30 Days of Buffy

Day 23) Two Characters You Wanted To Get Together That Never Did - Faith & Buffy, Fred & Willow

Well, first off, I love the subtext between Buffy & Faith a lot, and I love how Eliza plays off how much of a thing Faith actually has for her. They would’ve been so hot paired up. Kind of like mixin’ fire and ice. Plus they’re two hot chicks with superpowers. Doesn’t get any better then that. As for Willow & Fred,

Fred would’ve been the next best thing to Tara! She’s a total geek like Willow, smart, cute, funny, etc. Can you say match made in heaven? Joss should’ve made that happen instead of Kennedy…and why he didn’t, I’ll never understand. I mean just look at her smile in that cap. Tara was the only one that made her truly smile like that, and when she died, that smile faded away, but look! Here it’s back!

faithsummers  asked:

if ur still doing the make me choose thing, willow x fred or faith x fred!

ok i just did frillow so i did faith x fred and it was SO fun to do omg! it was really surprisingly hard to find good pics that fit both but imo theyre really similar with wanting to run away / avoid because its too much & with feeling insecure so! anyway it was really fun and i hope u like it!!