Out and About - 8/26/16 & 8/30/16

Maturity means leaving behind things you REALLY want - like the new sigs that I spotted this morning literally fresh on the shelves and a perfect faced DTFA Cleo - because you know that you technically can afford them it wouldn’t be responsible to spend so much. (sigh, sigh)

Hopefully I’ll be able to grab all 4 soon enough!


Prompt: bucket/fright - Ben/Hikaru Sulu feat. Demora

It’s not exactly an AU considering we don’t actually know how they met, but it’s what I think could happen. Hikaru is a bit of a dork, that we all know. Ben seems like the more serious of the two. He’s the rock and stable one for their small family. Demora, of course, dreams of becoming a Starfleet pilot like her father. If the original movies are followed, Ensign Demora Sulu will fly someday. As a child though, the little girl loved to listen to the stories her papa and daddy would tell her about their life on Earth, how they met, fell in love, and how flowers were a central point in their family.

How her fathers met was Demora’s favorite bedtime story. It always made her giggle until the soft pets of her hair by her papa put her to sleep. It was also a story Ben didn’t like to tell her unless Hikaru was there to help. It just didn’t seem right. The story was both of theirs, not just his, to tell.

Hikaru would always start off by telling her that he was just in that specific flower shop to buy a bouquet for her Baba’s birthday. He had a little extra cash that term and wanted to treat his mother to a nice present. Demora would tell anyone that the type of flowers in the bouquet always changed every time she heard the story. She didn’t mind though. Her daddy was staring very intently between two different bouquets in the refrigerator and didn’t notice the shop attendant come through the storeroom door behind the counter. That’d be when Ben took over. Papa would say how much of a fright he’d given her daddy, and daddy would always say he wasn’t scared, just startled. She knew this part by heart - daddy was so startled by papa’s voice that he jumped back and landed in a nearby bucket of soil.

By that point in the story, all three would be laughing. Ben was always quick to remind his dear husband that the soil wouldn’t have ended up all over the floor if he’d just waited to for the taller man to help him up. Hikaru would then, gazing over their daughter’s almost dozing form, say that when he first looked up from the strong arms to the broad shoulders and smiling face, it was when he knew he’d literally fallen for papa. A shy botanist/flower shop owner and a rising Starfleet officer.

Nemonogatari - Japanese for bedtime story :)

list of favorite bands/artists

this is mostly for personal case i Forget but i 100% suggest you listen to all of these:

you’ll never make it to heaven / interpol / gawdlee / oh!hello / fox academy / death grips / my friend peter / basement / nothing / O.C.D. / title fight / the drums / lebanon hanover / cold cave / trailer trash stacys / summer camp / fidlar / the frights / tele/visions (this is one band not Two) / kero kero bonito / the scary jokes / teen suicide / starry cat / la dispute / cold showers / deathday / black kids / los campesinos! / modern baseball / allie x / mother mother / unhappy birthday / all your sisters / the cure / placebo / wavves / cloakroom / king krule / pity sex / sleigh bells / the casket girls / ringo deathstarr / the bilinda butchers / cloudeater / sleep party people / crystal castles 

The messenger of Allah sallahu alayhi was sallam said:

“I was given five (things) that no one was given before me. I was aided with Ar-Ru’b (fright cast into the hearts of enemies) for a month’s distance (of travel), and the earth was made a Masjid (place of prayer) for me and a means of purification. So any man from my nation (the Muslims) whom the (time for) prayer catches, then let him offer the prayer….”

(Al-Bukhari no. 33 and Muslim no.521)

i used to want to be a professional chess player but i never was able to play chess irl and when i did get a chance i would get stage fright

circustalia replied to your post “Wow Mattel… You guys are surprised… At getting called out? And…”

Oh, dear. What happened?

Basically this reboot is going bottoms up. 

You have the people who manage the Monster High media accounts constantly having to appease the people who post tweets and things like ‘RIP *insert fan-favorite character here*’ with phrases like ‘No, no! They’re coming back next year, just calm down!’ 

You have parents and young collectors calling/writing Mattel to basically ask ‘What, am I not going to be able to get this or that doll anymore?’

And there’s also the fact that almost every other MH Reboot-related video Mattel has put out has had to disable comments because people were getting angry.

And then me myself realizing that the main reason why the Reboot has started to bug me is that, despite the animation being nicer, it’s suffering the same problem that the Frights, Camera, Action movie/line did: they’re so focused on introducing new characters and dolls that they forgot to write a decent story that makes sense.

I have to wait to get my hands on a WtMH DVD to see if its really as bad as the teaser clips have presented it but, yeah.

Encounter With A True Monster

Starter for @persevereforward

It was so strange here, the smell in the very air itself was completely different from what it had always been before. Where was the smell of blood, of rotting flesh? Why was everything glowing a calm blue instead of a blood red in the caves of Waterfall? Why were all the monsters so much…smaller and weaker?? This wasn’t how it was supposed to be here at all!

The spindly, large monster crept through the caverns of waterfall in a deathly silent manner, growling and rattling now and again in a confused and very frustrated manner. He felt he’d been here before, but everything looked and felt different than how it was supposed to! Waterfall was supposed to be a place of whispered torments and acidic rivers, but that had all been replaced with a more peaceful setting! The skeleton hadn’t even bothered to hunt any monsters like he usually would, though a few had already noticed him and fled from the frightful looking beast. He was unlike any other monster in this Underground, and no one wished to cross his path nor confront him…

He’d just reached a cavern where one of the largest waterfalls was falling into a river, staring at the blue water from the doorway with a transfixed look. The softer part of his soul wished to think it was beautiful, this was all very beautiful, but his tainted mind merely brushed it off as another drastic change that had had taken place. He needed to find his way back, there wasn’t anything worthwhile to hunt or find here, he’d just been wasting his time-


There, by the river, the large monster had spotted someone, or something. He could see the presence of a soul without a body, and unlike the ones he was accustomed to, this one still had its true colors. A purple soul…had he just happened to discover a soul that could withstand the curse of the Underground? His pupils narrow to slits at this thought, and instantly his posture drops to a crouch, sneaking along the rock floor of the cave as silently as he could. If he could capture this soul, he could consume it, become a powerful monster! Or-or perhaps he could bring it to Asgore, surely that would help him join in the ranks of the Royal Guard! Either way, only good things could come from ensnaring this purple soul!

mysecretsmyliesmylife  asked:

If you've read any, what are the best lapidot fanfictions do you have?

ooooo i love me some good lapidot fanfics👌🏼👌🏼

some of my favorites are:

•12 O'Clock At Your Local King Soopers by @insomniac-arrest

•Of Stage Lights and Stage Fright by @artistic-shadow

•Laundromat by @insomniac-arrest

•The Talking Head Game by @predominantlynormal

•And I’ve heard that Shattered Reflections by @iamlapis is really good!

Update: I am currently reading Shattered Reflections and I am currently crying my eyes out… so yes 10/10 would recommend😭👌🏼👌🏼