frightened rabbit

I made a winter playlist on 8tracks!! These are some of my fave winter songs :-)  Tracklist: 

1. Cavalier // James Vincent McMorrow

2. Palpable // I Am Oak

3. Helicopter // Deerhunter

4. Blue Blood // Foals

5. 10am Gare du Nord // Keaton Henson

6. The Woodpile // Frightened Rabbit

7. Heavy Feet // Local Natives

8. Chicago // Sufjan Stevens

9. Coldest Days // The Rural Alberta Advantage

10. Apartment // Young The Giant

11. Runaway // The National

12. Take The Night Off // Laura Marling

13. Architect // Manchester Orchestra and Frightened Rabbit

this photo is by lvndscapes

okay little ticked that no one in the U.K. told me that their online Frightened Rabbit store had a coffee mug. HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN UP THERE??? I just ordered it but I mean come on Frightened Rabbit and coffee are like the two things I most associate with myself.

Old Old Fashioned
  • Old Old Fashioned
  • Frightened Rabbit
  • The Midnight Organ Fight

Old Old Fashioned // Frightened Rabbit

So give me soft, soft static
With a human voice underneath
And we can both get old fashioned
Put the brakes on these fast, fast wheels

Oh, let’s get old fashioned
Back to how things used to be
If I get old, old fashioned,
Would you get old, old fashioned with me?