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What a lucky man he is, to be walking hand in hand with the future First Lady of Amestris 


“Let’s welcome your favorite idols, Passi, Cherry-chan, His Majesty, and The Sophs!”
Pascal: And right after this, come buy your limited edition “His Majesty” merchandise! Only today!
Richard: WAIT NO–

An idol show occurring right after a victory skit if you have the girls in their idol master dlc! 
>> Video: X

They are also dancing to “Cutie Panther”, a song by Eli, Maki, and Nico! (Love Live) 

lizard asks: talk about your...
  • bearded dragon: sleep schedule
  • leopard gecko: pets
  • basilisk lizard: health/athleticism
  • crested gecko: makeup
  • horned toad lizard: injuries
  • jackson's chameleon: eyesight
  • tokay gecko: favorite sounds
  • mole lizard: flexibility
  • panther chameleon: favorite colors
  • frilled lizard: clothing
  • day gecko: car(s)
  • armadillo lizard: fears
  • komodo dragon: diet
  • beaded lizard: jewelry

anonymous asked:

What if Fushimi got hit by a strains power that made him a few centimeters tall.

He would be so adorable and palm-sized. He gets hit by the Strain’s power and immediately vanishes and everyone freaks out because the Strain made Fushimi-san disappear, and that’s when someone notices the angry squeaking sound coming from by their feet. Even better if it shrinks just Fushimi and not his clothes so there’s a bitty naked Fushimi sitting in a pile of his clothing looking extremely pissed off. He kinda wraps himself in his shirt like a dress as he gets picked up by one of the Scepter 4 boys and they’re all suddenly interested in staring at their cute little boss. Someone has the presence of mind to run to a toy store and buy Fushimi a nice variety of doll outfits, most of which are super cute and of course Fushimi hates them. When they get back to Scepter 4 headquarters Munakata praises their quick thinking and then probably has too much fun playing dress-up with tiny irritated Fushimi. And Awashima is totally into it too because she likes cute things and now Fushimi is somehow suddenly more appealing because she can put little outfits on him. Fushimi just wonders if anyone else has any work to do or anything, can’t they just leave him alone.

Fushimi maybe briefly attempts work but he can only type by jumping from key to key on his computer and that gets old pretty quick. Munakata decides that Fushimi should take a break with him and Fushimi ends up just sulking in Munakata’s pocket while Munakata sits at his desk playing puzzles. Maybe he lets Fushimi help and Fushimi gets to walk around dragging pieces one by one into place while Munakata just observes him happily. Fushimi later ends up falling asleep on a stack of papers and even though those are important reports no one can bring themselves to move him, Munakata just lays a little handkerchief or something over him and lets him sleep. Also everyone’s a little worried about accidentally stepping on Fushimi or something (I imagine at one point Fushimi’s trying to do his work and Doumyoji argues that they can’t turn in reports to him, what if they accidentally squish him).

Later everyone goes out after the Strain again and Fushimi gets to ride in people’s pockets because he wants to get back to normal now please. Maybe he gets jostled in the Strain chasing though and falls out, hitting the ground and ending up a little disoriented because that’s a long fall for a tiny Fushimi. He ends up almost getting run over by Yata’s skateboard and tosses a bunch of teeny tiny knives at it, doing just enough damage to cause Yata to fall. Yata’s like what the hell was that and then he feels something sharp like a bug bite in his arm, looks down and sees another tiny knife. That’s when he notices travel-sized Fushimi standing there, looking suddenly a bit pale because okay Misaki’s a little bigger than he remembers. At first Yata’s all mocking him, like who’s the shorty now huh monkey and Fushimi’s all annoyed, but then maybe the crowd on the sidewalk is getting thicker and Fushimi almost gets stepped on a couple times and finally Yata has to scoop him up to rescue him. Fushimi’s yelling at Yata to put him down but Yata just tells him to shut up because he’s gonna get killed at this rate. Fushimi reluctantly lets Yata carry him and they end up Strain chasing with Fushimi clinging to Yata’s hat and looking a little ill, because Yata’s skateboarding is a little too fast for him at this size and hello sudden motion sickness.

MBTI types as funky words

i’m not providing definitions. look it up: it’s more fun that way, you lazy ass. plus it improves your vocabulary. so thank me. some of these i chose because of their meaning, others because of how they sounded. for example i do not actually think esfps are frills on clothing, but frou-frou sounded nice.

INFP: anatidaephobia

INFJ: abibliophobia

ENFP: jabberwocky

ENFJ: aureate

INTP: ayahuasca

INTJ: entelechy

ENTP: donnybrook

ENTJ: arriviste

ISFP: tintinnabulation

ISTP: snickersnee

ESFP: frou-frou

ESTP: swashbuckler

ISFJ: wabi-sabi

ISTJ: erinaceous

ESFJ: redamancy

ESTJ: casuistry

Just when you think you’re done fighting one sin another appears, ah god damn it.

I’m sorry that I am posting my art onto my main blog rather than my art blog, this image is actually for petitepasserine/passerineart’s art contest mhm.

Ashlee : Magical girl name ~  Darling Porcelain

likes: Lingerie, lace, frills, flowers, vintage clothes, babydolls, weapons, eyelashes, cute girlies, dragons and baby deer.

dislikes: Death, long periods of time in theaters, loud bass, spiders and rude people. 

I’m not very good at coming up with stories but I honestly believe I would be a victim of sin due to how easily I am pushed around ;v;. I was honestly up all night and don’t trust myself writing anything too long or detailed because wow I’m so tired oh my.

Although quiet and intimidating, I like to imagine Achiam is a sucker for people touching their long hair and when lazing around I would braid flowers into their hair ;7;. Also 166cm - 188cm height difference!!!

Foleo -

How do you do?
It feels very nice
Are you hurt somewhere?
Did my hat slip out of place?
The same hair colour as my mother … I’m proud of it.
I’m happy that you praise me
This hair style is my favourite
What a wonderful room
You don’t hate … touching me?
I wonder if I resemble father a little…
My eyelashes are unexpectedly long
Is raising such a child disappointing…?
When I entered the male bath a while ago, I was almost kicked out…
Come on
Being touched so much is embarrassing
Not t-this place…!
Uhm … am I … cute?
I made these clothes myself
Uhm… I’m a boy, so I don’t have chests, you know?
Would adding more frills make it cuter…?
Clothes are one of the things protecting your body. Please take care of them.
What is it?
I love you…
I’m happy…
Ufufu, you’re pretty again today
If you want to be spoiled, it’s alright to just say it
You really are cute. Your face, hair, gestures, everything…
Yes. I am your prince. I’ll always be by your side…
I love you a lot…
This feeling is becoming painful
If you look at me like that, I …
Hya! S-stop that…
This is the first time I thought of clothes as nuisance
When you’re doing it this much, I can’t endure it any longer
Excuse me… Can I dishevel your clothes?