Imagine sleeping with a stuffed animal every night, and Loki calls you childish with disdain, but one night you return to you chambers rather late and find him sleeping with your stuffed animal because it reminds him of you.

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I Am Not A Hero

Pairing: Loki x Reader (female)

Words: 670

I need to see the pain in his eyes when I pull his hair back. And, oh those beautiful eyes. So expressive. He is so broken. And yet, somehow, whole.

“You.” He looks at me with a mixture of hatred and arousal as I enter his chambers.

“Me.” I smile. I know that I am the only one that can give him what he wants.

“How are you, pet?” I ask as I move towards him. His eyes track my every move. He angles his body towards mine. I give him the same perusal he affords me. I let a disappointed sigh escape me as I see he is still clothed.

“I gave you very specific instructions, Loki.”

“I am not your slave.”

I laugh and that laugh sounds derisive even to my own ears.

“No. You are my king.”

I reach him and raise my hands to touch him. He is cold and hard but oh so alive.

My hands reach his hair and his pupils dilate. I fist my hands in that dark mane and pull his head back. He gasps in pleasure as the multiple stings register. His throat is bare to me and with one hand I fist it. He is mine. He belongs to me. He shudders in pleasure as I lightly choke him.

“Make no mistake, Loki. I obey you when you order me around but behind these doors you do what I say.”

I pull his hair harder and he falls to his knees in front of me. He wants to touch me. I know because I see him holding himself back with effort.

“You are so beautiful.”

He opens his eyes and I see the same twisted need mirrored in them that makes me double over in jealousy every time I see someone else touch him.

“I saw you with Frey, today. You went into his room and didn’t come out for hours.”

“Jealousy. Tut, tut. You are a king, Loki. You should be used to sharing your lovers.”

He smirks up at me. He knows that he is the best lover I have ever had.

“Did he make you moan as I do, y/n? Did he pet you as I do? Tell me.”

I don’t answer for the longest time.

“Tell. Me.”

I tighten my grip on his throat and he shudders once more. A growl escapes him this time.

“Tell. Me.”


That’s all it takes. He bursts out of my hold.

“You forget who I am, insolent woman.”

“You are one of my many lovers, sweetie and if you can’t handle that….”

I turn to leave but he traps me in an elaborate illusion. His illusions, as always, are beautifully done. He pulls the chains tighter and my arms extend to the limit. He comes up behind me and kisses my shoulder softly. I shiver at the chill his breath sends over me. In that moment, I know, I just know that he has changed his skin.

“Show me.”

“You are not in any position to make demands.”

“Show. Me.”

He circles around to stand in front of me.


The word is breathy. I don’t lose control often but the sight of such beauty leaves me breathless.

“You are magnificent.”

He opens his eyes and they are bloodshot.

“Do not romanticize me, y/n. I know….”

“You are the most beautiful lover I have ever had, pet.”

“I see it in your eyes. You will try to change me.” He almost hisses at those words.

“Why would I?”

“I am not a hero, y/n. I will never be one. I know why you don’t tell your comrades about me. Everyone wants me for a lover but they inevitably mate a man like…..”

“I don’t want your brother, Loki. Blondes aren’t my type.”

He looks at me with shock. I like that I have caught him off guard.

“You said you were with Frey.”

I let the smile break out of me.

“I don’t count myself among the heroes either.”


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Imagine- you are Prince Loki’s personal maid. As the few words exchanged between you gradually turn into a few sentences and then, an actual conversation, Loki begins to realize that he prefers your intelligent, refreshing company to the company of all the pretty palace ladies, and any of the princesses he had ever met.
This life, part 1

Pairing: Reader x Eventually Loki

Word Count: 2732

Warning: Angst

A/N: This is set just at the start of the Avengers and will take some twists and turns. The story itself will be multiple parts.  I hope you enjoy.

The clash of metal sounded as the blades of your dual swords and Sif’s shield met with loud scrape. It forced her to take a step back giving you the advantage as you twisted around elbowing her in the face then kicking her right knee, sending her to the ground.

“I yield, I yield.  I am done, [Y/N].  I swear by the Allfather I am going to have to see the healers again.” You grinned holding your hand out to her to help her stand.  As she stood, she tested out the injured knee before wiping away the blood left on her lip.

“If we went easy on each other how would that be real training, dearest Sif.”  She gave her half smile as she limped forward.  Sheathing your swords at your hips, you encircled your arm in hers.  “Come now I will help you to the healers if you wish.  But I think ale would make you feel far better.”  

“You believe ale heals all things, [Y/N].”  She raised a brow at you, though she allowed you to help her towards the hall.  You laughed lowering your head.

“It does!  Tell me then, what do you wish?  The healers or the hall for ale?”  Stopping, you turned to stand in front of her, prepared to do whatever she wanted.  Sif looked over your face for a moment before sighing loudly.

“Take me to the damn hall. I do not wish to explain more injuries today.  You are lucky you are as a sister to me, [Y/N].”  Knowing her answer before she said it you grinned resuming your place at her side and walking towards the hall.

“Admit it; you would be lost without me, Sif.  I make your life tolerable.”  The woman merely rolled her eyes as you entered the main dining hall.  Your friends, the Warriors 3, already seated with many mugs of ale all around them.  Volstagg had one of the prettier drink maidens on his lap, telling a tale of your last adventure outside of Asgard.  They group all laughed, most likely at something that were completely untrue.  However, with Volstagg his embellishments made for quite the story.  He looked up to see you and Sif walking towards them.

“Ladies, come come. We have drink and an audience.  It is time to spread the word of our latest journeys.”  He held up two mugs to the both of you before Sif took a seat next to Hogun.  You sat cross-legged on the table, downing half the mug before stopping.

“Allfather that tastes wonderful.”  The group laughed as you got comfortable.  The man continued his tale.  Everyone gathered knew he added to the stories for his own benefit and lessened the role of anyone else who was there.  Several times you spoke up about saving his life a time or two, honestly it was four but who was counting.  There was also the time he had been sent face first into the mud by a well-placed punch to the face.  The celebrating went long into the night.  Sif was the first to head to her chambers to sleep, Fandral not long after. By the time it was just you and Volstagg, he was rather drunk, leaning against his hand.  All of his admirers had left him for the evening.  You were lying on the table staring up at the ceiling, watching the light and shadows from the torches dance.  

“Tell me Lady, why are you so quiet tonight?  You only interrupted half of my stories.  That is not like you.”  The drink was swirling in your head now, perhaps that was why all the old thoughts and feelings were coming back to eat away at you.  You huffed at his question.

“So many things my friend. Right now, it is not important. Have you seen Thor this eve?  He rarely misses the merriment.”  The table you laid upon nearly cracked with the force of Volstagg’s head crashing down on it.  The man had fallen asleep sitting up and so there he fell against the table. You sat up in a flash ensuring he was all right.  That hard skull of his had cracked the wooden table but he looked unharmed.  Somehow, he was still asleep as well.  He must have drank a whole barrel on his own, the idiot.  As you sat up, your head swam slightly.  It was going to make your ride back to your home a long one.  

Your horse knew the way back without any encouragement from you.  He was large enough that most would stand out of his way as he walked through the streets of the city.  It gave you the time to dwell on the thoughts that you should not be thinking.  Perhaps it was time you did something about it. What would it accomplish though? Would speaking your mind earn the respect you wanted or would you end up imprisoned?  Shaking your head of the morose feelings, you dismounted your horse and set him up for the night in his stall.  As you started to peel the leathers from your worn body, a soft knock sounded at your door.  Who could be here at this time of night?

As you opened the door, a mess of blond hair greeted you first.  The head lifted to a face that was lined with heavy thought.  “I wondered what happened to you this eve. Are you all right?”

“May I come in?  We need to speak.”  You nodded giving him enough room to enter.  His large body dwarfing everything else in the room. Eyeing him warily, you sat at the table, he joining you a moment later.

“Thor, what is it?  I hardly see you like this.”  Thor clasped his hands in front of him, unsure of how to begin.

“First I need to ask something of you.”  Canting your head to look at him, growing more concerned.

“You are my prince I have to do anything you ask.”  He frowned at you, shaking his head.

“[Y/N], I am serious. I am not asking as the prince of Asgard. I am asking as your friend, please.” You sat back in the chair, a feeling of dread overtaking you.

“I would do anything you asked, you know that.  You have supported me more than anyone else in my life ever has.  What do you need of me?”  Thor took a long breath, exhaling slowly.

“I have to leave to Midgard, tonight.  Tell no one I have left or where I have gone.  Not until my father asks you.  Promise me.” There was a look of desperation in his eyes.

“As much as I dislike speaking with your father, you know I will do it.  Nevertheless, why now?  Why do you have to go to Midgard?  Is it that woman you love?”  He covered his face in his hands a moment before rubbing his eyes.  As he sat up straight in the chair, he looked at you in a way you had never seen.

“I have to go because of Loki.  He is alive and on Midgard.  He has obtained the Tesseract and plans on taking over that realm.  I have to protect Midgard and all the realms from what he plans to do.”  You jumped up from the table with a cry.

“No!  He cannot be alive.  We saw him… we saw him fall, Thor.  He cannot be…  By the Gods how can he?”  Crumpling to the floor with a scream, the air felt like it had been pulled from your lungs. He got up from the table kneeling next to you, to wrap an arm around your shoulder in comfort.  Everyone had thought Loki had been lost years before.  You, along with, Thor and Frigga had mourned over his death.  Even with the cruel words he said to you before his descent into madness, you mourned the man you knew.  Being born to the Captain of the Defenders of Asgard and his wife, you grew with Thor and Loki in the palace.  They had been your closest of friends all of your days.  From the time you were born until… the incident, you had been promised in marriage to Thor.  You two were to rule and protect, Asgard when Odin passed down his crown.  Growing with them, learning, fighting, everything you did together.  

Just before he was thought dead, he had become cruel and consumed with the quest for power.  He turned from treating you as an ally and friend to treating you as though you were little more than the dirt that soiled his boots.  Even when it was thought that Thor would never return to Asgard.  It hurt more than you could say.  Though Thor knew, he saw the pain at losing your friend. “[Y/N], he is alive.  I have to go he is my brother.  Promise me you will not say a word to anyone.”  As the initial shock wore off, you looked up to him.

“I will not breathe a word. Promise me you will return.  I cannot bear to lose another friend.”  He smiled pushing your hair out of your face.

“If I have not returned in a week’s time come to Midgard to find me.  If I cannot prevent him from setting about his plan, you may be the only one with the powers to do so.”  You nodded as he helped you from the floor.

“At least there are things about me he knows nothing of.  A way to trick the Trickster.”  Thor laughed as you gave him a half-hearted smile.  “Be safe my friend.”  

“Remember seven days, [Y/N].”  He left without waiting for your response.  Not that you had one.  Your duty to your friend took precedence over everything else.  By the Gods, you prayed that he would return before you were called before Odin.  

The Gods did not heed your prayers.  You had been avoiding the palace as much as possible.  As much as you wished to train with Sif and the Warriors, you did not want to give anyone in the palace reason to bring Odin’s gaze upon you.  Three days after Thor’s departure, you had been out in the fields training alone.  You could feel someone coming towards you, even though your back was turned. It was inevitable that someone from the palace was going to find you.  There had just been the hope that it would have been longer.  Turning around to see, Emin, one of the palace defenders coming towards you.  “My Lady, please forgive the intrusion.  But the Allfather requests your presence.”  You laughed as you stabbed both blades into the ground.

“Requests?  Do you not mean demands, Emin?”  Wiping the sweat from your face, you smiled at the fear in the man’s eyes.

“My Lady… please..”  

“All right, I will see to his ‘request’.  You shall live another day in fear of the Allfather.”  The ride back to the palace was silent.  The man next to you feared not only the king but also you.  He knew that which you were capable.  The stable boy bowed in great respect as he took your horse to an awaiting stall.  Emin still followed behind as you walked through the great halls towards the throne room.  As you approached the doors leading towards the throne, Queen Frigga stood awaiting your arrival.  Worry covered her beautiful features, as she walked up to hug you tightly.

“My girl please tell me you are all right.  Tell me Thor is with you.  Odin is furious now.”  You shook your head as you returned the embrace.

“My Queen, I am well but Thor is not with me.  I… if you wish to hear where he is, come with, as I explain it all to the Allfather.”  She looked you over closely searching your eyes for something you were unaware.  Both of her hands cupping your face as she had when you were a child and needed comfort.

“I should be worried now, should I not, my dear?”

“My Queen…”  Frigga sighed releasing your face.  

“Let us face the king then. Come now, [Y/N].”  She turned, looking between the two guards posted at the doors of the throne room.  They opened the door with a bow towards the Queen, allowing you both passage.  Your heart beat out a rhythm in your chest that felt unnatural.  It was not out of fear but something bordering on anxiety.  Frigga ascended the stairs to the throne leaving you at the bottom looking up to the furious king.

“Tell me, Lady [Y/N] why have you just now come at my request?  I sent out word hours ago.”  Anger flared up inside you.  Your fist clenched at your side.  Over the past years and his blatant dislike for you, your temper got the better of your mouth.

“Since, you yourself stated that I am not longer worthy of residing in the palace, your man had to search me out in the city.  Since I am so far from the palace now it takes me a great deal more time to arrive, my King.”  You added a deep bow to the end of your statement for dramatic affect.  Frigga’s eyes flashed a warning down to you.  She wished to keep you safe, but she would be unable to if you said anything too harsh to the king.  Odin said nothing for the moment.  He merely glared at you as he sized up your intentions.

“[Y/N], do you know where my son is?  Where he has disappeared to, that no one can find him.  He left no word.  Is he with you, girl?”  There was a rotten taste in your mouth, hearing him say ‘girl’ as it were an insult. If he wished to know where his son was, so be it, you would tell him.

“Your son, my Lord, is not with me, a mere ‘girl’.  He is on Midgard saving the realm from Loki.  He did not leave word as he knew you would have forbidden it.”  Frigga’s eyes went wide and Odin slammed his scepter on the floor bellowing out.

“Loki is dead.  Do not lie to me, girl.  Where is my son?”  You lifted your chin in defiance.

“I have never lied to you, my King.  You forget I was the one that stood against my own family for you.  I lost everything in my life, because I stood by you, my king. Do you forget everything you took from me as a result?  Yet here I stand, training every day protecting Asgard and all the realms. You call me a liar?  You are no true king.  For a true king would recognize what his subject sacrifices for him.” There were gasps hear from all over the throne room.  No one had ever spoken to the king in such a manner and was not punished severely. Frigga stood there beside the throne crying as she covered her mouth.  News that her son was alive was overwhelming.  Odin sat there quietly once more.  True that no one has spoken to him in such a way in a long time, but the words resonated within him.

“Thor is truly on Midgard… fighting to save the realm from Loki?”  He asked quietly.  You feared what else would come out of your mouth, so you merely nodded.  “Tell me what he said, [Y/N].”  With a long held breath, you explained the conversation with Thor, down to the last word.  Thor would never hold against you, telling the Allfather what you spoke of.  When you were finished, Odin sat there in his own thoughts rubbing his chin.  The Queen walked down towards you, kissed your forehead before excusing herself. She needed time to collect her thoughts and emotions.  You stood in that spot as the king continued his silence.  Not daring to leave until you were dismissed.  Several more minutes passed before he finally looked up. “Thor is right, that if he fails, your powers may be the only ones that can stop Loki.  If he does not return as he stated… you will go.  Prepare as you must and be ready if the time comes.”  He waved you off as he went back into his own mind.  Worry clouding his features just as it had Frigga’s earlier.  

As you walked out of the throne room, your only thoughts were, ‘Thor, please return home safe.’

Part 2 

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Imagine being wounded on the battlefield and taken into Prince Loki’s arms, who thinks you’re unconscious and implores you not to die and confesses love for you, and then you reveal you were actually conscious the whole time.

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This life, part 3

Pairing: Reader x Eventually Loki

Word Count: 3090 (Way longer than planned)

Warning: Angst

Part 1, part 2

The travel back to Asgard felt different from before.  Perhaps it had something to do with your abilities but it meant little once your feet planted firm on the ground beneath you.  You lifted your hand from the Tesseract before looking between the two men standing before you.  Thor looked relieved to have returned.  Loki was more difficult to read.  His eyes were hiding what was going on in his mind.  You did not want to know what was swirling there, what thoughts would be in the forefront.  

“I have completed my vow to you, my friend.  Now I will take my leave.  My bed is singing a siren’s song to me.”  Thor grabbed your arm as you turned away, stopping you from stepping further.

“[Y/N]… I have one more thing to ask you.”  Searching his eyes you knew exactly what he wanted and it infuriated you.

“No!  I will not do it.  How dare you ask that of me!  I already risked my life following to Midgard and now you want that of me?  No.”  Loki’s eyes widened in surprise at your response.  He had never seen your temper flair like that.  Thor looked abashed for asking but he felt it was necessary.  “I will not escort you to the throne room. You can meet with your father and mother.  My duty is fulfilled.”

Storming off towards the stables, your boots echoed in the hall. Both men watching your form as you stormed away. There was a tingling sensation forming in your hand.  It was necessary to take slow breaths to calm your anger or else you might lose control of your powers.  Your horse was happy to see you.  As you saddled him you fed him a few of the apples that were left outside of his stall.  The ride home proved quiet and far more relaxing than you had anticipated.  The night sky of Asgard was your companion as you sang quietly, an old song your mother sung when you were a child.  Which at this moment you found odd, since it had been years since you allowed yourself any good memories of the woman.

Once home you removed your armor and bathed long, letting your muscles relax in the warmth of the water.  The pattering on the roof made you aware of the rain that had started to fall. Perhaps it would cleanse not only Asgard but also you of the foul mood.  It had been so long and now Loki returned and all the old memories came rushing back. As the water cooled, you washed and dressed for bed.  Your journey had made you weary not only physically but left you emotionally raw as well.  In the morning if you felt better you would almost certainly apologize to Thor.  Not that you would do what he wanted, but you would apologize for screaming at him.  Even though he deserved it.

When you woke, your body was stiff and it left you in no mood to train.  Instead of your armor and your leathers, you chose a gown to wear. The color mirrored that of the sea and sat off your shoulder.  The flowing skirts following behind you.  Brushing out your long [H/C] hair until it fell low on your back, like a straight curtain.  It had been ages since you felt calm like this.  It was time that you had a talk with the Gods again.  Whether they answered or not they would hear your prayers. As you prepared to ride back to your field, a firm knock sounded on the door.  Once more Emin had been sent to retrieve you.  Though he bowed in great respect before he spoke.  You could see a ripple of appreciation at your appearance as he stood.

“My Lady… The King and Queen wish to see you.”  Crossing your arms over your chest in annoyance, you raised a brow at him.

“I have done my duty and brought the princes home.  What possibly could they want with me now?”  Emin sighed loudly.  He knew from the beginning you would be difficult.

“Lady [Y/N], I do not ask questions of the king and queen.  I am merely the messenger.  Please do not make me beg, here in the streets.  Fore you know I will if necessary.  I dare not return without you.  I like my head where it is placed.”  Frowning at him, you went inside to put on your cloak.  Though he was not aware of that.  The man was staring at the ground in despair, thinking how he would word his begging when you returned.

“We need to teach you courage, Emin.  There has to be some in there somewhere, as you earned your place in the Defenders.” The look on his face was just short of joy as you placed your cloak around your shoulders, pulling the hood up after you tied it.  As you rode toward the palace, he asked you endless questions about Midgard.  How it looked, the people, what the sky looked like. He sounded as a child with his enthusiasm.  Truth be told it lightened your mood.  You answered as honestly as you could, telling him of the things you witnessed. Once you made it to the halls, you parted ways.  Emin had no desire to be close to the throne room for whatever discussion was coming.

Thor met you outside of the throne room.  He had the same look on his face as he had when you left him the night before.  “Tell me you didn’t….”

“[Y/N], he is my brother…” Your temper raged again as your voice grew louder.

“The brother who betrayed you!  I am your friend; I have done everything you have ever asked of me.  You know this… this is too much.”  He stepped forward in an attempt to calm you but you step away from him.  Pain etching across his face as it was the first time you had ever done so.  The doors opened to the throne room, with the queen walking towards you.

“Your voices are carrying.  Odin knows you are here, my girl.  Come.” She did not try to touch you, as she knew what was going to be asked of you and how difficult it would be.  There was no comforting you at this time.  You could feel Thor’s gaze upon your back as you walked in front of him.  In the silence your anger grew, a balled fist at your side as you tried to keep your powers at bay.  The king watched you closely as you drew near.  Choosing not to speak, you simply bowed before him waiting to hear him to begin.

“I have been told you fared well in Midgard, [Y/N].  You are uninjured, yes?”  His tone was light and easy.  Not the usual low and dark tone he reserved for you.

“I am well, my Lord.” You were going to keep your replies short.  If he wished to ask you then so be it.  Nevertheless, you were no going to give the offering of it first.

“Do you know why you are here, child?”  Biting you lip against an angry retort you nodded.

“Yes, my Lord.”  Odin’s jaw tensed as he waited for what he thought would be a fiery outburst.  When one did not appear, he proceeded.

“Thor believes that Loki shows remorse.  That there is redeemable qualities in him.  What is your mind of this?”  The king was asking you?  No, he wanted you to offer.  

“I spent as little time as possible with him my Lord.  I do not know if he has shown remorse for what he has done.” Both the king and queen were becoming frustrated.

“I asked you here, the queen and I have asked you here, to determine whether Thor is right in his thoughts that there is something redeemable in Loki.”  There it was he finally said it.  As hard as you tried, you could not keep the tears from your eyes.

“You are my king.  I am your servant and will do as you order of me.”  Clasping your hands together in front of you, you held on for dear life.  Frigga attempted to step towards you but Odin stopped her.

“[Y/N]… I am not asking as your king.  Know I am asking this, not ordering.  I am asking as a father and the queen as a mother.  Can our son be redeemed?”  Something broke inside of you, as the tears slipped down your cheeks.  Frigga wanted so badly to comfort you, but she needed to stay strong in her reasons.  She wanted her son returned to her, even if it hurt you.  

“I will do as you ask, my Lord.  However, if he refuses I will not force him.  I would never force it on anyone.  Then I wish to be left alone for some time.  May I have that?  Peace to clear what will come of this?”  Odin nodded, motioning for Thor to come closer.  You had all but forgotten he was there.  

“You may have what you wish. Thor will bring you down to the cells, though it is more for Loki’s protection than yours.  I saw the mark you caused.”  The look he gave you was one of approval.  You bowed before walking towards the door.  Thor’s long strides keeping pace with your as you tried to retreat as quickly as possible, your skirts swishing with the movement.

Once you were out of earshot, Thor grabbed your arm, gently this time.  “I am sorry.  I had to do something to save him.  I know there is something inside him…”  You ripped his hand from your arm as you turned to face him.

“You knew how much this would hurt me.  Everything to save Loki.  Your parents know what this does to me, but my pain matters little against saving Loki. I will do this because my king asked it of me.  Do not think for a moment that I want to do this.    Once it is done, you will let me in peace.  I do not want to see your face or hear your voice.  You will leave me be.”  Stomping off, Thor kept his distance behind you.  It was now starting to settle in his heart how much this would hurt you, and it caused a dark hole in his heart.

The cells beneath the palace were set up all alike with the exception of Loki’s.  While the rest were empty save the prisoners, Loki had been given many furnishings and books for comfort.  It must be good to be the son of the king while imprisoned.  He stood watching you as you moved closer towards the cell.  “Now what do I owe the pleasure of this visit, [Y/N]?  I am still healing from our last meeting, so forgive me for my curiosity.”  

Thor took his place behind you, narrowing his gaze at his brother.  “She is here to help you.  If you allow it.”

“Help me?  How could she help poor Loki?  Hmm?  Brother there is nothing in all the realms to help me.”  You stood there watching his movements and his face as he spoke.  It was all different from the last time you met. The confidence was gone, though anger of sorts had replaced it.  Looking over your shoulder at Thor you spoke quietly.

“He refuses.  I do not need to stay.”  One of his large hands set on your shoulder, holding you in place.

“Give it a moment.  He knows nothing of what you can do.”  Loki laughed though there was nothing amusing in it.

“Have you not seen my face? I know what she can do.”  You glared at Loki, letting the fire build.  The energy appearing quickly over your hand.  Pressing it up against the field of the cell your energy met with it, sizzling then a loud pop as the field fell.  Nothing now stood between you.  He stepped back unsure of what to make of you.  You were not the woman he remembered.  “Perhaps, I do not know…”

“Brother, let her try. She can see inside of you, your mind. [Y/N] will be able to see how there is something good left in you.  I know there is, just let have the chance.”  Loki was of course skeptical.  As a child, you had the ability to see things, the past, sometimes the future. But nothing as this.

“She does not want to be here.  Angry to be in my presence.  Why would she do this for me?  How can I trust her?”  Him trust you…? It took everything inside of you not to hit him again.  You held steady, though.

“I have nothing left but my word and my honor, Loki.  Everything else is gone.  I gave my word to Odin and I will stand by it.  So either allow or refuse but I will not stay here all night.”  The silence in that cell was near deafening, except for the pounding of your heart.  You were praying that he would refuse but you knew better.

“I will allow it, if you answer one thing I ask.”  Canting your head as you stared up at him.

“What is it?”

“Why were you two never married?  The wedding was not far off when…  when I left. Why are you not bound together and you heavy with the next heir of Asgard?  The woman that stands before me is not the woman I knew.”  Pain shot through your heart at the memories. Memories that were of happier times. Now they were no longer.

“Odin said I was no longer worthy of a marriage to his son.  The ceremony called off a short time after you disappeared.  If you wish for me to do this then we will proceed. I cannot continue to prolong my agony here.”  You motioned to Loki to sit in one of the closer chairs, though you could see he had many more questions.  All of which you chose to ignore.  “Look into my eyes I need to focus.”  As he sat, you moved close.  Close enough causing him to swallow hard.  Resting your hands on either side of his neck, with your fingers wrapped around the back and your thumbs against his jaw.  His skin started to warm against your touch, as you looked straight into his eyes.  

Sending your energy lightly through your palms searching for something that would tell you Loki felt remorse.  There was so much there buried deep that it took more of your energy to pry open the walls. Once open it washed over you like a dark waters threatening to drown you.  Pain and blood.. Torture and lies… His Jotun form breaking through with screams that would haunt your dreams.  Tears poured down your cheeks as the scenes continued.  Loki’s screams as they broke him repeatedly until he could no longer take it.  He had devised a plan… Midgard.  It was too much; you fell to your knees sobbing. It felt as though someone tried to rip out your heart with their bare hands. Thor was at your side in a moment holding you.

“[Y/N], what is it? Talk to me. What did you see?” You looked up at Loki, seeing the pain in his eyes but knowing the truth now.  The screams were still echoing in your ears.  

“I need to see the Allfather.”  You refused to say anything more.  In truth, you could not even if you tried.  Your entire body shook at Thor helped you to stand.  He held tight as you stepped out of the cell walking towards the upper chambers and the throne room.  Loki stood back watching you leave.  He knew what you saw, had he known it would happen as that he would have refused.  No one else, especially you, needed to see or feel those things.  It took everything he had to keep it within him every moment.

Thor did not try to speak again as you walked.  Looking straight ahead, he try to keep you from falling to the ground.  He just had to make it to the throne room.  Once there both Odin and Frigga look anxious for your report.  Both were alarmed at your appearance as they watched Thor help you walk.

My dear [Y/N], are you well?”  Frigga ran to you fussing as her hands cupped your face, seeing the pain written over it. There was no energy left to lie.

“No my Lady, I am not well. But that is the price I pay for this.” She stepped back looking in despair at her husband.

“Tell us of what you found and as I promised you will have your peace.”  Odin stood from his throne walking down to where you stood with his son. “Tell me of Loki’s mind.  What did you see?”  Summoning everything left within you, you pushed Thor’s hands away straightening your skirts and cloak.  Trying to regain even a piece of who you were in front of them.

“What I saw is his tale to tell.  If he ever chooses to share it, is his choice.  I will say that he was forced to do much of the ill deeds.  The last choice to save himself and save the realms was to go to Midgard.  He knew there, the Chitauri would be defeated by the defenders of Midgard and by Thor. Only they would have been able to stop them and retrieve the Tesseract.  He regrets what he has done but he knows he is unforgiveable.”  Frigga let out a gasp covering her face, crying silently into her hands.  Odin looked troubled but attempted to comfort his wife before turning back to you.

“Thank you, child. You were selfless and sacrificed once more for your king.  For that, I am forever grateful.  Go, I grant your peace.  No one will seek you out, until you are ready to return.   And [Y/N] Theinndottir, I will welcome your return.”  They were words you never believed you would hear. Now was not the time, you needed air. Away from that place, you ran. You ran until you got to the stables, and then ran your horse until neither one of you could go further.  The edge of the river was where you stopped, almost falling out of the saddle to the ground.  Once on your feet you sank to your knees in the grass.  Your screams rang loud in the valley as you raged at the Gods.  Perhaps this time they would actually listen.

Part 4 

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The Sorcerer’s Apprentice- Part 2

Prelude, Part 1

Pairings- Loki Odinson x Reader

Loki takes an apprentice he finds himself getting unusually attached to.

My prelims are finally over! I’ll be continuing this fic and catching up the rest of the fanfics I have to write now, sorry for all the inactivity this week.

This part is a bit of a filler just so that the story can pick up some pace; I’ve got three more parts planned out in advance and I promise, they’re gonna be good.

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This life, part 7

Pairing: Loki and Reader

Word Count: 5180 (I couldn’t stop)

Warning: This chapter is darker than all the others.  Language, violence, nonconsensual touching, threats of rape.

Part 1  part 2  part 3 part 4  part 5  part 6

It was difficult to measure how much time had passed since you had been in this confinement.  There we no windows or natural light in this room… cell… whatever it may be.  Meals were brought infrequently so that was of no assistance.  The collar around your neck had rendered your abilities of no use. Your body was growing weak with thirst and hunger.  By now, you knew your friends would be searching for you but the way time was drawing on it felt as though you were slipping from their grasp.  How would they find you with no information on who had taken you?  The uniforms were unfamiliar and none had spoken to you since you awoke here.

You had searched the entire room for any sign of weakness but the stone of the floors and walls were solid.  The door to the cell was rudimentary with metal bars that were unbendable.  Trying for hours that first day had proven that. Just as you found out that when you touched the collars to remove it would send a painful jolt throughout your body. After trying for an hour and passing out from the pain you decided it wise not to continue further.

The only thing you were able to do now was stare at the ceiling in between naps on the cold floor. You did not bother moving now when one of them would bring your food plate.  It had been ten meals since you stop trying to get information from whomever brought it that time.  They seemed to be on rotations as it was never the same person who brought them twice in a row.  Every fourth meal the rotation would start again in the same order.  Therefore, there was some organization to it all. You could hear the boot steps coming again.  Heavy on the stone, so that it echoed for nearly one minute before approaching the door.

Not moving from your position on the ground, you continued your silence and stare.  “Get up.”

The sound of a voice was almost startling.  You had not expected it.  Neither were you expecting the different face of the man who stood in the doorway of the cell.  He had not been here before that you could recall that but the voice was one you heard the night you were taken.  The man commanded the others to hold you while he placed the collar.  “I said up now!  If wish another shock from that thing, keep lying there.”

Wanting to avoid that pain again, you stood slowly, having to use the wall to brace yourself.  He laughed low, as though he was enjoying your suffering.  Once you stood fully you found how stiff and sore your body truly was.  Not using parts and muscles that were normally so active was wearing on your system, as was the lack of proper sustenance.  “Walk to the door. You get to meet your new Lord tonight.”

That did not sound like an offer you wanted to take, but at this moment you needed out of the cell to see what you could make of this place.  You did not fight or speak a word.  There would be no begging from your lips this day or any other.  His hand gripped your upper arm forcefully, enough that would show bruising in time, dragging you down the many corridors. There were so many doors to other cells. Most were empty save for a few men that you could see.  

Ascending stairs brought you and your captor out of the prisons, which must have been well below ground for the temperature, was much warmer here at the surface.  The light of the sun hurt your eyes forcing them shut as he continued pulling you towards the destination.  Several minutes passed before you were able to see clearly once more. During that time, it was impossible to tell how many turns and doors you had gone through.  The man never slowed his pace, or faltered in his duty to present you to this “Lord”.

From what you could see, this structure was well built but much smaller than the palace of Asgard. The hallways more narrow, less opulence, set up for easy fortification.  That would make it difficult for an attack, or a rescue…

He stopped abruptly in front of set of doors guarded by two large men with glaives.  They bowed their heads to the man, opening the doors to a small feasting hall.  There were a few men scattered about eating and drinking with serving girls scurrying to bring what was required.  Towards the back of the hall, there was a dark wooden throne on a dais.  Sat upon that throne was a rather large man with dark hair, he gazed over those before him with a drink in hand.  With the opening of the doors, he looked in your direction.    You could see the sneer from where you stood. He beckoned the pair of you closer. Of course the man with the grip of death on your arm complied dragged you with him towards the throne.  

The stale air of the hall reeked of sour ale and sweat.  This place was not the palace of Asgard.  “Finally our lovely visitor is ready to meet her new master.”  

“I am no visitor nor are you my master of any sorts.  I am [Y/N] of Asgard.  As I will always be.”  The grip on your arm tightened but the man on the throne laughed.

“The fire that burns within her eyes, it is quite captivating.  I know who you are.  Your name is known throughout many realms.  It was better luck of ours that you appeared, giving yourself to save a girl.  So valiant… but that is to be expected of a warrior of your skill.”  The dull brown of his eyes looked as mud and the pink of the deep scar across his cheek was still healing.  He was a warrior or portrayed himself as one.

As much as you wanted to speak and spew the most vile things, the better part of your mind took over to encourage you to keep your silence.  The man studied you further, causing a sensation of something unclean to wash over you.  “You are worth far more than these dirty maids.  By far the finest of any we have acquired.  Come sit with your Lord, so that you learn who you will serve.”  

You were thrown forward landing at his feet.  The skin of your palms scraping on the stone.  Turning your head to look at the one who had held you, the contempt could not be hidden. Before your mind had thought anything through your body reacted with your leg flying up and kicking the man in the gut sending him crashing back onto the closest table, disturbing all who sat there.  The “Lord” laughed loudly clapping his hands at the entertainment before him.  The other jumped up coming at you in a rage but was stopped by a booming voice.  “Stop!  You will not touch her again unless I command it.  Do you understand me?”  

He had to breathe deeply to keep himself from taking another step towards you.  There was a promise of revenge deep in his dark eyes.  “Yes my Lord.”  The stomping of his boots echoed in the halls as he returned to the prison below.

“That was quite entertaining my beautiful, [Y/N].  I am pleased they brought you to me alive.  You will make the days here far more interesting.”  Moving so you could sit, you twisted to look away from him and give a better view of the room.  Perhaps there would be a way to escape this dreadful place if you could find a weakness.  “You look as though you could use water and a bit of food.”

Hearing the word water nearly made your mind forget everything else.  It had been well over a day without a drop and now your body was not going to let you think of anything else until your thirst and dehydration were alleviated.  He motioned for one of the maids to come close with a half a loaf of brown bread and a mug of some liquid you could not see.  You wanted with all of your lifeblood to take it and devour all that you were presented with.  However, the cautious warrior part of your brain knew better.  Poison or tainted with a tonic were the first of the ideas that came to mind.  “Always on alert Lady [Y/N]?  Astute of you, but there is nothing of harm in the food or drink.”  

He took a swig of the drink and a large bite of the bread before the girl sat the tray before you.  Without a word, you had the stein in hand drinking long.  It was cold, clean water and it tasted better than any ale you had ever had.  However, it was more than likely the dehydration speaking.  The water was finished quickly before you moved onto the bread.  It was harder than you were used to in the palace, but it would do.  As you ate he started to talk to you as though you would be one of the maids here hanging on all of his words.

He called himself Lord Tholf and had ruled over this part of the realm for nearly ten years now after defeating a warlord who had terrorized the area for many years.  There had been no warlords on Asgard since Odin had become king.  None for any length of time at least.  By the Gods… You were no longer on Asgard.  They had taken you to one of the other realms.  Now you had to mind the words he spoke so that you could discover where you were and determine if there was a way to escape.  

The man prattled on for nearly an hour while you pretended not to listen.  You had had your fill of water and bread and were actually starting to feel far better than you had since you had woken up in this place.  The men in the hall had slowly dispersed over the time you had been there and the sun started to set.  Lord Tholf stood from his throne grabbing your already bruised arm to pull you with him.  “You will come with me to my chambers tonight.  You will wash off the filth and you will rest.  Tomorrow begins with new plans and you my lovely will be a part of them.”

Many thoughts flashed through your mind as he pulled you down the corridors.  Guards and men passed all stopping to bow before Tholf. Their armor had familiar markings on it but it was difficult to remember from where.  It was not recent; perhaps it was learnings as a child.  Several more minutes passed with fewer guards seen. You must be closer to his chambers, where he would want his privacy.  Just as you passed into a set of great doors, you look beside you out of one of the clear-glassed windows and saw the ruins of a tower within a castle.  That structure, the architecture, was developed and used in only one of the realms. You had been brought to Vanaheim.

On Asgard, in the eight days since you had been taken, the whole palace was on alert.  The king had been meeting and planning with Thor and Loki to find you.  Loki had barely slept during that time and it was going to cause him to go completely mad if you were not found soon.  Heimdall could not see you anywhere and he had been trying every moment since you disappeared from his sight.  This led everyone to the conclusion wherever you were; the location was concealed with a great deal of magic.  It was going to take much time and energy to find where you were being held if they did not receive any assistance soon.

Loki had been gone several hours before Thor caught up to him in the field that was often your refuge. He stood upon the hill watching the moonlight shine over the nearby river.  “Does she still come here to ease her mind?”  

Thor stood a pace behind him; Loki had not turned to look at him.  “Yes, she does.  More often in the last years when she needed to hide from Father.”

“I told her here when we were children, that I would protect her all my days.  No harm would ever come to her, even after she would become Queen of Asgard.  I would always keep her safe.  I broke that oath more times now that I wish to count.  Causing much of her pain myself, for nothing true.  Now when I need to beg her forgiveness she has been taken. I would give my life a million times over if she were here safely.  I will not survive it if she…”

Thor rested a hand on his shoulder stopping him from finishing his statement.  “We will find her and bring her home.  You will have your time to ask her forgiveness and to confess your heart.  I swear to the Allfather, it will be done.”

Lord Tholf pushed you towards a separate room off his main chambers.  “Go in there and wash thoroughly.  There should be garments to change into as well.”  You took the moment to peer around the room.  The room was large and oddly shaped, with a heavy posted bed against the back wall.  Tapestries were scattered over the walls.  A great table covered with maps and scrolls with two chairs around it sat in the sunken flooring over in one corner.  There were pillowed areas in another two corners of the room as though he would have guests to lay with there.  You did not want to think about what he planned to do with you here.  “I said go wash, or I will strip you myself and wash slowly every bit of your skin until you are clean enough for my tastes.”  The statement was made in a low growl and you had no doubt he would follow through with the threat.

There was a large bathing vessel full of steaming water.  Stripping the dirty and now tattered leather from your body was painful. Many still healing bruises protested as everything was removed.  The water felt heavenly as you stepped in.  Normally you would lay there until every one of your muscles relaxed but you had no desire for him to follow here if you were too long.  There was a pot of what smelled of jasmine, set on the side of the vessel.  You found it was soap and used a large amount to scour every part of you.  It had been so long since you had last been clean and you were unsure of when it would be again.

Once clean you dried and found the garment, he spoke of.  Though it was mere fabric rather than a garment.  It was a light blue color and nearly see through.  It was sleeveless and you assumed was supposed to be a sleeping frock as it went to your knees.  But unlike a typical garment that covered this teased the darker color of your nipples and the hairless mons between your legs.  “I will drag you out here if necessary.”

The voice called from the room.  Your hands curled into fists at your side.  There would be a fight if he laid a hand on you.  He was in his bed leaning against the headboard as you walked slowly into the room.  When he saw you, he stood from the bed completely bare with his heavy cock hanging against his thighs.  You turned your head as you snapped your eyes closed to block out the image.  “Oh you will want to see me soon enough.”  He had come close enough that you could feel his heat radiating off his body.  “You will break one day soon and I will have you screaming my name as I take you over and over.  When I know you are well along with my child, I may make you the Lady of this castle and of my people.  You will give me many strong sons, for there has been no other warrior female as you, I have found.”  He had backed you against one of the walls, pressing tight against you.

You had never felt more revolted than you had right then.  Still refusing you look at or acknowledge him, you tried to slide out of his grasp. He stopped you by grabbing your jaw with one hand and your breast with the other.  “In time you will want me to take you.  Accept it now, things will be far smoother for you.”

Shaking your head, you pulled against his hold, this time looking at him.  “I do not want your vile hands on me.  That will never change.”  Tholf laughed as he backed up, you could not miss that his cock now stood hard against his belly.

“We will see.  You will not be leaving this room tonight. Share my bed with me?  No?  Then find a place to lay your head.”  He moved back towards his bed as you found a semi soft place in the pillows in one of the corners.  As much as you wanted to completely block him out and turn your back on him you knew it unwise.  Instead, you curled up facing him shutting your eyes.    They stayed that way even when one of the servant maids had come to share his bed for the night.  Her screams of passion kept you up well past the mid of night.  Finally, in the quiet you were able to sleep some. Though your dreams disturbed you almost as much as your waking time now.

Many days followed similar to that day.  You slept in his chambers and daily he would tell you how you would be his Lady soon enough, enjoying his touch.  Your refusals at first made him laugh and he would continue with his ideas of eventually you would comply willingly.  Tholf started to give you more freedoms within the castle in an effort for you to trust him. Given the freedom now to roam the halls under the watchful eyes of the guards.    The collar remained about your neck, the ever-present bit that impeded your ability to escape.  It was then a plan started to form.  Allow him to believe you were slowly warming to the idea of belonging to him. Nothing overt at first that would arouse suspicion but little measures that would show them you were slowly breaking.

It started with doing as you were told without having to be threatened.  You stood when commanded and answered when asked.  It made you want to thrust your sword through his throat to do so but it was the best chance at it all working.  Lord Tholf and his advisors noticed your attempt at civility with those you met.  While they were all wary, it was seen in a positive light.

By the month mark, or what you thought was a month, your acting skills were much improved.  You were able to feign a smile to most and were now treated by many as though you were supposed to be there.  During the month, Tholf tried daily to coax you into his bed willingly, and every day you declined politely.  After weeks of refusals, he finally demanded to know why.  You had been given everything to make you happy but still you refused.

“I am still a prisoner here. Not even equal to the maids that serve you.”  He looked confused and stepped close as his impatience showed.

“You eat the finest of foods, drink the best wines.  The clothes you wear are far better than any other woman in this realm.  You are treated as a queen… Tell me how you are still a prisoner.”  Lifting your chin, you motioned to the collar that was still apart of you.

“No other here wears a collar.  Not even those within the prison beneath out feet.”  Taking a step back, he looked almost surprised.  He had forgotten the collar, becoming so accustomed to seeing it on you, there was no thought of what it was really for.  “Would you have your Lady wear a collar for the rest of her days?  The woman you want to bear your sons…”

Tholf walked out of the room without a word, though he did not slammed the door as he often did when angered.  A small, true smile appeared on your lips.  Another victory won in your battle for freedom and eventually your escape.  He did not return to his chambers at the usual time.  It gave you the chance to lay in the dark in peace.  Your thoughts wandered to Asgard.  Were your friends still searching for you, or had they given up hope and deemed you another lost soul?  Even though it had felt like an eternity, you know Thor would never stop searching for you until there was proof you were alive or dead.  He was determined like his mother.

Frigga must be mad with worry now.  She had always treated you as though you were her blood child.  More so after your own mother had disowned you, leaving you to fend against powers you never knew of.  You prayed to the Gods that one day soon you would sleep in your own bed after drinking every bit of Asgardian ale you could find.  Falling asleep not long after you dreamt of better days long past.

Waking in the morning, you realized Tholf had never returned to his chambers.  That did not sit well within your gut.  For all you knew now, your plan had caused the opposite effect of what you wished.  Dressing quickly, you made your way down to the feasting hall, he was not there either.  You ate in silence as you watched everyone else move about the day.  Not all here were foul beings.  Many knew no better than the lives they had grown into.  It was common and accepted to raid and pillage, taking spoils back to their homes.

Grand Warden Ogarl, the man who had taken you from Asgard, stomped through the doors of the feasting hall, making a quick line towards where you sat.  “Lord Tholf wants you now, girl.”  

“Yes, Grand Warden.” Standing from the table, you walked towards the door.  He grabbed you roughly by the arm dragging you down the corridor.  Tholf sat behind a large stone table, looking as though he had not slept the night.  Ogarl threw you against the table causing you to fall.  Tholf stood bellowing out to his inferior.

“Harm her again and I will removed your head.  Do you understand me?”  Murder filled his eyes and you had not a doubt he would do as he threatened.  Ogarl bowed his remorse, though his face showed none of it.

“Yes, Lord Tholf.” With those words, he stormed out of the room almost knocking over one of the maids bringing in a tray of drink to Tholf.  She shook in fear as she stepped in the doorway.  Tholf helped you off the floor before beckoning her to come in.

“He will not touch you again, I swear it.  Drink?” You nodded slowly, feigning fear of the other man.  Had you your way you would have already separated Ogarl’s head from his body.  The girl stood close while he took the glasses and wine from her.  He swallowed one glassful before handing you the other glass.  There was something off, about him.  It was difficult to read, and you were unsure how to feel about it.  “I will remove the collar.”

The words were said so quickly and when you were least expecting it.  “My Lord?”

“I said I will remove the collar.  You have had the time to prove you are learning to become of our tribe.  I do not want a collared woman at my side.  The woman at my side will be there willingly.” Your heart rate jumped dramatically, this was your opportunity.  It had to be carefully planned and not rushed.  He would give you this kindness, if you could avoid bloodshed you would.  Tholf moved flush against you, raising a hand to graze aside your cheek.  There was something different in his eyes now, another emotion, one you did not want to identify.

His large hands moved now around your neck holding both sides of the collar.  “Take a breath now, it will hurt as it disengages.”  As he twisted the clasps, a strong electric sensation surged through your body causing a gasp to escape your lips.  Once the piece was free, the feeling vanished.  It was as though you could breathe freely once more.  Unable to stop yourself you smiled rubbing your neck and the sore marks that were left.  He stepped back smiling in earnest at you.  “My hope now is you find this place is your home.”

As you opened your mouth to speak a heat filled your body.  A deep, searing heat that filled every fiber.  It caused you to double over grabbing your abdomen.  “Allfather no…”  Tholf bent down beside you, as you could feel the energy building.  Being bound for a month with no outlet for the energy, it needed its release.  This was not what you wanted.  Innocents would be hurt.  “No, back away, now.  You will be harmed.  Go!”  

You did not have the ability to contain it.  The energy spread over your skin, lighting it as it traveled through you until it hit your fingertips.  “Noooo!” Screaming out as the pulse of energy thrust out from you throwing everyone and thing back from around you.  The shock wave traveled throughout the castle sending everyone airborne, doing more damage than you would ever know.  The release of such energy had been too much for you, you fell to the floor unconscious.

Hours later, you woke from the pain in your head and shoulders.  There was a ringing in your ears that felt as though it would make your ears bleed.  “Finally she wakes.  We will see how long it lasts while I have my chance at her.”  That voice was not what you wished to hear.  The hate seething from every syllable, made you aware of whatever was to follow would be painful.

Opening your eyes, you found yourself in the meeting chambers where you had fallen.  Everything was destroyed and pushed back against the walls. You were strung up by your hands from the ceiling, which was the cause of the pain in your shoulders.  Only the tips of you largest toes could touch the floor. Your shoulders were bearing your entire weight.  The collar had been replaced and Ogarl stood before you with dried blood at his temple.  Tholf stood steps behind him with a bloodied and bruised face of his own.  Gone was the face of the concerned man that had been there before you blacked out.  

A swift punch to your abdomen knocked the wind from you causing you gasp.  Another then another followed it.  His assault on your body continued for some time.  There was no part he missed.  Your face was swollen and bloodied, ribs bruised and broken.  A whip had flayed the skin of your back after he has stripped you naked.  Tholf stood watching every hit with his arms cross his chest.  You prayed for death now.  Prayed that the Gods would be merciful allowing them to take a blade and sink it deep within your chest, ending this misery.

The pool of blood that gathered beneath you caused the little hold your toes had to slip, putting further strain on your shoulders.  Ogarl laughed at the strain and your sounds of pain.  Coming up close behind you growling in your ear.  “Now I will fuck every hole of yours.  Mine will be the last face you see as I slit your throat as my cock tears you into pieces.”  The sound of him removing his belt scared you to the core.  You pulled and shook against the bindings.

Tholf stepped forward. “You will not.  I will take what is mine from her and end it there.  Leave me.”  Ogarl looked as though he would refuse but thought better of it.  Rebuckling his leggings, he stomped out of the room, leaving you broken and bloody with Tholf. The man paced around before you looking as though he was unsure of how to proceed.

“Did you intend for that to happen?  To injure and kill so many of my people?  I stand here because I am strong.  The maid here was none so lucky.”  It was one of your worst fears, killing an innocent.  A tear slid down your cheek as you shook your head.  “There are no lies in your eyes.  I believe you.  My people want your head for what you have done.  Grand Warden would make true his threat.  I would let you live if I had a choice.  My feelings for you are strong but my people come first.  They would lose faith as their leader if I allowed you to continue to breath.  I will make it quick, you have endured enough pain.”  

You nodded slowly accepting your fate, welcoming it.  Pulling a blade from his hip, he stepped towards you.  An explosion shook the castle from somewhere on the grounds. Screams could be heard from all directions.  Tholf ran from the room towards the screams and his people, leaving you bleeding and naked, hanging from the ceiling.  The screams and yells came closer; you just prayed someone would come to kill you before Ogarl returned.  Never had you a fear like that before.  “[Y/N]! By the Gods… what have they done to you?”  

That voice… No please not that voice.  Gods strike you down now; let him not see you as this.  Let none of them see you as this.  Lifting your head, opening your swollen eyes, Loki in his full armor stood before you.  He searched around quickly finding a discarded cloak on the floor, wrapping you in it before he cut you down from the ceiling.  The relief was felt instantly in your shoulders.  “Loki… kill me.  I beg you…  Please.”

Loki’s heart shattered as you begged for death.  The savages had stolen you and your light. “No, my heart I will not.  We will travel home and I will help you heal in every way.” Lifting you in his arms, ensuring you were covered from all eyes, he brought you to Thor and your friends, who had cleaned out the castle with the aid of the Defenders.  All those gathered fell silent as Loki approached with you in his arms.  Thor was about to speak before Loki silenced him with a shake of his head.  All the questions could be answered later.  Now it was time for you to return to Asgard.

Part 8

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