frightening forest

Do not engage. Do not look directly at it. Do not react to it. Just keep walking through the forest. Never be alone. Your guide is knowledgeable, cheap, and trustworthy.

You made it through, the guide turns into a horrific beast. You can avoid being surprised by noticing that the guide looks to the side with a perception check.

You make it through without incident, following the guides orders.

You make a mistake and fight a frightening forest creature.

You purposefully look for the monster, the guide abandons you. When you make it out, you notice the old man is not back yet. He never comes.

A woman comes up to your group from off the path. “Excuse me, can I travel with you? I lost my group…” You notice the guide ignores her completely.


Danger Spotted by David & Shiela Glatz
Via Flickr:
Tiny, wet Black Bear (Ursus americanus) spots something on the ground - a large male bear - and recognizes the danger. The cub scurried higher up into the tree, where the thin branches would support its weight, but not that of a larger bear. Vince Shute Wildlife Sanctuary, Orr, Minnesota.

Greek Goddesses and Moon Magick

As a lunar witch, I love the practise of using different phases of the moon for different types of magick. I think it’s really helpful to keep not just full moon water, but water from every phase of the moon. That way you can utilise the properties of all the phases even when they’ve passed. 

 Something I recently discovered is helpful is to associate the different phases with deities and call to those deities for help when casting spells based on lunar phases. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of Goddesses that I personally associate with the lunar phases. I used Greek Goddesses because I feel the most affinity towards them, but I’d be really interested in anyone else’s lists of deities from other cultures.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t necessarily believe in the existence of deities as conscious beings, but I do believe in the existence of their energies. When I use these names in spells, I am not calling to a deity but rather I am calling upon the energies that the deity represents.


The new moon is a time to plant seeds (both literally and figuratively) and focus on new beginnings, so the Goddess of fertility and harvest is perfect to call upon for help in this phase. She is also the Goddess of the cycle of life and death, so her energy will surround you as you begin this new cycle.


In Wicca, this is the moon phase of the Maiden and so in this time I like to call upon the ultimate Greek Maiden, the virgin huntress Artemis. This is a time for constructive magick, for attraction, success and luck in your endeavours and so it is great to have the energy of the patron of hunters; she provides us with luck and protection in our own hunts. She is a protective figure, but will cause great harm to those with bad intentions.


The first quarter is a time for action and driving your goals forward with passion and determination, so the Goddess of victory and strength is perfect here. It is a time for spells to help increase motivation, energy, vitality and creativity and these are all skills that are deeply valued by Nike. She is pictured on Olympic medals and her name was used for the shoe company because of her links to speed and strength. 


Persephone, like Artemis, is another maiden who is associated with the waxing phase in Wicca. The waxing gibbous is a time where you should be seeing the fruits of your labours, so I like having it represented by the Goddess of vegetation. She is also the Queen of the Underworld, and that darker energy that she carries should help with the spells for courage and patience that are common around the time of the waxing gibbous. As Terry Pratchett said,  “A witch ought never to be frightened in the darkest forest, because she should be sure in her soul that the most terrifying thing in the forest was her.”


In Wicca, this phase is the moon phase of the Mother, so it makes sense to call upon the Great Mother, Mother Earth; known in Greek Mythology as Gaea (or sometimes Gaia).  She is an omnipotent motherly figure, nourishing and providing for all things and her intensely powerful energy will help guide your magick during the full moon.


The waning gibbous is often known as the thinking moon, so it is ideal to ask for the energy of the Goddess of wisdom. This is a time for meditation and strategy, which Athena is well versed in. Undoing curses and bindings are good spells around this time, and it is good to have Athena’s courage around when doing that.


Hestia is often overlooked, which is sad to me because her energy is so important. She is the Goddess of the hearth, and she looks after and protects our most important things - our home and our family. This energy is perfect to call upon in the last quarter, when the most powerful spells involve clearing negativity out of our minds and the space around us. She helps us to banish negative spirits in our house and in our souls.


In Wicca, this is the Crone moon phase and Hecate represents the Crone. The protector of Witches, the Goddess of Magick, her power and wisdom only grows stronger in her old age. Her energy will help you in your waning crescent spells to find atonement, knowledge and balance. She is a master of the life cycle and will allow you to be able to let go and move on. 


Jungkook x Reader 


*gif not mine

Genre: Fluffity fluff fluff, possible angst?? (not sure if this counts), and a special surprise at the end ;)

Word Count: 3,609

Summary: Y/N doesn’t like storms.

A/N:  (*ノωノ) (btws im not going to use honorifics bc i dont want to insult Korean culture and shit since I’m still learning about what honorific goes where. If I use something like “oppa” or “noona” it’s because it’s important.)

Rain pelts at the side of the building with thundering force and Jungkook watches worriedly from the window as the rain runs down the glass in streams and down to the streets where people scamper from place to place to avoid getting soaked by the deluge.

It was around 5:00 in the afternoon or so, which meant that you would be getting off work around now, and from your workplace you had to catch a bus at the bus stop 5 blocks away, and from there the bus ride would take about 25 or so minutes to arrive near the dorm, and then you would have to cross two blocks to get to the apartment building. Overall, Jungkook figured it usually took you about 45-50 minutes depending on traffic, among other factors, but today, as Jungkook looks down on the crowded, and quickly flooding streets below the Big Hit building, he can’t help but wonder just how long it would take you today… He really hoped you’d be alright in this weather.

Hoseok comes up behind Jungkook, setting a hand down softly on the maknae’s shoulder. “Yah, Jungkook, we should probably get going…”

Jungkook looks down at his phone, pressing the home button to look at the time. It was now 5:07. You usually texted right as you got off work to let Jungkook know you were on your way back home, but sometimes your boss kept you a little later to finish up some things before you left. He figured he’d have to allow a few minutes before you’d text him, but his hands itched to call and check on you. 

“Do you think we could wait a few more minutes? Just in case?”

Hoseok sighs. “Jungkook… I’ll tell them. Just a few more minutes, though!”

Jungkook nods distantly, his mind nowhere near the present, and turns back to the window while gnawing on his bottom lip. 

Just a few more minutes.

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