frilly halloween

So guys…when are we gonna get a fic where Akira is in charge of a daycare with Makoto as his assistant? Let’s face it. They’re A+ parent material, and we all know half the cast’s got daddy issues. We gotta.

Imagine Ryuji coming to daycare being dropped off by his overworked mom and he looks all scruffed up with bandages and teary eyes but a cute little frown that looks like “I got this man.” Akira being A+ dad be all like “no you don’t son” and does a home visit and fights his deadbeat dad. Bonus: Makoto has to perform a real life Diaharan with cotton swabs and call her sister for child protection services. (Bonus Bonus: Ryuji’s watching the whole first aid process because he’s worried about Akira, but Akira’s toughing it out like “it doesn’t hurt” but tears are pouring out of his eyes.)

Imagine Ann literally living in the daycare because her parents are away and she’s all alone. She is a child model, does photo shoots with cute frilly clothes and Halloween costumes, and everyone’s praising how cute she looks but she only wants to hear that from her parents. After a shoot, Akira and Makoto come to pick her up and takes her out for ice cream, and Ann maybe thinks that this isn’t so bad. Bonus if Shiho’s her fellow co-worker and tags along for ice cream trip with mom and dad.

Imagine Yusuke loves drawing—because a Yusuke that doesn’t art isn’t a Yusuke—and Madarame is a famous artist but maybe he’s not as evil as in game, just neglectful because he’s busy with being famous and old-Japanese-artsy. Yusuke being the sweet boy he is starts drawing like Madarame, and Madarame starts paying more attention to him, even going as far as to brag to his co-workers. Yusuke likes pleasing his pseudo-dad so much he draws day and night and forgets to eat and passes out one day, and Akira and Makoto have to call Madarame in for a conference. Whether Madarame is cares or not depends…but it would nice if he cared. He did care, once upon a time after all. Bonus for lobster. Cause lobster.

Imagine helping Futaba play matchmaker with her mom and coffee dad. And then being invited to the wedding.

Imagine helping Younger-Okumura-Dad with his money obsession issues, and he spends more time with Haru. Imagine Okumura dad gardening with his precious baby girl.

Imagine Akechi—

Can someone please write this? I like it extra fluffy with a side of hurt/comfort pls. PLS.