frilly swimsuit

Imagine bringing baby girl Hood to the beach with Calum while he had a small break from touring. Your baby girl dressed in her yellow frilly swimsuit and a little sunhat on her head, you in a black bikini and Calum in his swimming trunks. Calum would be sat on a towel beside you with his baby girl in his lap putting sunscreen on her delicate skin so that she wouldn’t get burned. He would blow up her little floaties and put them on her arms before bringing her down to the water. You and Calum would sit down at the shallow end of the water with your baby girl sat on your lap. When the waves came and splashed over her she would squeal and giggle and Calum would splash her with the water just to hear her little giggle and he would smile at her adoringly because she’s the light of his life and he just loves his little family so much and he’s never been happier.