so hey, if an artist gives you a WIP of the commission you ordered, you should REALLY take the time to look over it and ask for any changes or fixes as early as you can!

If an artist gives you WIPs and you bring up a missing detail (especially one you never brought up before and wasn’t in your initial write-up of the order!) after the entire image is done, that’s on you.

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Your thoughts are very nice but I just dont want Reiner to die how he and Berthold had a mental breakdown was just too heartbreaking he has to at least die a frigging heroic death protecting Eren or sth

I, subjectively, absolutely don’t want Reiner to die, especially not by simply being fodder for another warrior or getting killed at the hands of his former friends. Bert’s fate was far too cruel already, Reiner suffering from the same outcome just doesn’t sit well with me. 

One thing I’ve talked about in the past is that Reiner had the closest bonds with the 104th (their “big bro”), yet he there has not really been any emotional confrontation between the 104th and post betrayal Reiner; except for Eren and Reiner in 46. But ever since then, the rather silent, taciturn Bertholdt has done the talking, his outburst in 48 and then the confrontation in 78-he’s been the voice of the warriors, despite being the one who was further distanced from the others compared to Reiner. However, now only Reiner is still around, and, unless a warrior inherits his power, a confrontation between the 104th and him seems inevitable.

I have no clue how the upcoming conflict will play out, but if it were up to me, I would love for Reiner to somehow overcome his split personality issue, I would love his wounds to be healed, and yes, I would love to have him join forces with his old comrades one more time. This seems like a really optimistic outcome, almost downright cheesy but–idk, I love Reiner and I would love him to at least spend some time with peace of mind and a clear conscience, even if he doesn’t make it in the end. 

Him dying to save his old friends by going against Marley would definitely be heroic, emotional and overall awesome, I totally agree^^

Satine Kryze: Was literally born into a war, and by the time she would have been like 7 or 8 the war ended and a new one took its place immediately after. Lost her father at a young age, soon after lost her mother and lost another sibling, raised her nephew, made sure he never felt unloved, ended a frigging war peacefully, rebuilt her entire system on her own and became a regent for like 2000 systems, stands up for her beliefs. Was flipping tortured because a cockroach wanted to kill the man she loved. Never let any of this harden her heart.

The fandom: What a bitch??? She is an awful character and I hate her oh my god!! She’s so cold!! *others also only ever focus on her relationship with obi wan and nothing else*

Let’s fuck under the stars. And by under the stars I mean in my bed underneath my glow in the dark star stickers.
—  Yuuri Katsuki’s drunk text to Victor