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Dating Loki Would Involve

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  • Cuddling and Loki nuzzling against your neck
  • Being loved by Thor who loves how happy you make his brother
  • Being told he’s a monster and not caring, because you love him and he makes you happy
  • The Avengers thinking you must be just as bad at first, but then realising you make Loki happy, and he’s better when he’s happy
  • Pranking people as a team, or going against each other in a competitive war
  • Having lazy days together, staying in Loki’s chamber reading or going for a walk together
  • Loki telling you his plans for advice and always having a plan for you, to look after you and have you by his side
  • Calling Loki your King and him calling you his Queen
  • Frigga loving you and being a bit protective of you in the way that she wants to make sure Loki is treating you properly
  • Loki admitting he loves you one night under the stars and being shy about it at first
  • You visiting him in his cell and being the highlight of his day
  • Loving each others sense of humour
  • Reading together and showing each other interesting parts of your books
  • Loki putting his arm around you whenever he feels alone, pulling you close to his side.
  • Loki ignoring you when he feels threatened so you’re not seen as his weakness. He always keeps an eye on you however and makes sure you’re safe
  • Loki placing kisses along your jawline and collar bones when you’re alone with him
  • Him creating hallucinations for you to entertain you on slow evenings
  • Being his beautiful queen, which he reminds you of frequently
  • Being the one he loves more than anything and would do anything for

I struggled with the plot for this one but hopefully this one was alright. I didn’t quite know how to make a good scenario in which Loki could be jealous but hopefully it was subtle enough that I covered it over with some angst. Plus FRIGGA BEING A LOVELY MUM WHO JUST KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT IS GOING ON IS LIKE MY FAVOURITE THING EVER. For floating-balloon, I hope it was what you were looking for. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: Something with Loki maybe I’m ok so Thor and u r really close friends and at first Loki doesn’t care but he sees how close u and Thor can get and like playful flirting and he jets jealous idk if ya want

“My Best Friend’s Brother”

“Higher, Thor. Higher!” You cried. The God’s hands were on your waist and he had lifted you with ease into the air but still your fingertips were just a bit shy of the black pear.
“If I lift you any higher, you shall fall.” He laughed from underneath you.
“Loki! Come and help us.” You called out to the Trickster God who was sitting at the base of the tree with a book in his hand. Rolling his eyes, he looked up and sighed.

“I shall not be partaking in such foolish activities.” He muttered. Thor nudged him with this foot whilst still trying to hold you in the air.
“Come now brother, do not deny us your services.”
“I find it curious that you still insist upon my assistance despite my most blatant refusal.” Loki slammed his book shut to make a statement before standing and walking off. He had been reading so peacefully until Thor and his friend had arrived. The two had known each other for countless years and always seemed to be in each other’s company – he only wished that they could do so without disturbing. On their own, they were tolerable, the woman more so, but together they were a barrage of laughter and playfulness that Loki just couldn’t stand.

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Ice Melt

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Words: 4021

Warnings: Just a teeny bit of angst and FLUFF

A/N: I’ve posted this on imagine-loki few months ago, now I decided to post on my own blog as well. Also; please excuse the mistake I’ve made writing this. Enjoy! <3

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That’s how you felt, you jumped on the couch and turned the TV on, procrastinating on your work that seemed pointless anyway.

Destruction is what you saw. You’ve never been to New York before but that’s definitely not how New York looked. Your eyes were wet, you started tearing up after you started hearing those people cries and pleas for the authorities to do everything within their power to save their loved ones. You knew your nightmares at night were going to get worse and colder.

But then then you saw a face.

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Imagine: meeting Frigga with Loki by your side

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You swallowed nervously as you adjusted you green Asgardian dress, wishing you felt more comfortable in it.  This was your first visit to Asgard, and right after you arrived, Loki rushed you off to a guest room so you could prepare.  You had come to formally meet his mother, but here you stood, wishing you could go back to Midgard.  You loved Loki dearly, and knew that meeting Frigga was important, but still… you were a tightly wound bundle of nerves.  Frigga was the queen of Asgard, so surely, she expected someone more exalted than a Midgardian hero to be her adopted son’s companion.  You had spoken to Jane about Frigga before leaving, and while Frigga sounded like a wonderful woman, worry still flooded your mind.  What worried you most of all was the risk that Odin would be present, and his opinion would influence Frigga’s.  You had no doubt that Odin would disapprove of you, but you were aware of the animosity shared between him and Loki, so Frigga was the only one you intended on meeting.

You were drawn from your thoughts as your door opened, to reveal Loki in his classic Asgardian outfit.  You smiled at each other, and he walked towards you to wrap his arms around your waist.  He was such a cold and cruel man when you first met, but now, he was a crystalline oasis in your dangerous world, and you were very much so the same to him.  You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and leaned against his chest, wishing you were better prepared before meeting his mother.  He softly ran his fingers through your hair, knowing you were concerned.

“All is well, my darling… Frigga did not scorn Thor’s science woman, so I have no doubt that she will accept you in kind.”  He reminded, and you nodded lightly, before he took your hand to lead you through the numerous palace halls.

You took a deep breath before entering the throne room, and you tightened your hold on Loki’s hand.  He was amused by your worry, but he also was aware that meeting your significant other’s royal family would be difficult for someone average.  He would never truly call you average, but you did have a far more humble upbringing than him.  You came from a middle-class Midgardian family, and he and Thor were the only royals you had ever known.

“Ah, Loki, my son.  It is so good to see you once more.”  Frigga stated as she approached the two of you.  She shared a brief hug with her son, before turning to you.  You kept your posture perfect and bit your tongue, not wanting to say anything foolish.  “And you must be the woman I’ve heard countless tales about.  Lady [Y/N], correct?”  She continued, and you glanced at Loki in surprise.  A soft blush dusted his face, but he smiled at you with pride.  You focused back on the queen, and smiled softly at her.

“[Y/N] is fine, my queen.  It is an honor to meet you at last.”  You stated courteously, and you bowed your head in respect.  Frigga chuckled and placed one hand on your shoulder, and you looked at her with confusion and curiosity.

“You are Loki’s beloved, so there is no need for such formalities.  I am Frigga to you, if you are [Y/N] to me.  Now,” she proclaimed, before putting one hand on Loki’s back and one hand on yours.  Frigga started to lead both of you through the palace, fully intending on spending the day with -she desperately hoped- her future daughter-in-law.  “Tell me, have the two of you discussed living arrangements?  Loki’s quarters are certainly spacious enough for two.”


“Snow King”

Asgard. One of the Nine Realms and your home for many a year. You had grown up as one of the local children until your parents died in an accident. Queen Frigga then adopted you as one of her own and, though you missed your parents dearly, you never looked back.

Friends for life were found in the sons of Odin - Thor and Loki - with whom you frequently enjoyed the company of. You and Thor could often be seen riding together and socialising alongside the Warriors Three. However when you wanted to be alone, you would retreat to the library. Loki would almost always join you and silently sit reading in the chair next to you just to make sure you always had company if you ever wanted it.

It was after one such day that you retired to your chambers and clambered into your bed. The covers were always so welcoming after a tiring day and though avoiding Fandral’s advances and gossiping with Sif had been fun, you just wanted some peace and quiet with your thoughts to yourself. As you lay in bed, your mind drifted to the earlier conversations…

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The Queen's Consort - Chapter Two

TITLE: The Queen’s Consort
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Drama/Developing relationship/Smut
FIC SUMMARY: The Allfather is in negotiations with the Queen of Vanaheim for the services of her army and the wealth of her neighbours. There is just one thing that the Queen of Vanaheim wants in return for her loyalty: Loki.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Inspired by the art of the wonderful nanihoosartblog. I’m afraid as this one’s pretty detailed it’s going to be slow burn and feels like it might take a little while for anything interesting (i.e. smutty) to occur, but Loki and Sigyn should have another face to face interaction in the next chapter. Let me know if you want to be included in a tag list for chapter updates (updates will not be daily, cannot guarantee frequency). xoxox

Chapter One

“Queen Sigyn, thank you for joining us.”

“Allfather,” the foreign queen replied with the slightest nod of her head.

“I didn’t have the opportunity to introduce my sons to you at the feast last night. May I present Crown Prince Thor and Prince Loki. They will be observing our negotiations today.”

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(05) Frigga, Allmother - Rene Russo

My 5th sketch from the Marvel women series (that I love) just got to be Rene. She was perfect as the Queen, and even in her 60s, damn was she still hot and smokin’, just ask Jake (Nightcrawler).

♡ crazynoona, fanart

Frigga and Freya

I adore You, Frigga, Queen of Asgard.
I adore You, Frigga,  Power Broker.
I adore You, Frigga, Beloved of Odin.
I adore You, Frigga, Mother of Baldr.
I adore You, Frigga, Who drives back disorder.
I adore You, Frigga, Mighty Seer.
I adore You, Frigga, more cunning than Your Husband.
Hail Frigga, now and always.

I adore You, Freya, Mighty Lady of the Vanir.
I adore You, Freya, bold in battle.
I adore You Freya, Who defers to no one.
I adore You, Freya, Desire of the Worlds.
I adore You, Freya,  Secure in Your Power.
I adore You, Freya, Goddess of Passion.
I adore You, Freya, Giver of Gifts.
Hail Freya, ever Magnificent.
Hail Freya, always

The Maiden And The Giant

TITLE: The Maiden And The Giant



Imagine falling through a portal into Jötunheim and running into a stranger named Loki, who decides to provide shelter out of the need for company, that eventually turns into love.


I wasn’t really expecting this chapter, or the ending of the last one tbh. I’m not sure I really know how this ends anymore.


    Kat blinked repeatedly, not for the first time wishing her eyes were ‘normal’, and cowered a bit closer to Loki, still very much on edge. “Loki, I can’t see. What’s going on?” She asked shakily. Loki didn’t reply, eyes flitting between the three forms before them warily. “Loki, please.”

    “We mean you no harm, child,” The Allmother spoke up soothingly, “I am Frigga, Allmother and Queen of Asgard; and this is my son, Thor.”

    “Asgard? We’re in Asgard?” Kat asked fearfully, turning her blurry vision to the direction the voice came from, remembering everything that Loki had told her of the realm and its people.

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The Governess and the Liesmith

TITLE OF STORY: The Governess and the Liesmith
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Fluff, Drama, Angst…
FIC SUMMARY: Sigyn finds herself accepting the position of governess to Prince Loki’s children. She quickly endears herself to them, despite her firm hand, but the closeness and trust she worked so hard for is threatened by the return of the children’s notoriously absent father.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: @sweetsigyn suggested a fic wherein Sigyn babysits Loki’s children, or something along those lines. What my brain concocted was something that has a lot of elements of The Sound of Music (but the kids are wild and Sigyn is stern), and a dozen other things featuring nannies or babysitters. Still a work in progress at the the time of posting, but I’ve got most of it plotted out, so hopefully it all comes together. Let me know what you think. xoxox

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Two Hands, One Beating Heart

TITLE: Two Hands, One Beating Heart


AUTHOR: the-resawrites

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine “Me before you” AU type of thing, where after an accident Loki is paralysed. Frigga hires you to keep companion for Loki so he wouldn’t be so lonely. All of his so-called friends abandoned him after the accident.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Likes, comments, reblogs will be very much helpful, (appreciated) :)

Not many thought this would happen to someone like him, someone intelligent, someone great with magic and trickery, it was very hard to believe. Only the royal family kept how the accident happened to themselves, but soon rumours were spread throughout the towns, some saying he even did this on purpose just to get some attention which seemed almost true, but false.

Ever since he was able to go to his chambers after the accident, he was hardly seen around the palace, he stayed in his chambers all day. Of course, everyone in the towns felt sorry for him and his family, but over time they stopped and went on with their lives as though nothing was wrong. The more they stopped, the less visitors came, even the four he called friends stopped visiting him and asking for him.

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“An alliance between Asgard and Midgard would allow Asgard to send troops and resources that we desperately need.” Nick Fury explained to a fuming Darcy Lewis. 

“What I don’t get,” Darcy started, “is why I’m here." 

She crossed her arms and waited for the exdirector of Shield to answer her. Darcy was really curious as to why Fury pulled her aside, when there were far more important people here. She had be tasked with bringing more coffee to her scientist when Fury pulled her into an empty room. 

"Our files say that you were-”

“Are.” Darcy interrupted but quaked under Fury’s glare.

“A political science major. And that makes you an asset.” He finished. 

“You want me to be an ambassador to Asgard?” Darcy’s mind whirled. To go from an intern for a astrophysicist to an ambassador was quite a leap.

“Sort of.” Fury rubbed his head tiredly before handing Darcy a file. Darcy quickly skimmed the pages. A few words caught her eyes. Alliance. King Odin. Marriage. Wait marriage?

“Are you kidding me?” Darcy said with disbelief. Any trace of anger disappeared as she glanced curiously at the file again.

“With Hydra exposed and growing, the world needs more allies and King Odin has graciously offered help.”

“But there’s a catch.” Darcy continued on when Fury stopped.

“With the loss of Queen Frigga, Asgard is in a political upheaval.” Of course, it didn’t help Odin that Thor had relinquished his claim to the throne and the other son Loki tried to take over Earth.

“And what has Thor said about this? I doubt he’d want me to become his new stepmom.” Darcy pointed out, hoping that this flaw in the plan would stop this madness.

“He doesn’t like it, but as a prince he knows to place Asgard before himself.” A voice suddenly spoke, causing Darcy to jump and Fury to reach for a gun. Standing before them, stood King Odin Allfather of Asgard and father of Thor and Loki. The golden eyepatch gleamed under the poor lighting.

“King Odin.” Fury greeted cooly.

“Nicholas Fury.” Odin nodded to him. “I wish to discuss the treaty with Miss Lewis in private please.”

The dismissal was obvious as Odin turned his back to Fury. Fury did not leave.

“Will you be alright, Lewis?" 

"Yeah.” Darcy eyed the Asgardian warily as she spoke to Fury. With that, the two were left alone. The enchantment faded away revealing Loki Silvertongue.

“Your acting has improved.” Loki said with muted approval. He circled around Darcy and loomed over her. 

“Well when the reward for being an actress is becoming queen, who wouldn’t?” Darcy replied with a smirk on her lips. She dropped her naive, snarky intern act. 

“So you agree to the terms?” Loki asked in a low voice, causing Darcy to shudder in delight. 

“I have only one amendment.” She moved closer to Loki and stood tall before him.

“I don’t want to be the queen of Asgard.” Darcy smiled when Loki’s brows furrowed. Stepping on her toes, she wrapped her arms around Loki and whispered.

“I want to be Queen of the Nine realms.”

audreyii_fic said: dammit i just wanna write some mama!frigga and y’all can’t stop me YOLO BITCHEZ

We’re still in the Odinsons Are Banished AU. Okay, yes, no one requested this prompt, but I like the world. I like playing with the concept that maybe everything might possibly not end in fire and blood. I like spending a little time with this guy:

instead of this guy:

And for that matter, this guy:

instead of this guy:

I just… I just wanted it, okay? I JUST DID.

Heavily influenced by this deleted scene from Thor. I mean, you think Frigga was pissed at losing just one…


Frigga, wife of Odin, mistress of mages, Queen of the Realm Eternal, does not take a horse down the Rainbow Bridge this night. The walk is long, but she needs the time. She needs the air.

She needs many things.

She needs strength, to rule in place of the All-Father until he awakens. She needs wisdom, to guide the Aesir through this time of upheavals. She needs patience, to end this struggle with Jotunheim before it has the chance to begin.

And right now, more than anything else, she needs her children.

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Ice Melt

TITLE: Ice Melt


AUTHOR: castiels-sweet-little-grace

Original Imagine: Imagine that you have a crush on Loki, but he doesn’t know. He stays away from everyone, including you, during daytime. 
At nights, when you’re asleep, he sneaks into your room and pulls the blanket over you since you have the habit to kick it off. 

RATING: Teen and up

NOTES/WARNING: I’m sorry for every mistake I made. English is not my native language. Plus it’s my first time writing Loki. Please be gentle!



That’s how you felt, you jumped on the couch and turned the TV on, procrastinating on your work that seemed pointless anyway.

Destruction is what you saw. You’ve never been to New York before but that’s definitely not how New York looked. Your eyes were wet, you started tearing up after you started hearing those people cries and please for the authorities to do everything within their power to save their loved ones. You knew your nightmares at night were going to get worse and colder.

But then then you saw a face.

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Can we just appreciate how many queens there are in sci fi?

Queen Amidala

The Borg Queen

The Rachni Queen

The Queen of Blades

Queen Frigga of Asgard

and who could forget the original Queen?

Some of them are good, and some of them are evil, and some of them are neither here nor there.

Nevertheless, all of them are queens - strong, essential female sovereign characters in their own right.

And that is so important.

Has anyone else noticed the similarities between Thor and Loki & Elsa and Anna?

Let me first point out that Frozen takes place in the region of Scandinavia, where the Norse gods Thor, Loki, and Odin among others were worshipped. 

Obviously they’re both royalty and siblings:

Both have restrictive fathers (that are doing the best they can given the circumstances):

One sibling is happy-go-lucky/carefree and thinks they’re in love:

not to mention being hit by a car/horse

The other sibling has magical ice powers:

Loki/Elsa isolate themselves from others:

Thor/Anna go visit Loki/Elsa after parent(s) death:

Loki/Elsa imprisoned:

Thor/Anna end up in happy relationships:

Loki/Elsa return home and become king/queen:

Also they’re all adorable babies:

So I wrote a Loki version of Do You Want To Build A Snowman

Do you want to fight some giants?
C'mon let’s go have war!
I never see you anymore, just forget Thor
It’s like you’ve gone away.
We used to train together,
But now we don’t, I wish you would tell me why.
Do you want to fight some giants?
They don’t have to be frost giants.
(Go away, Loki.)
Okay, bye.

Do want to fight some giants?
Or study the Tesseract at all?
I think some company is overdue
I’ve started following my mom around the halls.
(Good cooking, Frigga!)
It gets a little lonely, all the Asgardians,
Just working the hours by.

Please, I know the truth now.
People are telling me I’m wrong.
They say I’m evil, I’m not trying to.
I want to be your son, just let me in.
I want us to have each other.
Just you and me.
What am I supposed to do?
Am I really a Frost Giant…?