violet exact collection!

1. Free people spending time pullover in ivory
2. Free people all over lace pullover
3. Free people regal macrame top in blue
4. APC madras floral tiered midi dress
5. Splendid top in Viola
6. Pins and needles sweater
7. Lost in the forest pullover in white
8. Lost in the forest pullover in faded rose
9. Free people luscious lagoon web lace dress in grey
10. Free people storm slip
11. Free people gypsy cardigan
12. Levi’s fringe wrap
13. Free people floral burnout henley in black
14. Free people asymmetrical top
15. Free people French terry lace pullover
16. Kimchi blue dress (purple and black)
17. Forever 21 zig-zag cardigan

If you would like me to do a try on and/or how I would normally wear them out and/or my opinion on any of them, please let me know and I’ll do it in another post sometime! Hope you enjoyed!

New items not shown:
18. Grey floral burnout henley
19. Scandalous lace top in navy
20. Anthropologie Horkelia shift dress
21. Ecote striped purple sweater
22. Free people fit and flare dress in boysenberry
23. Feather top look alike
24. Brown high top converse
25. Raccoon hat
26. Free people crafty cuff thermal in mocha
27. Maroon/burgundy beanie
28. UO daisy crochet tights
29. Ecote equestrian ankle boots
30. Knee length socks with buttons
31. Trouvé sheer top
32. Kinks word of the mouth tee

Zoe exacts:
1. Topshop Dill overalls
2. Moon rise nights flight asymmetrical shirt
3. Gold buckle boots
4. Topshop mensy shorts
5. Topshop cape blouse

anonymous asked:

zanab can you give me some things to read for understanding the palestinian conflict? im definitely pro-palestine but i feel like i dont even know that much about it besides the fact the IDF is killing pali civilians and that over the past half century the size of palestinian land has decreased. im just trying to know the bare minimum so i dont seem ignorant im sure afterwards i can find out more about it myself thank you if you do in advance :)

Palestine before the ‘conflict’:

(1)  Population, statistics and other demographical information about Palestinians in Palestine prior to 1940. 

(2) Some very detailed and extensive maps of Palestine prior to 1948 massacres.

The ‘conflict’ summarized: 


Origin of the ‘conflict’ 

(4)  A very thorough introduction by one of my favourite groups, Jews for Peace. I’d suggest scrolling through the references for more information. 

1948, The Nakba: the forced removal of Palestinians, the killing of Palestinians and what the exodus represented for Palestine + the Deir Yassin Massacre.


(6) (+ this link about the Deir Yassin Massacre) 

1967: the Israel’s ‘Preventative War’ on Egypt, Syria and the occupation of West Bank, and Gaza 




1973: The Yom Kippur War



The occupation of Palestine, timelines and maps: 

(12) You can see the progression of Palestinian politics as well, the creation of fringes and counterpolicy groups

(13)  Maps of Palestine over the years of Israeli presence, invasion, forced expulsion and occupation. 

The current situation in Palestine:



War crimes committed by Israel: 

(16) Page 2, 3

(17) Operation Cast Lead, the use of chemical weapons by the IDF, the use of Palestinians as human shields by the IDF 

List of U.N resolutions against Israel 


List of massacres against Palestinians 

(19) All of the links, unfortunately, describe situations that are graphic but this one link specifically I must warn is overtly graphic. 

Human Rights Violations against Palestinians as induced by Israeli policy as well as the IDF: 




If there is anything you think I should add, if there is an issue with the links etc, please let me know–also please let me know when you see this! Thank you. 

Drift Compatible

Pairings: Jongkey, Jongho, Minkey, Jongkeyho
Rating: PG-13 (for language and brief non-explicit mentions of teh sex)
Word count: 1800+
Synopsis: *movie trailer voice* The poly OT3 Boyfriends Assemble nerds are back, and this time they’re on a beach vacation, cuddling and watching nerdy movies!

(read the first installment in this au, if you want– it’s not necessary to understand this fic though)

As much as Jonghyun loved swimming in the ocean with Minho or tanning on the sand next to Gwiboon, his favorite part about their beach vacation was when the day dimmed to twilight, and they retreated to their small beach bungalow, with salt in their hair and sand between their toes, to cuddle on the sofa and eat with unrivaled and vigorous appetites as the breeze moved through the open windows of the house.

Minho and Gwiboon were making dinner in the kitchen tonight, and they had tasked Jonghyun with choosing their evening movie. He was now in the process of severely overthinking it, as he alternated between scrolling through Netflix and pawing through the stack of DVDs that he had brought in its own small suitcase from home.

“All of Fringe and Warehouse 13? Really, Jjong?” Minho had raised an eyebrow when he saw Jonghyun packing the bag.

“I’m more concerned with why he packed Voyager instead of The Next Generation.” His girlfriend held up the offending DVDs.

“You never know what we might be in the mood for,” Jonghyun said, pointing at Minho. He turned to Gwiboon. “And don’t shit on Voyager. Captain Janeway is amazing.”

Jonghyun deliberated now as he tapped his fingers against the surface of the Voyager boxed set. He decided at last that he wasn’t feeling it, and set it aside. He had been squatting next to the bag for so long that his legs were hurting, and he rubbed his shins absently as he tried to pick something.

As if she had heard his thoughts, Gwiboon called from the kitchen. “You have thirty seconds, Jjong, or I’m going to make you rewatch the second J. J. Abrams Star Trek movie.”

Minho’s repulsed “ugh!” was so strong that Jonghyun could imagine him physically recoiling from Gwiboon.

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Warehouse 13/Fringe AU. With Bering and Wells as the romantic couple and doppleganger flirting of awesome. (click smaller gifs for slightly bigger versions)

Bonus 80’s theme eps for the epic adventures of Young Artie and James.

AU of an AU intro where for Our verse HG died in the 1800’s trying to save her daughter and Myka died instead of Sam in the Other verse and the crossover intro gradually gets more rainbow coloured as they interact through the season.


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“Dr.” Wren Kingston Connections

1 - Melissa Hastings - ex-fiancé. Came into the picture in the Pilot episode. Were they a real couple or not? On the fence about this. Maybe Melissa’s secret had to do with Wren and their real relationship. I believe there is more to their relationship/friendship. I don’t get the feeling they were ever really romantic. I think it was a front. Melissa can’t have that bad of luck with every guy she dates or is engaged to. And you can’t move on from one to the next that quick.

2 - Spencer Hastings - He wasted no time hitting on Spencer. It was literally instant. Kind of reminds you of someone else (Ezra when he first met Aria). {side note: maybe he and Ezra are friends or brothers? there IS a connection. I’m almost sure of it but we will have to “wait for it” as Marlene loves to say.} Wren And Spencer have an odd history. They are kind of on again/off again depending on what is going on with Spoby. I will say though that Wrencer is hotter than Spoby to me. Spencer is more herself around Wren. She’s more relaxed with him. Why? She flirts with Wren differently than she does with Toby. Wrencer’s chemistry is off the charts. Just an observation. She dubbed him “Downton Grabby” and didn’t get upset that Hanna kissed him. She understood the draw. There is a lot more to this Wrencer relationship than meets the eye. He can’t stay away from Spencer too long. He’s showed up and been there for Spencer during some inopportune or opportune times depending what side you’re playing on. More to these two. Just a hunch.

3 - Hanna - Again, he wasted no time flirting with Hanna when she came to visit Mona at Radley. Why is he even at Radley anyways? He just randomly seems to show up at hospitals, sanitariums, bars, the brew, the Hastings’, etc. Hanna kissed Wren. Can’t blame Hanna for that. He is the hottest Dr. in town. Why did he encourage Hanna’s visits to Mona? Why did he encourage her to talk to the board on behalf of Mona? Also, we have seen him watching Hanna and Caleb before and reporting back to someone. Who? His mysterious friend on the other end? Is it Ezra?

4 - Emily - Her “Dr.” When she had a stomach ulcer. He told her about the growth hormone traces they found. Allowed another test to be run after Emily pleaded with him.

5 - Mona - Her “Dr”? He told Hanna he was working at Radley under a Quid Pro Quo arrangement. Under whose direction? Jessica Dilaurentis? He was very involved with Mona during her stay at Radley. He and Mona shared that weird conversation when he was counseling her and showed her the infamous Red Coat drawing.

6 - Veronica Hastings - former almost mother in law. Not on good terms after the Wrencer incident. Banished from the Hastings home. Visited her regarding Mona and basically put Veronica in a situation to where she had to excuse herself from being Ashley Marin’s attorney. We see him coloring the red in the coat on that drawing at Radley, later in this episode, while talking to a mysterious someone on the phone about his almost mother in law, Veronica. He also made a comment to them about her “yeah, I dodged a bullet on that one.” Spencer has also used this phrase before. Interesting. Could he have been talking to Mrs. D? Or Ezra? Or Alison?

7 - Toby/Caleb - introduced himself to both in a rather frosty way. He also let them both know indirectly that he knew their girlfriends on a “personal” level.

8 - CeCe Drake - authorized her visitor’s pass and let her in and out of Radley.

9 - Darren Wilden - attempted to deny him access to Mona at Radley but Wilden had a court order.

10 - Garrett Reynolds -He knew that Melissa and Garrett were seeing each other. He told Spencer that he saw Garrett accompany her to her doctor visits when she was “pregnant”.

11 - Allison Dilaurentis - Is Wren the “Dr” she told Emily about that could get her on birth control pills without her parents knowing. Is he board shorts? Is he beach hottie? Why was he at her funeral????? Questions that remain unanswered.

12 - Jenna Marshall - She told Toby in the hospital after Wren left the room, “I bet even a lie would sound good with that accent.” Does she know Wren is lying? Lying about what?

13 - Shana Fring - she was at his house packing things up to send to him in London care of Melissa Hastings.

14 - Mysterious Phone Friend - Who is this person on the other end? Is it more than one person he’s talking to at different times? Ezra is my top pick. I feel like they are working together. Brothers or friends. But it also could have been Mrs. D, Allison or Jenna. I have always felt like the person in the red coat in the drawing was intended to be Aria.

BTW - Wren is my favorite male character on the show. He’s the hottest guy for sure. And, yes, anything he says with that accent sounds good. Love Wren. Can’t wait for him to reappear because I’m sure he will before the season is over.

One more thing to add…at the moment, there appears to be no connection with Wren to Aria. However, there will be. There has to be. The fact that he has not interacted with her could be the detail that supports the theory that he and Ezra are brothers or friends or working together. As Wren said to the mysterious person on the phone, “you handle your end and I will handle mine.”

fringe 3.15 subject 13

Walter: Before you go… I want you to understand that this girl is very special to me, and if anything harmful should happen to her, anything to frighten her or make her uncomfortable in the least… I will not hesitate to inform social services… in which case, I have certain government friends who could ensure that you will be facing significant troubles for yourself. Do you understand me?

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