• For reasons unknown, it is referred to by other Fair Folk as Anna Monday. 
  • The Fair Folk seem frightened of it, which is a warning sign in and of itself.
  • It appears to be an armless mannequin made of thousands of fragments of sea glass.
  • When the sun shines through the frosted glass, you can see a kind of oily smoke moving lazily inside the sea glass shell.
  • Under no circumstances should you ever get close enough to see any further details.
  • There are no stories, anywhere, of anyone interacting with Anna Monday. Nothing in the contraband guides between covers slicked with iron-dusted paint; nothing online; nothing in Elsewhere University’s extensive oral history. In some ways this is more worrying than an outright horror story.
  • It is most common to find it a good twenty meters or so from the automotive and metalworking building, standing stock still. It has no eyes, but it is always watching the second floor.
  • Give it a wide berth.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious. You've covered a lot of disturbing and frightening material in a pretty casual manner. Is there anything you've come across that's absolutely terrified you?

Absolutely terrified? No. 

Something has given me pause, though: Cicada 3301.

Out of all the things I’ve seen, none of them have seemed as frighteningly legitimate as Cicada 3301. If this is a game, they’re not leaving any of the hallmarks of ARG projects to clue you in that it’s fictional, and their behavior suggests they’re very serious.

Do not mess with Cicada. Nobody knows what their end goal is and how legitimate they are, and they seem to be not only very legitimate, but very educated in the ways of programming and computer systems. Let them be and allow them to operate their recruitment. Only get involved if you genuinely think you can make it through their trials.

The Polish Dragon and his Peppermint Wife

Nemo is a very soft hearted and gentle natured stallion. He behaves and appears very feminine. He is incapable of feeling any negative emotions such as anger or hatred. Nemo is naturally very happy and loving. He tries his best to spread his love to everypony he comes across and gives them hope. This affectionate little stallion is very frail and easily frightened. If Nemo were to ever feel threatened or uncomfortable, he cowers under Frizz to hide. Frizz will do everything in his power to keep this little flower safe from any harm or danger. He treasures Nemo. And he will make sure no pony can ever hurt him or take him away.

1. Frizz’s Song: (x)

2. Nemo’s Song: (x)

Frizz belongs to: @ask-frizzmane



Determined to win a dare by his brother Dean, Sam is forced to stay inside a haunted castle for forty-seven hours and survive with only two sandwiches and a bottle of water. It’s cold and dark, and once the doors of the eerie castle close behind his back, the clock starts ticking and Sam hikes from room to room to become acquainted with his surroundings. But never did he know that he would make any odd discoveries, such as talking instruments and a weeping angel behind a mirror.

Slightly frightened but impressed, Sam listens to the story told by the instruments about the man trapped behind the mirror, who was once an angel that fell from home for defying one of the essential laws of Heaven. The punishment that eventually came with his fall was a curse from God that turned the angel into a statue positioned in the castle’s labyrinth for an eternity, and could only be broken by letting the instruments play to the right song.

When Sam decides to help out of good heart, the instruments encourage him to find the three missing sheet music so he can break the curse and free Lucifer as soon as possible.

The first one is hidden in the castle’s library, between one of the pages out of a million books.

The second one is locked inside a box, secured by a snake at the the end of the garden’s labyrinth inhabited by three very sly monsters.

The third one is kept safe inside a good man’s heart.

Sam makes it his mission to rescue Lucifer, spends the first few hours looking for any clues that could bring him to the right book and finds the first sheet music to the song that could break the fallen angel’s curse.

Satisfied with what he’s found, he makes his way to the garden’s labyrinth next and successfully defeats the three monsters that reside there. At the exit stands the cursed fallen angel as a statue with a box at its feet protected by chains and a silver snake that politely asks for the key that one of the monsters dropped.

With the location of the last sheet music still remaining a mystery, Sam returns to the main room of the castle and celebrates with his friends that he’s acquired the first two parts of the song. Though as dusk falls, Sam ponders on the last hint for a good few hours. The instruments are unfortunately clueless about the hint that leads to the last piece of the song. Nothing comes to Sam or Lucifer’s minds either.

When the clock ticks midnight, the curse hits the mirror and the instruments, turning them back into motionless objects until six in the morning. Sam takes his notebook out when he’s decided that he can’t fall asleep without at least a bit of company. He lights a candle, grabs a pen and starts writing the last part of the song himself instead to have the instruments serenade Lucifer the next morning, hoping that it will make him stop crying and smile somehow.

When he finishes, it’s four in the morning, and he’s already fast asleep only to be woken up two hours later by birds peeping through the broken glass of the castle and chirping around the room. The instruments greet Sam with a morning song, but find themselves shocked when he explains that he would love for them to play the last part of the song that he’s written all night for the beautiful angel trapped behind the mirror as an apology for not being of any more help.

When the instruments follow the sheets accordingly, Lucifer weeps mournfully as the sun rises. Though as soon as the song comes to an end, Sam stands surprised when golden particles appear out of nowhere and focus on sparkling around the mirror, the sound of Lucifer weeping becoming louder and echoing throughout the halls of the castle.

Sam manages to block his eyes from a sharp bright light blinding the room, and practically trips backwards. It’s then that he finally realizes that the hint indicated that Sam putting his heart and soul inside the last part of the song was the key to break the curse and free Lucifer.

Everything seems a bit blurry when he uncovers his eyes, but Sam isn’t even a little bit bewildered by the fact that he’s standing at the foot of the weeping statue at the exit of the labyrinth again without having moved an inch. But he watches in awe how a burst of particles slowly starts to give it colors, turning the statue into something alive. It’s slightly moving, making such soft, almost inaudible sounds…

Sam reaches out and carefully touches the fallen angel’s shoulder, making it flinch and stop whimpering.

“You’re free, now.”

For the first time in a century, Lucifer is finally able to feel someone’s warm touch again and stop his tears from falling.

[the song]

Fitz LMD was so frightening. He had a coldness to him.

He still loved her, but he no longer gives value to the human body. There was no emotion shown after he stabbed her leg and knocked her out. He didn’t try to look after the wound when she was unconscious. Even when he was saying “don’t hurt yourself” he was still so cold. He tossed out loving language as manipulation.

The devotion from real Fitz’s mind has been twisted by Aida’s programming.

Horror icon Bill Moseley (The Devil’s Rejects, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2) stars as a cannibalistic clown in Crepitus. Ginger Knight Entertainment has released the first poster and trailer (below) for the indie horror film.

Directed by Haynze Whitmore, Crepitus recently wrapped production in Michigan. Chalet Branna, Eve Maruo, Caitlin Williams, and Lance Paul round out the cast.

The film is due out in the fall. Until then, check out the trailer and synopsis below.

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ceruleanvulpine  asked:

hi snicketsleuth, i've been really enjoying your blog - it's exactly what i was looking for after devouring the books. i have a question: if you think beatrice was the survivor hidden in the snowman in UA, why is a photograph of (presumably) the quagmires included in that chapter/gustav's notes?

Hello and thank you, @ceruleanvulpine!

This photograph is really confusing from a chronological standpoint. According to Quigley’s testimony, the Quagmire fire happened AFTER the events of “The Reptile Room”, while Gustav was murdered BEFORE. So it doesn’t really make sense that one of his movies’ file would contain a note about Isadora’s and Duncan’s enrollment at Prufrock Preparatory School.

“I walked,” Quigley said. “When it became clear that no one was going to rescue me, I felt around in the dark and realized I was in a sort of passageway. There was nowhere else to go so I started walking. I’ve never been so frightened in my life, walking alone in some dark passageway my parents had kept secret. I couldn’t imagine where it would lead.” […] “To the house of a herpetologist,” Quigley said. “At the end of the passageway was a secret door that opened into an enormous room, made entirely of glass. The room was filled with empty cages, but it was clear that the room had once housed an enormous collection of reptiles.”
“We’ve been there!” Klaus cried in amazement. “That’s Uncle Monty’s house! He was our guardian untilCount Olaf arrived, disguised as/“ "As a lab assistant,” Quigley finished. “I know. His suitcase was still there.”

[TheSlippery Slope, Chapter Eight]

There are two ways to solve this problem:

  • Beatrice Baudelaire got hold of the photograph and put it in the file after she finally left the town where she was waiting for her children. The reason she got involved in the research related to the Quagmire triplets is because they were now two “survivors of the fire” as described in the Snicket file: somebody mistook the Quagmire fire with the Baudelaire fire and found Beatrice instead of Quigley. Sally Sebald herself says she has no idea what the photograph is in the file. Given she was very involved in the direction of “Zombies in the snow”, it’s more plausible to think the photograph was added to the file AFTER Gustav’s death.
  • The photograph does not represent the Quagmire triplets. These three children are the Snicket siblings. The girl is blonde (just like Kit) and the brothers are not the same age (just like Jacques and Lemony). We know from “The Beatrice Letters” that Lemony attended at least one V.F.D. school and Prufrock is linked to a ton of V.F.D.-related conspiracies. It’s not a stretch to assume Kit attended that school as well, she had a similar education as an apprentice.

“See, this is the problem. You all think that [love] is tricking people. It’s not. It’s just your job. So can you please go do it? And all the time that we’ve talked about tricking each other into [expressing our love], we could have been making a thousand [Valentines].”

Because the Gang all love each other, profoundly, but of course they can’t just say that. When you’re at your worst, you trick someone into showing their love. By threatening or demanding from them. By baiting them into showing more love than you showed, because then you win. By doing something for them based on what you think they want, rather than just asking about it. By controlling them and frightening them to hide what you really want from them. By trying to figure out their hidden meaning, instead of the words they’re actually saying.

People treat relationships like a game they play with each other, when it’s not a trick any more than a business that serves alcohol is a ‘booze for money’ scam. Showing love is our job as people. Go do your jobs.

(And because I am super not a believer in TMDC, but I am MacDennis trash forever - as much as he’s completely off-base 99% of the time, this time Mac is the only one actually in touch with his emotions. Someone who correctly knew Dennis wanted a gift, and what gift he wanted, and got it for him. Even though NONE of them had gotten each other Valentine’s presents for what sounds like YEARS.)

anonymous asked:

I love bees very much but when I see one in person I am very scared of them. I hope to one day have a flower garden specifically for these cuties but I'm worried that I'll be much to frightened to do so. :(

It’s ok to be scared! I understand that. Although, the thing with honeybees particularly is that they are not interested in stinging you unless you truly threaten them. When they sting, their abdomen leaves with the stinger, ultimately killing them. It’s something they can only do once, so they use it wisely. If you stay still, there’s a good chance they won’t sting!

Wasps, on the other hand, are feisty. But these guys don’t pollinate as often as the bees, and they most likely won’t be around the flowers. 

If it makes you feel any better, when I photograph any bees I see around, I am pretty much touching them with my camera, and they don’t mind at all. When they’re busy, they’ll leave you alone 🐝

Good luck with your flower garden if you decide to make one, it would be beneficial to the bees :)

MBMBaM Season 1 Review
  • as hilarious as i thought it would be, and more
  • fills the Nathan for You sized hole in my heart (srsly when is season 4 coming out)
  • the mcelroys are the best
  • one episode literally turns into a horror with a legitimately frightening villain only known as the Clown Box
  • A++ would recommend to everyone
  • [flips water bottle & dabs]

…And when he came to the place where the wild things are they roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws till max said “BE STILL!” and tamed them with the magic trick of staring into all their yellow eyes without blinking once and they were so frightened and called him the most wild thing of all. And made him king of all wild things..” 

(idk i just really like the idea of little Keith loving this book)
bonus under the cut —->

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i think certain ways of embracing identity politics are just folks unknowingly embracing colonialism and 

the more i talk to people and learn things and read things and SEE things,

the more i realize that these intersections, these identities aren’t really what i “am” at all but more the tools (sharpened & dulled) that have been handed to me under colonialism, and it’s both liberating and incredibly frightening to fully realize that most of this (my race, sex, gender, orientation, etc) would fall away if i ever were to find myself in a place of true freedom. 

essentially i don’t know who i really am because i’m not free - we only understand our being through the lens of struggle, be it struggling ourselves or living off the struggle of others

i know plenty of #thinkers have come to this conclusion before me but we’re all on different paths lmao and i just started internalizing this

ANYWAYS happy wednesday i’ve been listening to chaka khan nonstop for a week now. how are YOU doin? 

anonymous asked:

I'm about to graduate from college and I'm nervous and sad and excited and. Well. Got any words of wisdom?

Expectations are everything. Expect that it will be rocky and frightening and wonderful and exhilarating. Sometimes all at once. 

Also, just try to be as useful as possible to people. I can’t tell you how many opportunities have come to me because I tried to help people out in ways they couldn’t help themselves. (Like, that is how Emma and I became good buddies, really. So without it, How to Adult would not exist.)

Good luck!