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Okay, let's say MC gets her head shaved for something like cancer charity. How does the RFA react?


  • it’s been on your to-do list for a while, and not wanting to give Yoosung a heart attack, you decide to tell him beforehand about it
  • he’s such a supportive boyfriend 
  • That’s amazing MC, he gushes, you’re amazing I’m so proud of you!
  • what a sweetheart ily
  • Of course he’s not letting you go alone cuz you might bring some boys to the yard 
  • casually wears one of those giant #1 foam hands that you see at every sporting event
  • he stays outside the hairdressers, waving the foam hand around without a care in the world, telling anyone and everyone who passes by that you’re donating your hair for cancer charity wow isn’t that great??
  • doesn’t think it’s excessive????? at all????
  • but he’s such a cutie patoot you don’t say anything about it and just sort giggle at his reflection in your mirror
  • when you walk out, bald head and satisfied smile, Yoosung honestly doesn’t recognize you lololol
  • no like he literally doesn’t recognize you
  • “Oh did you just shave your head too?” he says, “you know, the love of my life is doing it too and-”
  • he stops when you giggle at him, and then his face becomes so red it puts tomatoes to shame
  • Apologies start streaming from his mouth at the same rate that lies streamed out of Rika’s im super sorry to all you rika fans out there
  • Yoosung is mesmerized by the unanimous texture of your head
  • #unconsciously starts petting it when you guys cuddle
  • also he just adores you


  • i got this guys
  • your local hairdresser is doing a charity drive thing, and you’re like sign me the fuck up
  • ya tell Zenny boy of your plans
  • and he’s down to jump on board too???
  • Zen are you? ok???
  • yes I am perfectly fine, are you doubting my looks, do you think I won’t be as handsome bald? Do you- 
  • but you see, the problem is, Zen doesn't really get what ‘bald’ entitles
  • you guys do the thing, and now wow you’re hairless
  • it’s enough of a shock to see Zen without all his flyaway white hair, and also you lowkey just couldn’t believe he actually went through with it
  • after a quick session of hugs and I’m so proud of yous, Zen turns to leave and-
  • ???
  • ?????
  • hell freezes over
  • Zen shaved everything 
  • but not
  • so it’s all polished and shiny
  • except for a random ass patch of long hair at the nape of his neck
  • Zen what the FUCK was the point of you doing this???
  • He sees you standing there, and asks if you’re okay
  • No zen I’m really not okay I want to laugh but I also want to cry I’ve looked death in the eyes and it was horrible
  • since you won’t answer him, he saunters over to you, whips out a frilly handkerchief, and polishes your head
  • There there, he coos like a mother to her young child, there’s no need for regrets
  • Zen it’s not my own decision that I’m regretting
  • It takes a hecka long while for you to look at him normally again
  • because even if you can’t see it from the front
  • you know that The Hair exists on the other side, waiting for its chance to be seen again
  • and sometimes it keeps you up at night, if ever Zen is sleeping with his back towards you
  • leaving you to ponder his life choices

Jaehee: (mmmmh short and sweet Jaehee is nice)

  • honestly she’s down to shave her head too? 
  • working with Jumin, she had short hair anyways, and going bald isn’t that big of a difference
  • giving a part of yourself to others in need, and watching your significant doing it with you is a beautiful feeling, and somehow managed to deepen the strength of your bond
  • a few customers were shocked at the sudden disappearance of hair, but their respect for the both of you increased when you told them why you did it
  • after a busy day at work, you turn to Jaehee, filled with love and devotion for the one person who meant the world to you
  • “Jaehee…thank you so much for everything. For being here, for shaving your head with me, thank you for supporting me.”
  • Jaehee turns to you with a quiet smile, a light pink creeping into her cheeks. “It’s nothing, MC, as long as it’s with you, I would be happy do to anything.”


  • “MC, why would you donate hair for cancer charity if I can just donate money for cancer research? Shaving your head gives you no collateral, from a business perspective -”
  • “Jumin, not everything you do in life has to grant you some kind of boon in exchange.”
  • Gets the idea of donating hair, but doesn’t really understand why you would do it
  • He’s not about to stop you of course not Jumin Han would never prevent you from doing anything at all it’s not like he’s going to take your freedom away or anything he- 
  • while Jumin is busy at work, you go get your head shaved
  • but he’s already back at the penthouse by the time you’re done, which you didn’t expect
  • it was only then did you realize that you had forgotten your keys inside, so you opt to ring the doorbell instead
  • you hear Jumin’s slightly irritated voice from inside, asking who would come visiting at such an hour
  • so he does the thing where he opens the door, looks you over once, the quickly shuts it again right in your face
  • “Um…” you say, rapping the door with a knuckle
  • there’s a soft click as the door reopens slightly, just wide enough for Jumin to peek through the crack
  • “Hi?” you say.
  • Jumin’s eye blinks rapidly a couple of times, and the door opens all at once
  • you catch him fanning himself with a hand before he turns away and walks towards the living room
  • as it turns out, for some reason, Jumin found  the sight of you bald a bit…intimidating?
  • you just looked…quietly powerful
  • which in itself was also attractive
  • so he was torn between intimidation and attraction, leading to a flustered Jumin and confusion towards his own kinks
  • he becomes highly invested in funding cancer research and an advocate for cancer charity
  • whenever he needs motivation or inspiration, he stands before you, stares at your head for a minute, then goes “Alright,” nodding to seriously to himself 
  • good times


  • y’all thrive  off spontaneity and surprises
  • it’s amazing and slightly freaky just quickly how you’ll both adapt to new circumstance, no matter how wild they might be
  • for example:
  • you don’t tell saeyoung about donating your hair
  • why not?
  • because you can
  • so as soon as you walk in through the front door, bald head shining brighter than my future, absolutely nothing happens
  • cuz it’s not like Saeyoung is always standing by the doorway anxiously awaiting your return
  • you go look for the dork, of course he’s sneaking around the kitchen, hunting for those good goods I got that good good I got that got that good good
  • “Hey Saeyoung!”
  • “MC-!” he begins, turning towards you
  • this is where your mutual, extreme ‘go with the flow’ nature kicks in
  • Saeyoung stares at you for a few second, rubs his eyes to make sure he’s not hallucinating, and when he realizes that you actually  look like Saitama
  • his own hair kinda just does a small whoosh  and falls in a single unanimous layer of red locks
  • he is bald now 2
  • anyways you’re both laughing at the situation, at each other, Saeyoung jokes about being able to use your head as a mirror now
  • #when will my reflection show who I am inside
  • you explain why you’re now bald, and Saeyoung gives you a sly smile
  • “I think it’s time to show you my most prized possession…”
  • basically you discover that he’s hidden hundreds of wigs in he walls of your house
  • that night, he prods your awake in the wee hours of the morning, eyes filled with urgency
  • “MC,” he whispers, “now that we’re both bald…where do our foreheads end?”
Be My Baby

For @queerstanuris, @eddiextozier, and @trashmouthrichie

“Richie, hold on a minute.”

Bill’s voice was laced with nerves, which crawled up Richie’s spine as he came to a halt in the middle of the parking lot. The ground was wet, and the air was full of smoke from cigarettes. Behind them, the 21+ bar blazed with neon and shook from the music within.

“Yeah, Bill?” he asked, voice level, for something told him this was not the time to drop a ‘Billy Boy’, or ‘Stuttering Bill’.

His boyfriend shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his jeans and sighed out a cloud of mist. “I… Back there, in the bar? With those guys you were chatting up—”

“‘Chatting up’?! Why, Bill, you think too much of me! Are you jealous, perchance?”

“No! I don’t want to hear another fucking Voice, Rich, I just want you to listen to me!”

Richie recoiled, but thankfully their car was just behind him, ready to save him from too much embarrassment.

Bill rubbed his brow. “You can’t d-do that anymore, R-Richie. Okay?”

“Do what?”

“Flirt around. Get so wasted you can’t s-see straight—”

“I didn’t drink tonight, Bill—”

“That’s not it, Rich, and you know it.”

Richie frowned. He toyed with the keys in hand. “Then what is ‘it’?”

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Isn’t prom like right around the corner?

• • •


- The perfect man to go to prom with.
- His promposal is pretty standard. He goes to your house with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and asks you to go to prom with him!
- Definitely takes you out to dinner beforehand.
- Slow dancing with him is the best!


- Man he wants to do something COOL!
- Probably arranges some fireworks that say “Will you go to prom with me, s/o?”
- He’s so happy when you accept!
- This goofball is always on the dance floor.
- You two are having a really good time!


- Now let’s be real, this weirdo is going to get his servants to do something big.
- So when he invites you over, you didn’t exactly expect his house to be decked out with frilly decorations.
- He has loads of stuff you like! Flowers, candies, snacks- you name it!
- There’s no way you can say no, especially when he did all of that for you.
- No matter what, you two are going to be prom king and queen.
- The vote may or may not have been rigged.
- You don’t need to know that.


- He did lots of research on prom!
- So like Gonta, his promposal is pretty basic.
- Still full of heart, nonetheless!
- He’s super excited!
- He’s so happy, he loves you so much and he wants this experience to be the best for you!
- Lots of pictures are taken.
- You have to lead when dancing.


- Probably some cheesy promposal.
- He’s excited, but nervous.
- Your pictures with him are pretty cute!
- He has such a cute nervous smile.
- He has two left feet when it comes to dancing.
- But he likes it when you’re held really close to his chest.
- You probably go to his house when it’s over and… Snuggle.


- You’re probably cuddled up to him and watching a movie when he asks you.
- You accept, of course!
- He tries to have everything absolutely perfect.
- Though you two dance and have pictures, you’re snacking as well.
- A majority of the pictures are selfies of you two eating.
- Embarrassing pictures, too.
- “Hey, delete that!”
- “Hmm… No.”
- Why is he wearing all of his jewelry with his suit.


- He’s actually nervous about asking you?
- Not sure how he should go about it.
- So he asks you when he takes you out to dinner.
- Accepted, of course!
- You can barely see him in some of the pictures.
- Dancing is a struggle.
- Hell, if it gets too bad you two will probably ditch it and go have some fun on your own!


- There’s nothing particularly special when he asks you.
- He brushes your hair behind your ear and pops the question.
- You say yes!
- Wait- he got you a really nice bouquet!
- It’s so pretty… You haven’t even seen some of these flowers before!
- The absolute madman has a particularly fancy mask for prom.
- And by fancy, It’s just embroidered nicely.
- He knows how to slowdance, and his techniques leave you swooning.

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Fluff the angst: Yellow Pearl is in trouble

Pink. All the clothes were pink.

They were supposed to be white.

Pearl didn’t understand.

She’d been forewarned about this issue. She’d read the instruction manual carefully– as if such a basic, barbaric machine required one– but she’d read it nonetheless. She had known that the clothes had to be properly sorted by color before being washed, and she’d done it so carefully, so methodically–

– but somehow the white had still come out pink.

If it wouldn’t be completely unbecoming, Pearl could of screamed.

“Hey,” a voice said. “Need a hand?”

“No,” Pearl snapped. She did not need help. Least of all from a human.

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On assuming gender

There was this time when I was, oh, I dunno… 8?  I went to go on a playdate with my step-aunt’s friends’ kid.

Step-aunt brought me over by car and I played NES with this kid (I remember playing with the Power Pad for the first time and then really wanting one).  We went out for a walk down a nearby bike path and we were laughing and roughhousing a little like kids do, and we got to a little shaded rest area with benches and it was a warm Georgia day.  As we were chilling in the shade, I noticed their frilly socks poking out of their sneakers and asked why they were wearing them.  I probably asked mockingly, because up until that point I’d assumed, probably because of her very short hair, I was hanging out with a boy–

So after she told  me something to the effect of “because I AM a girl,” and I think I got so flustered I ran away because 1) I was so mortified by making such a huge seeming mistake, and 2) I didn’t know what to say to a GIRL!  It was really pretty anime now that I think about it.  I think we still hung out for a while after that, but the dynamic of our interactions definitely changed significantly.  I wouldn’t be surprised if I said anything inappropriate to her, because, well, the men I grew up around were kind of pigs.

Anyway, for weeks or so or whatever I asked to hang out again a couple times and we just never found the time or something, but in retrospect I think she was probably upset that I’d just suddenly changed how I was treating her and probably didn’t want to hang out with me again because of that.

This is one of those moments from growing up that I’ve thought on a lot about for a variety of reasons.

For one, enforcing the whole gender role thing on kids messes up perfectly good friendships and I’m pretty sure this translates to later life issues like communication troubles that men and women stereotypically have with each with each other.

I’ve also kind of used the experience to understand attraction and how arbitrary it is that just KNOWING she was a girl made me bashful and unable to act regular like I was before.  I love girls and I’ve always loved girls, and, well, looks don’t necessarily dictate what people actually are.  I immediately took her word that she was a girl and probably made an ass of myself, but her appearance hadn’t changed, only my perception of her as a person.

Third but not least, there was always something about that realization that she was a girl when I’d mistaken her for a boy certainly got some of the gears turning on the idea that maybe I could be a girl too.  

Idk.  A real foot in mouth moment all around for me, but I was a tiny dumb kid and to be fair I managed to learn some life lessons. It’s good to use these kinds of interactions as a point of reference for trying to do better later on in life.  Learning and growing!

The even brighter side is that I know now that It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way because these things are all social constructs that we can observe and measure and ultimately and absolutely CAN change.  We just gotta hang in there and we just gotta try.  <3

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"Mabari are fine" Inara voice: how dare you.

          “They’re intelligent beasts, and certainly useful in battle, but I fail to understand the Ferelden concept of…building your entire national identity around dogs?”

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Kaito you and shinichi should wear frilly aprons.

Skip out on this one and I’ll have you wear something that’ll make you appreciate the apron, Tantei-kun! ❤︎

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"Ryou!" He threw his arms around his friend from behind to half hug him and to slip a box into the other's hands. "Happy Birthday~ Congrat on getting one year cuter."

He went stiff at the contact, but immediately relaxed when he realized who it was and that, moreover, he was now holding a giftbox.

“–Aha, oh, I… forgot, hah. The days have been running together lately.”

He carefully pulled off the lid and peeked through a layer of frilly tissue paper, pulling out a small bottle of–

Rose oil! Thank you Otogi-kun, you know, I just ran out and–”

And he realized somewhat belatedly that the box was far too big for just the bottle.



No way! I can’t believe you got me an Indy hat!

Detention Escapade

Weasley Twins x Reader

Prompt: You and Fred and George sneak out of detention (which is being held by Umbridge).

Your name: submit What is this?

“Dammit Fred.” You mutter under your breath as you sit down in the wooden seats outside of Umbridge’s room. “I can’t believe you messed up the prank.”

“Hey!” Fred exclaimed, turning towards you as he sat down, his eyes accusing. “Y/N, you were the one who didn’t tell me that she was coming!“

“Settle down, ladies.” George spoke lowly, playing the peace keeper once again, sitting on your other side.

Earlier that week, you and the twins had decided to play a prank on some Slytherins who they had found picking on a muggle-born first year. With Umbridge now taking over Hogwarts, and her greatly favouring Slytherins over the other students, the school was falling into a state of despair. More than often students were being put into detention for small acts of ‘rebellion’, such as speaking up in class. So, you and the two twins felt the school needed a little laughter and thought it was best to combine justice with a little fun.

All was going well, until the crucial element of the plan had failed. The corridor was empty except for the group of Slytherin fourth years, and a single box in the middle of the corridor at the next turn. It had taken ages to find the right charms (and admittedly a little help from Hermione) for you to enchant the small box with a complex spell that would explode red and gold dye onto its unsuspecting victims within a four metre radius.

You, George and Fred had hidden in a empty classroom with Colin’s camera (who the twins had to bribe with a month’s free supply of Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes) and were waiting to jump out and take a picture so you could have a souvenir of the prank. So after a small but loud explosion, you’d jumped out and snapped a picture laughing victoriously, only to stop dead in your tracks as you saw Umbridge and Filch coated in the majority of the dye, with the third years practically unscathed behind them. Though it had been a humorous sight, seeing Umbridge’s front covered in Gryffindor’s colours and her back still pink, and Filch’s usual grey now with a splash of colour, you had been rewarded with a month of detention.

“I’m sorry, but you were the one who said ‘they are coming’ before shoving us in that classroom.” You retort, crossing your arms defiantly across your chest.

“That was still a good prank though.” George muttered, causing you to laugh lightly in agreement.

“Yeah, and we got a brilliant picture,“ Fred grinned,“thank Merlin that Peeves stole the camera back from Filch.”

“Ha!“You scoff, “You are just lucky that Peeves seems to hate Umbridge more than the entire school put together!”

The sound of the door knob turning brought your attention back to reality as you looked up expectantly at the wooden door. The door creaked open slightly, and a small girlish voice commanded for you to enter. Taking a deep breath in, you stood and walked into the vile pink room. This was not your first time serving detention, the scars on the back of your hand would prove that and you knew of how frequently the Weasley twins visited this place, despite them having cut down on the quantity of their antics.

Cats meowed in their plates and you throw a disgusted glance in their direction, before sitting down on the pink cushioned chair in front of Umbridge’s desk, with Fred taking the seat to your left and George, the seat to your right. Umbridge had her back turned to the you, instead choosing the look out of the window and with delight, you notice the bright red stain decorating Umridge’s hand. With a grin, you nudge the twins and hold back a laugh as their eyes sparkle with mischief and humour.

"Mr Weasleys, Miss/Mr L/N, I have had quite enough of your silly little antics. I had hoped we could have come to some agreement, but I’m afraid you’ve done too much!” Umbridge whirled around, flickering her furious gaze between the three of you. Umbridge had clearly attempted to hide the changed pigmentation of her skin and the ginger tone of her hair beneath the garish pink fur hat, yet even beneath the thick layer of make-up, you could clearly see the splashes and swirls of golds and red littering her face and neck. You bite on your tongue to stop yourself from laughing and establish a straight face, avoiding eye contact with either of the twins, who would surely make you laugh. "I have never felt more insulted in my entire profession!”

“I think you look really good Professor.” Fred spoke, a smirk pulling at his lips.

“Yeah! Red is really your colour.” George agreed.

“Though I must say that it doesn’t quite match your outfit.”

“Quite right, Mum always did say gingers should never wear pink. Heard her giving that advice to Ginny.”

You glare at the boys, They are going to get us expelled.You thought, risking a glance at Umbridge who was getting surprisingly red in the face.

"ENOUGH!” Umbridge exploded, her voice squeaky high with rage, “I WILL NOT BE BELITTLED BY A BUNCH OF BLOOD TRAITORS! HOW DARE YOU INSULT ME! HOW DARE-”

Suddenly, a loud bang echoed as the door slammed open. You could hear maniacal laughing growing quieter as you realised it was Peeves zooming off. You smiled at the boys, who grinned back. The plan was in action. There was a clunk as small metal ball fell in front of the door and rolled into the room. It hissed as it opened and a green gas escaped from it. You sniffed lightly and gagged when the retched smell of rotten tomatoes and burning skunk cabbage filled your senses. You looked at Fred who had the same disgusted look on his face and almost laughed when you saw Umbridge. Her face was twisted into a look of contempt as she pulled out a frilly handkerchief and pressed to to her nose and mouth.

"PEEVES!” She yelled, running out into the doorway. You grinned and laughed lightly which changed into a coughing fit as you choked on the putrid gas. George pounded your back, holding in a breath as you missed him exchange a grin with his twin. “Peeves! Come back this instance!” She screeched, heading after him. You rushed to the door, flanked by the twins.

“But Professor, what about our detention?!” You called after her. Umbridge threw you a look of disdain over her shoulder, still running after Peeves. You shared a look with the twins and burst out laughing as you walked back to the common room to retell the story to everyone.

Stripped [Part 1 / ?]

Alternate Universe Series

Pairing: Fake-Boyfriend!Steve x Reader

Characters [in order of appearance]: Reader, Kyle (OC), Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, and Brief Mention of Other Characters.

Warnings: Explicit Language, Strong Sexual Reference, Suggestive Character Occupation, and Suggestive Themes.

Word Count: 4.5k+

A/N: This came out a lot faster than I thought, even having quite the whopping taglist to start it off. Here’s the beginning of a series that we all never knew we needed… Welcome to the sinner’s club. x. T

Your name: submit What is this?

Manhattan, New York

.   .   .


           You were woken up by your ringtone blaring from your nightstand, the phone viciously vibrating against the wood, and you wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep if you turned over and let it go to voicemail. After the ringtone restarted, you groaned and shoved the covers away, before scooting across the mattress to where your phone was hooked up to the charger. It was lit up with your brother’s contact and you slid your finger across the screen to answer it; pressing the phone to your ear and collapsing back into the warm pillows.

           “’ello?” You mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

           Your brother’s chuckle filled the receiver, “Y/N, are you sleeping at this hour? It’s nine in the morning, you’re an adult!”

           “Shut the hell up, Kyle… Nine is still early and I don’t have to work.”

           He sighed and you could hear the soft sound of music playing in the background. “That boyfriend of yours keep you up, little sis?”

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