classipls asked:

The long-haired calico, Ella, that you posted a video about is so gorgeous! I do have a few questions, I would really love to consider adopting the cat, but there are some concerns, as well as the fact that I would need to request permission from the owner of my house. But I guess the primary question would be: is adopting her only an option for local Texans? I'm from Illinois myself and I know that transporting pets can be quite problematic, especially when they are particularly skittish.

YEah, Unfortunately due to my job/financial situation I can’t really transport her to the north from texas. I can’t be away from work that many days and don’t have the funds for gas. Its in her best interest that she not be moved over such a large distance as frigile as her attitude is atm. she is incredibly affectionate, but very quickly goes back  to hiding and being skiddish and I don’t want to put her through that. 

Hense the request for someone in my local area.