My mind is so frigile and my urges so strong
This has been going on for far too long
The race in my head, who will win this love affair
Kayla, don’t you dare
‘Fat fat fat’
‘You don’t need that’
Stomach churning and head burning
You can do this
You can fight this
Five more steps and there’s the bathroom
I’m just going to make more room
This will be the last time
Who are you fooling
This is prime time
You close the door
Tie your hair back
Bend over
And here we go again

To me, life is like blown glass encrusted in diamonds, frigile and priceless. To be handled wirh care, to be revered for its beauty. I don’t think I’ve lived long enorgh to judge if I’ve lived this way, but, I hope in retrospect, I will be able to say I lived and loved and pushed and fell with all my heart.
—  Dunno…probably a fanfic…lol