frill sharks


The Frilled shark has been called everything from a “sea serpent” to a real-life “Loch Ness Monster” over the years. A more accurate nickname is “the living fossil,” since this shark belongs to a primitive species that has changed very little over millions of years. Because the frilled shark bears such a striking resemblance to an eel, ichthyologists once assumed it navigated the water by wriggling. Now it’s known that this species possesses an oil and hydrocarbon-packed liver that enable it to float and hover at depths between 160 and 660 feet.


don’t mind me just doodling trash

featuring shark husband, two random Zora based on a rabbit fish and a frilled shark, and a really rough idea for my new garbage LoZ-‘sona who seems to be some kind of Poe maybe??? idk if we can have the Poe Collector and Wizzro looking like they do, then I can have this one 

these were actually not scanned but photographed with my phone camera and then messed with to resemble scans, so they’re not as clear as usual

The Signs As Sharks

Aries- Bull Shark 

-highly aggressive,

-most dangerous shark in the world

Taurus- Tiger Shark 

-large sharks, extremely dangerous to people when provoked

-eats anything 

Gemini- Mako Shark

-extremely aggressive

-fastest species of shark 

Cancer- Nurse Shark

-normally docile and calm

-becomes extremely aggressive when assumed to be harmless

Leo- Great White Shark 

-Most well known shark, what most people immediately think of when they think “shark”

-big and imposing 

-thought to be extremely dangerous but is actually rarely aggressive past curiosity 

Virgo- Thresher Shark

-Uses precision of tail to stun or kill prey

-beautiful rainbow shaped tail

Libra- Leopard Shark

-extremely social, lives in schools

-easily identified by beautiful markings

Scorpio- Goblin Shark

-fearsome looking 

-extremely precise and skillful 

Sagittarius- Hammerhead Shark

-one of the most effective hunters

-senses movement of stingrays

-embarks on huge summertime migrations 

Capricorn- Frilled Shark

-traditional fossil shark (very little change over the years of evolution)

-rarely seen and does poorly in captivity 

Aquarius- Megalodon 

-extinct, but when they existed they were the largest marine animal to ever live

-fantastic and massive hunters

-still perplexes scientists 

Pisces- Whale Shark 

-large but gentle and slow moving

-playful and non-aggressive with divers

-gives rides



Every now and again i get to draw some of my OC stuff. Voidsphere (title pending because i am all over the place) is like, full of dead people and monsters and cool magic and people suffering. The normal stuff.

But yeah, i thought i would share some of my doodles with you. The first is a tentative map of the Voidsphere itself, from the core, all the way to the outer void. After that you have the first sketch I did for the Librarian, which i have scrapped (but kept because its not a bad doodle at all).  The second is the form i decided for him to keep, a great leviathan-esque beastie. Based off of whales, frilled sharks, various monsters and deep sea fish.

Gotta say, he’s probably one of my favourite characters I’ve ever made. He governs the Library, which is the collected records of all ideas and thoughts in all of creation. He can’t speak by himself, so he uses quotes from the endless books around him, culminating is an almost cloud of whispers as he speaks to you (because there’s no shouting in the library, of course). He is one of the first Voidlings, but he is neither the oldest, nor the biggest monster in the Library. As its as sphere, the closer you get to the core of the Void, the older the books are. And between the shelves (that’s are vast enough to allow him to travel through them  very easily) there are dark secrets from the inception of the Voidsphere.

He’ll take you to them if you like, but once you leave the outer ring of shelves, you are forbidden to leave The Library. 

so yeah! Have some stuff from my brain!

Horror film idea: so there’s this woman, and she decides that she really wants to learn more about life in the really deep sea, so she takes a submarine down to the deepest depths of the ocean and films what she sees, and there are all these grotesque deep sea creatures, like blob fish and frill sharks and goblin sharks and wolffish and dumbo squid and fangtooths and tube worms and viperfish and giant spider crabs, and the film just shows all this footage for like 2 hours. There’s no plot. The film is a deep sea documentary. The horrors are untold.