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I see that you barely draw the original fnaf crew, like freddy,chica,bonnie etc. How come?

Haha,.,..,,.well you see.,,I……………………………..Have No Idea How To Draw Them

Theory time!

Lets review the information we have already. 

  • All nightmare animatronics have sharp pointed teeth
  • Every photo has the word nightmare besides Foxy
  • All animatronics seem withered or old
  • All animatronics may potentially have drill fingers
  • Some coding on Scott’s website has contained the number 87
  • The release dates of the nightmare teasers on Scott’s website formed the number 1987

Now that we got out of the way let’s get to the actual theory.

My theory is that fnaf 4 takes place within the victim’s mind, this isn’t necessarily a new theory but what people have failed to notice is the state of each nightmare animatronic. Any of you remember the second game? Take a closer look at our withered friends once more, they all seem to have something in common with their nightmare selves.

Chica has a severed jaw, Bonnie’s elongated jaw is similar to when the front of his mask was ripped off, Foxy’s broken system aka ‘out of order’ and Freddy’s dimmed eyes.

Who do you play as in the second game?

Jeremy Fitzgerald. This man fought hard to stay alive under immense pressure and left in an ambulance. Jeremy knew first hand that these monsters were not to be toyed with, he knew there was something fishy going on underneath the surface. This would make sense as to why the original animatronics seem to haunt Jeremy though nightmares.

”Uh, they used to be allowed to walk around during the day too. But then there was The Bite of ‘87. Yeah. I-It’s amazing that the human body can live without the frontal lobe, you know?”

As researched, it is in fact possible to live without the frontal lobe! The frontal lobe is linked to sensory and memory centers throughout the brain and allow us to determine how to use information that is stored elsewhere. This area of the brain also allows us to understand the thinking and experience of others, which helps you determine how to respond or behave when placed in a social situation. This lobe allows us to solve problems, reason, make judgments, make plans and choices, take action, and generally control your living environment. How terrifying would it be to experience flashbacks of a life you no longer remember?

Jeremy survived and now his old memories are coming back to haunt him, thus, a true nightmare.

So to make a long story short I’m almost certain the game will be based around Jeremy, for what reason? I guess we'’ll have to wait and see.


The drow of the Darklands are rightly feared for their vile fleshwarping practices, unholy rituals that twist humanoid victims into hideous aberrations such as driders, but just as horrible are the failures of such experiments. The chwidencha, or spiderleg horror, is one such abomination.

When drow subject their own kind to fleshwarping, the result is a drider, a half-drow, half-spider monstrosity that retains its cunning and malice. Whenever a drider is created, however, there is a chance that the fleshwarping process goes wrong and the doomed victim is mutated into a chwidencha, a near-mindless predator resembling dozens of giant spider legs fused to a tiny central mass. Drow sometimes use chwidenchas as guard creatures or waste disposal, but more often throw the creatures out to haunt the fringes of their underground cities.

Chwidenchas possess only enough intelligence to know that their existence is profoundly wrong, and their self-loathing causes them to lash out at all creatures within reach. Spiderleg horrors are ambush predators that use their tremorsense to locate prey. They impale victims with their skittering legs, then lap up the blood and viscera with the tiny sphincter-like mouth at the bottom of their central mass. Chwidenchas can grow to roughly twice their original size (becoming Huge creatures with 24 Hit Dice) before splitting in half into two separate creatures. It takes decades for a chwidencha to reach this size, keeping the creatures’ reproduction rate low.

Most drow abhor chwidenchas, especially the clergy of Haagenti, the demon lord who taught the dark elves the secret of fleshwarping. However, a few drow cultists of Mazmezz, the demon lord of vermin, revere chwidenchas for their resemblance to their Creeping Queen, and encourage the creatures to inhabit their dark temples and devour live sacrifices.

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H-hey, you're not supposed to start the night IN the office. That's cheating!

“It’s mine

“ N̲̲͖̙̠̩͆ͬͥo͙̲̅̊ͅt̩̥̬̖͕͉̣ ̙̳̥̭͉͔ͦ͒͗ͅạ̻̣͍ͦ͐̈͗͗̿n͕ͩ̑̈́͌̌̔y͔͇̦͇͊͒ͬ̈̒ͯm̻̪̟͔ͥ̋͑ͩ̀o͍̲̥̤͎͓͕̿r̺̳̯̦̻̬̋̆ͨ͛͒̒̚e͎̞͍,̪͚ ͙̳͖̦͔̻͉y̥̫̜͉̭ͪͥͮ̄ͭ͒̈́ọ̮͔̙̑̽̋̂͌ͦu̹̤̲͉̣̹̲̒̇ͤ̒̔̿̈ ͖͈̦͎̮̬͉s͎̥̩̰͗ͣ̅̄̔h̪͓̘õ͔͔̼̞̽ͥͪ͌̽û̩̲̐͌ͮl̰̰͇̥̠̖̙͆̽̎͊̿ͧ͗d̓̌̎͒ͦ̎̀n̽͋ͦ̋'̠̱̼t̪ ̟̣̰̪̠̖̇̃̎ͨ̔h͈̣̫̼͕͉̍ͣ̈̄ͫ̀a̠̹͆͌̈́ͦ̓v̺̺͚̳̼̯ͦ̉͗ͨḙ̟̲ͥ͑ͣ ͙͚͊l̹ĕͧ̄ͦ̌t̺̲̭̮ ̯̠͕̜̌̔͋̀͐m̩̦͍̺͒͌̍͒̒̈͑e̙̝̩̙͕̓̾̈̚ ̲̲͈i̫̣̩̞̺ͣͨͧnͧ̅ͫ̂̂ͩ̌.̼͎̳͕̻̗̳ͣ̎ͥ̈́͗̏̅ “ 

“I didn’t let you in.”

(Melanie (the lovely night guard) belongs to my dear @fazfrightsecurity <3 )

Why does TASM2’s Goblin look like a bionic Evil Ed from the 1980s vampire flick Fright Night?

4 Bizarre Choices That Doomed The Amazing Spider-Man 2

#3. The Costume Design Stepped Backward

The film’s concept art didn’t necessarily have the Green Goblin resembling a guy with a weird rash who fell into a bathtub full of L.A. Looks. Concept art for the villain showed him looking more like a proper monster than a tweaker. … And what about that charmingly homemade costume Andrew Garfield jury-rigged together? That got scrapped for one straight out of the Raimi films in the name of making it more “Spider-Man-y,” whatever that means. If the Chris Nolan Batman flicks had embraced this fashion sensibility, Christian Bale would’ve fought Heath Ledger’s Joker with a screamingly tumescent codpiece.

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