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Twins (Father!Taehyung)

Plot: #20. “We shouldn’t have dressed the twins in matching outfits…” with father!Taehyung

Word Count: 695

A/N: so I will start working on pirate!Jimin, hopefully it’ll be up in a couple of days, I’ll keep you guys updated but for now, I thought this was a really cute prompt and it fit since in my head canons, Tae has twin girls bc is that not a fucking precious visual, the link for this will be father!Tae (all of the father related posts are here)

Taehyung had always loved the idea of having twins. He loved the idea of having children in general and twins were two for the price of one. So when he’d found out the two of you would be having twin girls, he had nearly cried. You already had one child, your son but having twins was still a new experience. You were used to the sleepless nights, you knew how to calm a baby down but now you had two to calm down at once. You needed two sets of everything, two times more patience but you also got twice the love and twice the affection.

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