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Favourite songs of 2013 (In Alphabetic Order)

Arctic Monkeys - R U Mine? - AM

Atlas Genius - Trojans - When It Was Now

Bastille - Bad Blood - Bad Blood

Bear Hands - Giants 

Daft Punk - Beyond - Random Access Memories

Dan Croll - From Nowhere - From Nowhere EP

Daughter - Smother - If You Leave

Dawes - Stories Don’t End - Stories Don’t End

Foals - Bad Habit - Holy Fire

Frightened Rabbit - The Woodpile - Pedestrian Verse

Grouplove - I’m With You - Spreading Rumors

Haim - My Song 5 - Days Are Gone

Jagwar Ma - Come Save Me - Howlin

Jake Bugg - All Your Reasons - Shangri La

Jim James - Know Til Know - Regions Of Light And Sound Of God

The Jungle Giants - Domesticated manLearn to Exist

Kings of Leon - Wait for Me - Mechanical Bull

MGMT - Your Life is a Lie - MGMT

Pearl Jam - Sirens - Lightning Bolt

Phoenix - Trying To Be Cool - Bankrupt!

Portugal. The Man - Purple Yellow Red and Blue - Evil Friends

She and Him - I Could’ve Been Your Girl - Volume 3

The Strokes - Welcome to Japan - Comedown Machine

Toro Y Moi - So Many Details - Anything in Return

The Vaccines - Do You Want a Man? - Melody Calling EP

Vampire Weekend - Ya Hey - Modern Vampires of the City

Washed Out - All I Know - Paracosm

The 1975 - Menswear - The 1975

Album of the year: The 1975 - The 1975

Pretty big list but that shows how good this year was for music, I also only included one song an album.  Albums that I bolded were one’s that I thought were extremely extremely good.

I did it

Merry Christmas

KND Bohemian Rhapsody

Can you imagine a KND Bohemian Rhapsody?

You can hear it with the original music:


Is this the KND?

Is this the Splinter Cell?

Caught up in space ships.

No escape from evil adults.


Take off your glasses,

Look up to the stars and seeeeeee,

I´m just a bald boy, I need no sympathy.

Because I´m easy come, easy go,

Little high, Little low,

Anyway the Toilenator goes doesn’t really matter to me, to me.


Abby, I´ve destroyed the Earth.

Put my finger on my nose,

And the booger on that thing

Abby, my mision has JUST begun,

But now I´ve gone and thrown in all away.


Abby, OOOHH!

Didn´t mean to hurt our friends,

If you´re not back again this time tomorrow.

I´ll carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters.


Too late, my time has come,

The Delightful Down the Lane,

Are defeated once again,

Goodbye, everybody, I’ve got to go.

Gotta leave to “Canada” and face the truth.


Abby, OOOH! (Anyway the Toilenator goes).

I don´t want to do this.

I sometimes wish I’d never been chosen at all.


I see a tall silhouetto of a man,

It´s Father, It´s Father, will you do the Fandango?


Very, very frightening me.

(Rainbow Monkeys), Rainbow Monkeys.

(Rainbow Monkeys), Rainbow Monkeys.

Rainbow Monkeys we love you.



I´m just Chad Dickson, nobody loves me,

¾ are so cute, they give me so much feelings!

Spare them their life from this monstrosity.


Lizzie comes, Lizzie goes, will you let me go?

Numbuh 2, No, we will not let you grow. (Battle Stations!)

Numbuh 3, We will not let you grow. (Battle Stations!)

Numbuh 4, We will not let you grow. (Battle Stations!)

Never, dare to grow up.

Remember to Stay Young… OH!

Young, young, young, young, young, young, Young.


Oh, Numbuh Vine, Numbuh Vine (Numbuh Vine, let me go.)

GKND has a plan put aside for Earth, for Earth, for Earth.


So you think you can be part of TND?

So you think you can ruin teenagers plans?

Oh, baby, you can do this, baby!

You´ve just got to sign up, just got to sign up right here!


(Oh, yeah, oh yeah)


Nothing really matters,

Anyone can see,

Nothing really matters,

Nothing really matters to me.


Anyway the Toilenator goes.

His Guardian

This goes in the same verse as His Lady, but both can be read independently. This is based on recent spoilers for 4B–you have been warned. 

I do hope you enjoy it. :D  

He doesn’t know what to do.

His Mama just disappeared and turned into somebody he doesn’t know, a crazy woman with red hair who is threatening his Papa and making Emma mad. He screams and cries, pointing his finger at her, begging her to bring back his Mama, wanting her to go away.

But his Mama is dead. She has always been dead. His tummy starts to hurt.

He’s running now, as fast as he can until somebody grabs him and holds him close, rubbing the back of his head like his Mama used to do, whispering in his ear that it will all be alright.

It’s Gina. He cries into her coat, and she hugs him even tighter.

He pushes her away then, terrified that she will change, too, that she’s not really his Gina, not really the woman who protected him from flying monkeys or sang lullabies to him when they were staying in the castle. What if she’s another bad person pretending to be his Gina and trying to take him away?

“Papa!” he cries, and he feels his daddy pick him up. He’s crying, too, his face and beard are wet, but Roland knows he is also angry.

The witch tricked them. She tricked them all. She’s a very bad woman.

He doesn’t remember getting into the van, but Gina leans in to help him into the car seat, and he lets her, even though he wants his Papa.

“I’m right here, Roland,” Papa whispers before moving in to kiss his cheek. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“You’re not going to disappear, too?”

He’s crying again, he can’t help it, and his Papa wipes his cheek, kissing the top of his head until he settles back down.

“No,” Papa tells him. “I’m not going to disappear. And neither is Gina. She’ll never leave you again.”

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Kept, Chapter 14: Snowed In

Check for the full saga

I’m on mobile and can’t do a cut, so please reblog as a link :) Enjoy!

Laura and Carmilla woke up in each other’s arms. After snuggling close for a few moments, the sun began to rise and the house became slight chaos. They both rushed around to get dressed before going to work. Laura made them coffee as Carmilla packed S.J. in his crate.

“I feel like he’s been in there all night,” Laura frowned as she looked at the little kitten through the mesh.

“I took him out for a while when I fed him, so he’s good,” Carmilla petted Laura’s hair to comfort her and gave her a kiss that went longer than expected. Her body tingled slightly as she was flooded with memories from the previous night and wished she had time to do it all over again before they left. “Oh hey, can we go in your car today? I forgot to get gas last night.”

“Sure. I have to stay a half hour late to help with an injection though, is that okay?”

“Yeah, I was probably going to work on S.J.’s enclosure anyways.”

They loaded the kitten into the back of Laura’s car, and Carmilla curled up with her coffee in the passenger seat. The snow was piling higher now, and the radio announced possibility of a snowstorm later that day. But Carmilla waved it off - they’d been threatened with a blizzard for the past two weeks and everything had been fine.

Laura gave Carmilla a quick peck after turning off the car. “I still can barely believe last night happened. You’re wonderful.”

Carmilla blushed. “It was lovely, darling. And hey, I’ll have to start packing soon.”

One more kiss and they were both off in separate directions. The day itself went by quickly - the Big Cat building was short by one and Carmilla had to do double duty, with a lot of extra diet prep. Most of the cats were locked inside because of the unseasonable temperature drop and the building had no windows, so she was surprised when she got a text from Laura saying the snow was getting much worse. Carmilla shoved open the big cat door to find it was nearly impossible to open, with two feet of packed snow outside it.

It was nearly 5:30 and Carmilla was waiting for Laura to let her know when she was done. Then the lights cut off in the Big Cat building. Carmilla raced downstairs as the generator kicked in and a few dim emergency lights flickered on. Danny flung open the door to the kitchen, covered in snow and throwing off her jacket and hat.

“Thank god you’re still here. Alright, looks like the storm knocked out zoo power, just got a call from Maintenance that the whole place is reporting outages. I’m the Manager on Duty today, so it’s my problem. I need you to grab the EP binder, now,” Danny’s voice was firm but even.

Carmilla ran into the office and pulled a white binder labeled “Emergency Preparedness” out of the file cabinet.

“Give me just a second,” she said as she handed the binder to Danny and pulled her cell phone out. She quickly called Laura, stepping into the hallway. “Hey sweetie.”

“Babe! The power just went out over here,” Laura’s voice was shrill and Carmilla could tell she was freaking out.

“I know, looks like the whole zoo is down. It’s gonna be fine though, Danny and I are in Big Cats starting with the emergency plan and there should be enough people here to-”

“Who are you talking to?”

Carmilla whipped around and looked at Danny, who was standing with her hands on her hips.

“Um, Laura, one of the C&F keepers…” Carmilla trailed off, unsure of how much information to give.

“Well get her over here! We need all the help we can get, almost everyone has left for the day.”

Carmilla tried to hide her sigh of relief. “You got it. Laura, did you hear that?”

“I did. I can be there in a few minutes. We already finished the injection and my manager left for the day, I was just observing. I’ve got to check on everybody then I’ll head over. I’ll see you soon, sweetheart.”

“See you soon.”

She went back into the kitchen and saw Danny was double fisting a cell phone and her radio. “Tell the managers to call me if they can make it back. Thank you, Lola.”

Carmilla flipped through the binder as Danny hung up. “Alright, so Cats, Reptiles, and Pachyderms all have built in backup generators. So we need to get heat to C&F and the Aviary. Do we know who all is here yet?”

“So far we’ve got a bird keeper, one giraffe keeper, someone from the health center and your C&F keeper. Plus Lola Perry up at the First Aid cabin.”

“Have we called the power company yet?”

“Not yet, you call them. I’m going to keep making all calls on the radio to catch any stragglers.”

One thing Carmilla was great at was keeping a level head during a crisis. She calmly called the power company’s business line and discussed the outage - the power was going to be out at least until the morning. With temperatures still dropping, that meant they needed to heat a few of the buildings until it got above freezing. According to the EP binder, there were at least four mobile generators, space heaters, and fuel in the maintenance building. There was an ATV with a cart in the dry food barn that could be used to transport the generators. Carmilla called up to the health center and Dr. LaFontaine was the one still there - they agreed to drive the health center’s SUV over to pick up the ATV and meet at the maintenance building.

Carmilla briefed Danny and when she opened the door, she ran into Laura. They gave each other knowing smiles and hugged close.

“Hey there cupcake. I’m headed over to the maintenance building to pick up heaters, wanna come?” Carmilla asked, straightening Laura’s scarf out of habit.

“Sounds good to me.”

They started walking down the service road, and Laura reached out to hold Carmilla’s hand. No one was really there to see them.

The zoo was beautiful in the snow. Even in the darkness of the evening, moonlight reflected off nearly every surface. The zoo was eerily quiet with the animals locked in and no buzzing streetlights. Carmilla paused in the middle of the road, right behind the elephant yard, and pulled Laura in to kiss her. They stood wrapped up in each other for a moment, catching their breath amongst the emergency chaos.

“I’m really glad you’re here with me,” Laura said softly, nuzzling against Carmilla’s neck.

“Me too.”

Their hands clasped together as they made the rest of the trek to the maintenance building. Dr. LaFontaine was already there, using the headlights of the ATV to light everything up.

Laura and Carmilla helped load two generators, two space heaters, and some fuel onto the back of the ATV. The ATV was big enough for three but it was still a tight fit - LaFontaine drove and Laura clung onto the small back seat, wrapping her arms around Carmilla’s waist.

The first stop was the Aviary. A keeper named Natalie met them at the back door and helped haul the generator.

“LaFontaine, if you can help set up this heater, I’ll go with Laura and set up the C&F one. Then we’ll swing back by to pick you up,” said Carmilla as she carried the space heater into the Aviary kitchen.

“Good thinking. Radio when you’re on your way back.”

The two of them hopped back onto the ATV and Carmilla drove them over to C&F. She parked at the back entrance and pointed the headlights at the door.

“You know, I haven’t actually been in the C&F building since I started here,” Carmilla mentioned.

Laura’s eyebrows raised. “Really? Well we can have a quick look while we’re setting everything up.”

They both made quick work of setting up the generator and the heater. The generator stayed outside because of the fumes, and they created a small embankment for it in the snow, lined with a tarp. The extension cord ran inside to the central hallway, and they set up the space heater.

“Would you like to meet our newest baby?” Laura asked, practically giggling with delight. She’d set a large flashlight on the counter and it pointed up at the ceiling.

“Of course,” Carmilla smiled at her adorable girlfriend. Just as she was following her to a small cage set on a counter, the flashlight began to flicker.

“Hey there are spare batteries in the supply closet back in the kitchen, by the window. Would you go grab some?” asked Laura as she bent down to inspect at a frightened-looking tiny monkey.

“Yeah, no problem.”

Carmilla went to the kitchen, which was barely illuminated by moonlight. She opened the closet door, which seemed to stay propped on its own as she scanned the cramped shelves for batteries. There was a tiny creaking sound, and the door slammed shut. Carmilla twisted the handle and slammed her body against the heavy metal to no avail. Then, she started to scream.


Coming of Age : Watanabe Mayu

It seems like just a few days ago I saw her in seifuku, spoiling around Yukirin, bewitching everyone with her idol-ish appearance, or just simply cried frightened by monkey-costumed Takamina…


Inside the ‘Zoo from Hell’: A schoolboy kicks a frightened monkey’s tiny metal cage as a crocodile languishes in a concrete pool of its own urine, fed on dead dogs

  • Yuk Chin Mini Zoo, Tawau, is notorious for its treatment of abused animals
  • Monkeys, kept in in lonely metal cages, are taunted by groups of children
  • The zoo’s crocodile sits motionless in stagnant green pond of its own urine
  • A tree fell on the python house, allowing the snakes to escape. One got into the crocodile pit and was eaten alive
  • Dubbed the 'Zoo from Hell’, a charity spokesman said: ‘I wept when I saw what was going on there.’


A schoolboy laughs as he kicks out at a frightened monkey peering out from behind a wire cage, sending the animal screeching backwards in terror.

The boy moved from cage to cage, his friends giggling and taking photos on mobile phones, as he lashes out at other animals before a younger boy joined in to more laughter.

This is the distressing daily routine at what one wildlife expert called ‘the Zoo From Hell’, Borneo’s Yuk Chin Mini Zoo - a shabby maze of metal cages where tortured animals are rarely fed.

It is here where a crocodile, living in a pond in its own urine, is occasionally tossed dead dogs and cats to eat.

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