frigid temps


Bring along a TSA-approved scent for your holiday travel—it’ll last longer than your trip.

Sometimes, the last place you want to be is home for the holidays. Daydreaming at the office of sandy shores and urban adventures is what holds us over through rushed deadlines and longer winter nights. So, if you made the move and booked your ticket, then you deserve a new rollerball scent to take with you. The Sephora Glossy has rounded up the best travel-friendly fragrances to match your destination and make the experience all the more memorable. JESSICA VELEZ

If you’re hitting the slopes…

Gloves and scarves are not the only items to pack if you want to stay toasty when you’re heading to Tahoe and the like. A warm scent with spiced notes will make you feel all the more bundled up, and will turn up the romance if you plan on clinking hot cocoa mugs by the fire with your boo. Commodity Gold, a luxurious musky fragrance, will fit right in in the French Alps or Aspen. If you need more of a jolt before you snowboard down the mountain, note that Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium is mixed with coffee in addition to its earthy patchouli essence. And since you’re willing to brave frigid temps, you’re obviously a bit of a daredevil, making Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black your match. Its sandalwood and rich vanilla notes will make everyone who glides by want to know who’s behind that ski mask.

If you’re diving in headfirst at the beach…

Not everyone is dreaming of a white Christmas, and who can blame you for ditching eggnog for margaritas on the beach? Not us! So, with your relaxed spirit in mind, we’ve paired a trio of scents for your balmy getaway. For the island wanderer, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA’s heliotrope- and pink pepper–infused Beach Walk scent is what you should throw in your rattan bag. And THE BLEND 03 Amber Vanilla is like the fragrance equivalent of a coconut bra. Lastly, moonlit boardwalk strolls call for a zesty scent like Atelier Cologne’s Mandarine Glaciale.

If you’ll be bustling in a big city…

You finally took up your cousin’s offer to visit her in the city, and have plans to see the holiday parade. So, you need a scent as chic as your surroundings and as crisp as the weather. Tory Burch is a classic metropolitan brand, and its Eau de Parfum scent will keep you happy and alert with grapefruit nestled in its mixture. If heading to the city park is a must-do, bring along the floral Chloé Eau de Parfum fragrance. And Jimmy Choo’s Illicit scent was made for a glamorous night on the town where holiday lights sparkle from every building. Lastly, a fancy hotel’s tea service calls for British designer Stella McCartney’s eponymous perfume that’s both prim and feminine.

If you’re glamping in the desert…

A nomadic desert trip frees you from both the winter vortex and the pressure of trying on a bathing suit after eating dozens of gingerbread men—what’s not to love? Even though the degrees will fluctuate, you’ll still want fresh, cooling scents here since the dry terrain will leave you thirsty. Victor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb is an incredibly soft perfume that won’t weigh you down if things heat up. On cool nights, when the desert sky gives you a crystal-clear view of the stars, warm up with Narcisco Rodriguez’s romantic For Her perfume. If the thermometer reaches a breaking point, bring Marc Jacob’s Mod Noir gardenia scent to instantly freshen you up. And, if you start seeing mirages filled with sugarplums, Prada Candy’s oh-so-sweet notes will hold you over.


Happy Valentines Day! I’m pretty lucky to have a Valentine that thinks running 16 miles in the blustery cold today after running 8 in frigid temps yesterday is a great way to spend the holiday.

It was 20 degrees warmer today but we were out there longer and it felt colder with the wind. Even so, it was fine and I cranked it out with no problem.

Wrapped up week #7 of 18 with 47 miles. Now time for a nap!

Lord Of The Bots - Chapter One

Title: Lord Of The Bots
Chap Title: Round One
Word count: 2k
Disclaimer: Derpfire is the one who created this idea, she just gave me the A-Ok to write it so I guess this is the official storyline? But everyone is welcome to write their own for it! The title was also given by coldfeetwarmflames so thank you so much for the title! I hope you all enjoy the Botfight!Au

A hand ran down Tadashi’s face and honestly, the young adult couldn’t stop himself from looking at his brother, considering the idea of just turning his moped around and having them go back out the way they came in the alley.

“How did you talk me into this again?” Tadashi paused after those words, deciding to rephrase them as after all, he had promised this. “Promise we won’t be getting arrested again?”

Hiro didn’t even dignify that with a reply or response as he hopped off the moped scooter, taking his helmet off and tossing it to his older brother. He grinned, holding his robot in one teenaged hand, his thumb pressing and brushing along the smiley face along the robots head. Hiro didn’t want to think about how much begging, pleading and bribery in the past it took to get Tadashi to finally offer to drive him and come with him to a bot fight. This time it wasn’t about the thrill or money, this time it was about the title of being the best.

“You know big brother, I could have sworn you driving me here was going to be another trick to get me to look at that nerd school you love so much,” Hiro shot Tadashi a side glance and laughed at his unimpressed expression.

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Beyond hard to believe that my little girl is turning five today. I can honestly say that she changed my life in ways that no one else has, and I’m grateful to call her mine, I’m incredibly blessed. Crys and I hope that anyone who has some time this afternoon stops by the house for cake and fruit kabobs (and shirley temples made by yours truly). Other than that excitement, how’s everyone settling in since New York? Glad to be home in the frigid temps?

Last week while braving frigid temps, blowing winds, and snow flurries in Upper Birch Creek valley, I was visited by this little guy poking his head out of a cozy den to investigate my rig (which was parked on the road alongside his hole).  After sniffing the cold breeze, he wisely chose to duck back under where it was warmer. We encounter their holes all over the place, but rarely get to see the excavators!

-Steve Wright, Archaeologist for BLM-Idaho