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#Flashback to the last time with Woody overcoming his stage fright and making the scene like a boss | Clip from Chatty Man, Channel 4, Sept 11, 2015 👏🏻   | Check out Alan Carr: Chatty Man YouTube

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oblivion drunk

ever feel so incredibly - nauseatingly, bothersomely, exhaustingly lonely that you think you might dissolve and become air? silt? the shadow of a sauntering star? an untouchable thing. vanquished, eaten, made for nothing, made for no one. it’s a precise feeling. a crescendo that builds like a tear in chrysalis, a silhouette ringed like rain amongst the colossal mist that lies somewhere along the forgotten edges of old english mountains. your chest becomes a morgue where wild notions of dreamless loves hibernate like obese bears, shattered for the winter, your hands wine bottles in shards. sometimes i think, nobody i have ever met will remember my name and i will fade like afternoon light through a dusk-worshipping window, a legion of gods will dip this penumbra they call a body into the Lethe and my blood will come to an end. a soggy paper boat. touched by nobody. a heart repelled. a soul forgotten. manoeuvred into the jaws of sweet drunken oblivion. a frightful angel birth.

porpentina goldstein, by newt scamander

she walks straight into you
and in she went, right through
not a welcoming figure, at first glance,
full of panic, and strange rules, and not one chance
you don’t meet her eyes so you see all else
she’s hats and tight lips and a perfect rendition of herself
chance decides that you’ll be together
and even though she wants to turn you in for being a traitor
you smile anyway and turn away always
and stay to solve your problem and stay another day
every time you leave she finds you
her sister’s the mind reader but she seems to see right through
you finally see her memories, protecting that boy, ruining her life,
and her panic turns to heroic justice and caring in your eyes
you finally meet her eyes, not turning away
you must make sure this woman lives to save another day
you let the burning liquid evaporate your fright
and hold out a strong hand to pull her into flight
though the boy you both protected may not have survived
and the world forgot with the fall from the skies
though you’ll be leaving again, miles away,
you know she’ll find you hiding in your suitcase, as always

note: watch out for part 2: newt scamander, by porpentina goldstein

Closed || Flight & Fright

Jim and Seb never just left. They never didn’t leave somehing for them but he had called and texted still nothing. “Xan?” He said knocking on her door before going in. “Have you heard anything yet?”


“No.” Xandra’s voice was muffled by the thick duvet pulled over her, up over her head even, but it was still audibly thick with tears. “Nothing. I call and I call and I’ve sent nearly a hundred texts and still nothing! What about you?” It had been three days since either of them had last seen or heard from their parents. “A-Any- Any news?”

anonymous asked:

🔊 techno-ghost 🔊 [there was a knock on the door, then a rather large scratching noise. and then a crash as three claws penetrated the door, sick beats flowing through the cracks a visor looking through]

Napstablook scurried backwards from fright!

so my creative writing tutor told me that i should think about going into voice acting and it’s rare for him to compliment anyone cos he’s normally super harsh and like…..voice acting has been something i’ve secretly wanted to do for ages but i’ve always been too embarrassed to talk about it or even try out for anything because stage fright is A Thing and. i don’t even know


This hollow man,
who overlooks the wasteland
of our time and space

This barren monstrosity,
That cares not for the plight of man
nor for the pain of any other being

Who stares solemnly
And with great unbearable horror
At the tragedy of our world

He checks the time
Always keeps his watch
The eternal sentinel of life

But the world decays
Into a morbid and frightful image.
An ever shape-shifting evil

All he ever watched for
Was the true horror of the world,
The persistent evil of man

Not to destroy it,
Not to expose it,
But to show it to you
And all who watch with him

For when you truly stand with him
And lay gaze to this constant evil,
You shall be true to self forever more.


Zooming in on David Tennant