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Picture Perfect

A Percabeth Christmas fic in which Percy becomes a model. (6.7k)

The numbers on the elevator blurred together, and Percy couldn’t tell if it was because of the adrenaline or the alcohol. His pulse hammered in his ears like someone was kicking him in the head. He could feel his palms sweating against the cool surface of the fishbowl. As the elevator lurched to a nauseating stop, he gulped and loosened his tie.

Level one.

For some reason, the thought of his letter sitting on his boss’s desk sent the wine sloshing back and forth in his stomach like a tide. He tried to remind himself that he had filled out those forms and he had made the decision to change the course of his life. Somehow, he only ended up feeling trampled.

The doors to the elevator opened, a blast of air making his eyelids flutter. The blurry tile floor came slightly into focus in front of him. After a moment, he remembered to step out. The world slightly turning, he started through the lobby towards the glass doors, probably for the last time in his life. His briefcase knocked against his leg. From the fishbowl, Zippy stared up at him with inquiring eyes, as if wondering if the cold December air would make his water freeze.

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The Confession *A Jackson & Jaebum Imagine* {Requested} Pt. 1

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“Can you do a scenario where Jackson and JB admit on television to liking BamBam’s famous friend?”

Here you go! :)

Jackson ||

For once Jackson didn’t know what to say. He was completely speechless. Through the blurry fog of his confused brain he heard the TV host continue. 

“Wow JB! Did you just tell me and all of our viewers that Y/N is your ideal type?”

Jaebum smiled and adjusted himself comfortably in his chair. “Yes” He replied casually “She’s very important to me.”

Jackson’s stomach flopped.

Was Jaebum admitting all of this for ratings reasons or was it really true that he harbored feelings for her? Everything was wrong. It was a well known fact among the members that Jackson had a crush on Y/N. From the first time that BamBam had introduced you to the group after meeting you on the set of his latest reality show Jackson had been smitten.
He found himself finding any reason to see you or chat and he had even sent food to your trailer for you and your staff one day. 

Jaebum knew all of this.

JB was the first person to point out that Jackson may be experiencing a one-sided crush Jackson had first tried to deny it but all of the guys had hounded him relentlessly until he admitted the obvious truth. So now on the set of “Idle GOssip!” Jaebum was telling the whole world that HE was in love with you and Jackson was boiling.

“What about you Jackson?” The host asked snapping Jackson out of his reverie. “Who is your ideal type?” 

Jackson caught Jabum’s cool stare and steadied himself before answering.


The studio went quiet.

“I think that Y/N is exactly my style.”

The Host glanced at his papers then back to the camera men who were frantically telling him to continue.

“Wow look what we have here! Two guys from the same group that both li—”

“I’m dating Y/N.” Jaebum announced and even this time the TV Host was at a complete and utter loss for words.


The trip back to the JYP dorms was long and frigid. Jackson was doing his best to ignore JB in the small van they were riding in, and Jaebum had his headphones on bobbling his head in time to his music. 

When they finally arrived Jaebum flung the van door open and made his way inside fast while Jackson struggled to free himself from his faulty seatbelt. As soon as freed himself he chased Jaebum down and walked beside him until their strides synced up.

Jaebum continued to bob his head and hmm to the music, not paying Jackson any mind at all.

“Ugh! Jaebum! I know that YOU know that I want to talk” Jackson screamed ripping JB’s headphone’s off his head and sending them crashing down the end of the hall.

Jaebeom looked at down the hall at his headphones and turned to Jackson.

“Pick them up.”

“No!” Jackson said taking three steps closer to meet Jaebum eye to eye. “Tell me why you said that you were dating Y/N!”

JB sighed.

“Because I am.” he replied matter-of-factly.

“Hyung!” Jackson grabbed his arm. His tone was soft and urgent. “Why?”

Jaebum shrugged out of Jackson’s grip and crossed he hall to his headphones. He reached down, picked hem up then dusted them off before responding.

“Because I love her. Is that a good enough  answer for you? Are we done?”

Jackson took a step back. That was not the answer he was expecting to hear. He could feel the hurt anger and betrayal rising in him and he spoke in a tense tone.

“We’ll see about that. Just because you are older than me, do not think that I will just sit back and let this pass. I’m not going to forget this.”

Jaebum chuckled.

“Fine do whatever you want Jackson, I don’t care.” 

He crossed the hall with his headphones back towards Jackson, brushed past him and continued on his way to their dorm.

Jackson stood there for a long moment. He was fuming inside and he was trying his hardest not to completely explode. Sure he had argued with the members before but it had always been over petty and superficial things. No one had ever crossed the line like this before and honestly Jackson didn’t know what to do.

It was really hard being a foreigner in Korea but he had never complained. Even with the hyung/dongsaeng relationships, he had kept quiet and just gone with the flow. 

But not now.

Now something, no some ONE was at stake that he truly cared about and he had been raised to always go after what he wanted.

“Okay” He said to himself. “If a fight is what you really want Hyung, then a fight is what you’re going to get.”

Jaebum ||

After Jaebum rounded the corner he let out a deep breath.

He knew that he had just pushed Jackson pretty far and he was actually surprised that things things hadn’t become more violent. When he opened the door to the dorms he was instantly greeted by a super enthusiastic BamBam and Yugyeom.

“Aughhh!! Jaebum hyung! I saw the interview! You’re dating Hye Rin??” BamBam asked nearly knocking him over and blocking the doorway.

“Yeah and what did Jackson hyung do?” Yugyeom asked looking concerned.

“Oh my gosh!” BamBam continued. “Did you know that they have been playing clips from that interview all day on all the major stations?”

“You’re trending on Twitter!” Junior called from the kitchen where he was eating an apple. 

JB laughed.

“Calm down guys, it’s nothing. It’s only a relationship. Don’t act like it’s the end of the world—”

“But it is the end of the world hyung!” BamBam interrupted. “How did you ever manage to start anything without us knowing?”

“And where is Jackson hyung?” Yugyeom asked looking around and out the front door. 

“He’s in the building somewhere.” Jaebum replied in a clipped tone. “Anyway what time is practice today?”

“7pm.” Youngjae replied coming around the corner from the bathroom with his toothbrush in his mouth. “It’s a vocal rehearsal so only some of us are needed.”

“Who even cares?!” BamBam interjected. “This is the juiciest news that I have heard all year and all you guys are discussing mundane rehearsals? Ugh! I’m going to try and call Y/N again. She’s had to have seen the interview by now and I want to here her side. He gave JB an appreciating look. “I’m lowkey really proud of you hyung. I never thought you had this in you.” 

While BamBam started fiddling with his phone. Jaebum coyly reached into his own pocket and slipped out his cell. There was a missed call and one opened message.

They were both from you.

He gulped, excused himself from the madness taking place in their living room and went to his room. Once he was laying on his bed with the door close he opened the text message.

“We need to talk.”

Jaebum flinched. This was more than likely going to be a discussion that was going to be long and slightly painful. 

He texted back.


You answered immediately. “Tonight. Meet me a the ramen shop on the corner from your dorms.”

“You know they probably won’t let me out right?”

“Find a way Jaebum” He could almost hear the anger in her voice as he read that text.

“Okay” He replied then added “I love you”

There was no response.

Jaebum sighed again for the third time that day. You were so difficult. He smiled to himself. But that’s what he liked most about you.

Jackson ||

That night Jackson was bored.

His schedules for the day had been completed and he and JB had been ordered by their managers to stay indoors and away from each other until the madness and drama had died down. Camera men had been camped out since their return, hoping to catch just a glimpse of the feuding duo.

Usually he would enjoy this time to himself and chill,but the tension between him and JB was palpable, and even though they were in separate rooms he could feel the strain throughout the dorms.

It was uncomfortable.

Junior had come with Mark to try and talk to him but he told them that he was tired and gave them a cold gaze until the gave up and left. Yugyeom came by an quietly played video games with him for a short time and that had helped to relax him a little, but the feeling wore off as soon as the game was over.

As he stood up from his bed to stretch his legs he passed by his balcony and a quick glimpse of a shadowy figure caught his eye.

“What was that?” He asked himself stepping out onto the balcony. The figure didn’t look like the paparazzi and it was moving around to expertly like they knew every inch of the place. 

He stood there and watched as the figure darted from pillar to pillar, even stopping to hide behind a bench as employees strolled in and out of the building. Right when he was going to lay back down and forget about the figure, he saw a glimpse of something white on the elbow of the jacket that the figure was wearing.

A flashback came to his mind of BamBam buying a black hooded jacket with a white patch on the elbow that was way too big for him and that he had ended up giving to Jaebum.

“JB!” He called out into the dark, but by that time Jaebum had made his way down the street leaving their building behind. “What is he doing?” He wondered to himself.

He sat on the edge of his bed and mulled it over.

“Should i follow him? I could probably get out of here just as easily….”

He decided that he had nothing to lose, quickly slipped on some shoes, threw on his own black jacket and walked straight out of the front door, ignoring Junior as he asked where he was going.

Jaebum ||

JB felt like a ninja.

He had successfully escaped the watch of their managers and was now just a few feet from arriving at “Bowling Eats” the cozy little ramen shop on the corner. As he neared he saw you sitting down outside the shop at one of their little tables. You were leaning forward looking down at your phone on the table and your long hair was spilling over your shoulder.

He had never seen you looking more beautiful.

“Hey” He greeted as he pulled out the chair across from you and sat down. 

“Hey” You replied scooting back in her chair, brushing your back and giving Jaebum a long look.

“What’s that look for?” He asked flashing you his trademark smirky grin. 

“You already know exactly what that look is for Jaebum. And don’t try to smile at me. I’m really mad at you right now.”

He reached forward, and clasped yours hands in his. “You know you can’t be mad at me babe.”

“Ugh!” You pulled her hands away and crossed your arms over your chest.

“Jaebum why did you say all of that on TV today? Do you ever think?!”

“It’s true isn’t?” He said leaning back into his seat and matching you tone for tone. “You are my ideal type.”

“There are ways to announce things Jaebum! Timing! You didn’t even call me or warn me! My phone has been blowing up all day!”

“I bet 90 percent of those phone calls have been BamBam, he’s obsessed with us now.”

“Stop trying to change the subject!” You said, raising your voice, bringing the stares of nearby customers. 

“You didn’t even think of Jackson’s feelings did you?” Your voice softened. “He wasn’t expecting this—”

“I wasn’t expecting what Y/N?!”

Jaebum and you both turned towards the voice in surprise. About three feet away Jackson stood firm. His face looked like it had been carved out of stone but his eyes were glazing.

“Tell me what I wasn’t expecting Y/N!” He repeated. “I’m curious on what your explanation will be.”

You gulped.

A/N (ANNNDD i’m stopping there! Omg i love cliffhangers! Hahahaha Okay so you all know that I do not write fanfics but I’m making efforts for ya’ll peeps because you are such great followers. I hope that you enjoy this story, it almost killed me. Pt 2. will be on the way soon and we’ll get a step closer at finding out what exactly is going on with Jaebum and Jackson and you!)

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It was a uniquely cold night for Kirkwall, with unkind winds and pummeling rain ushering the inhabitants indoors to hunker down by candles and hearths. But the City of Chains had many who didn’t have even matches to hold close with frigid fingers. Jackson was among them.

He shivered under an alcove to the right of the Chantry steps, fully ignored by anyone in Hightown on their way home. Besides, in the shadows, the rag-clad boy was easily invisible. He didn’t know better than to sit on the cold stone, lean his head against the wall and close his eyes to sleep, when his lips were blue. The Chantry had turned him away, but he couldn’t go back to Darktown; not with Athenril’s people down there still looking to recruit urchins like himself.