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Name: Atalia

Nickname: Ana, Na-na, Frijolera/Nopalera (courtesy of my dear sister), and Ata. Oh, and Bunny. (I shouldn’t be advertising that last one, but I think Ale would kill me if I didn’t.)

Gender: Female

Star sign: I think it’s libra? Sorry. I don’t believe in astrology, so I don’t know.

Height: About five foot six? Or seven.

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual

Hogwarts house: I would have to say Ravenclaw

Favourite colour: Blue or green

Time right now: One thirty in the morning.

Average hours of sleep: Six to seven hours. Sometimes less.

Lucky number: Don’t believe in luck.

Last thing I googled: Name meaning of Siphiwe

Favourite fictional characters: Shahrzad al Khayzuran, Beth Risk, Dustin Henderson (my son),  Ryan Stone, Aaron Warner, Isadora Smackle, Dorian Havilliard, Mike Wheeler (my other son), ll female characters from Katie McGarry books, Aiden Faraday (and his father), Khalid Ibn al Rashid, and Nehemia Ytger. Between many, many, others.

Number of blankets I sleep with: About three. Two lately. But when it’s hot, I only sleep with sheets.

Favourite singer/band: Reik (though lately their songs are beginning to suck) Camila (before they lost a member) Aventura (before they broke up), Karol G, Alessia Cara, Cher Lloyd, and FONSECA. (I so suck at choosing only one.)

Dream trip: To travel all of Mexico maybe? I love my beautiful country and there are so many places to visit and so many for foods left to try. Or Alaska. All of Latin America would be nice. 

When was this blog created: I have literally no idea. November of 2015, maybe? Possibly December or January.

Current number of followers: 114 *bakes cookies for all of you in thanks* Or any food, really. Though, if I don’t know how to cook it, I’ll ask my parents to make it and I’ll claim as my own creation:)

What do I post: My trash obsessions and current loves.

Most active followers: @the-noone-me @gigglyravenclawgirl @littlelibrarianwithseries and @chaol-westfall (this last one stalks me like I stalk her) 

When did your blog reach its peak: Hasn’t reached its pinnacle, actually. No, lies. It reached its peak when @chaol-westfall followed me.

What made you decide to get a tumblr: I was simply interested in this crazy-ass site.

Do you get asks on a daily basis: Nope, nope!

Why did you choose your url: SJM has ruined me with her books. And characters. Especially the males.

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