great words.

i was looking at and saw that a few words are likely going to be taken out of some dictionaries. and they’re great! they sound funny and fantastic and not-boring like a lot of words they are keeping in the dictionaries. 

brabble - to argue stubbornly about something of little importance.

don’t you just want to say it over and over? you brabble. they brabble. he brabbles. she brabbles. we brabbled. i’m going to start using it in conversation.

frigorific -  causing or producing cold.

that totally doesn’t sound like a word. but it is. which is what makes it so great. “that freezer is frigorific” sounds way better than “that freezer makes things cold”.

seriously, though. those are only a few. they should stay in dictionaries. because what would we do without words like brabble and frigorific?

we wouldn’t be able to do anything at all.