This is one of my favorite scenes in Thor: The Dark World. We all know that Loki tricked everyone and made everyone think he died, but he saved Thor and Jane. However, my point is, you can see the hatred in his eyes. Hatred and pain towards the creature who killed the only person he loved more than anything. My second point is; he says he’ll see him in hell (even if he’s lying), he knows that he will go there. He will rot in hell because it’s what he deserves. So he is fully aware of what he’s done and he knows what he’s done is bad. And a heartless, psychopath would not say that. “A true king admits his faults”; (in)directly, he admits his faults, by acknowledging that he will be judged and sent to hell… He is aware of all the sins… And he did not do this for him. He did this for his mother.

Imagine that someone (in Avengers’ tower perhaps) was able to show Loki a magical mirror which shows the truest wish of the person holding it (a bit like mirror of Erised). It’s supposed to show him how vain and insufferable he is, because everyone thinks it’d depict him on a throne, with all the people kneeling before him. But all that’s shown in the mirror is Frigga with Thor and Odin, surrounded by loved ones and friends, with Loki entirely missing from the happy scene.

Norse goddesses

Despite the Norse goddesses being almost as famous as their male counterparts, the surviving information is somewhat scarce.

The myths that have survived show strong characters who could stand their ground, and despite often only being mentioned as someoneโ€™s wife, were powerful in their rights.


Freyja is the goddess of love, fertility, sexuality, beauty, and gold. Sheโ€™s also a Valkyrie and the Goddess of war and death. Njรถrรฐur his her father, who had her with his sister (whose name hasnโ€™t been preserved), which makes her a member of the Vanir clan. Sheโ€™s the sister of Freyr, the god of fertility and controls when the sun shines and when it rains.

Her husband is ร“รฐur, who sometimes is thought to be ร“รฐinn, and together they have the daughters Hnoss and Gersemi. Both their names mean treasure. Freyjaโ€™s name means lady and is the origin of the Icelandic word โ€œfrรบโ€ (Mrs). Freyja is also used in the word โ€œhรบsfreyjaโ€ (housewife). Apart from that, the name Freyja is relatively common in Iceland.

In Lokasenna, where Loki offends most if not all gods in รsgarรฐur, he accuses Freyja of having slept with all the gods and elves, including her brother, which she doesnโ€˜t deny.

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Pagan altar with Nordic Gods and Goddesses: Loki, Freya, Odin and Frigg. Hail!

Языческий алтарь и Северные Боги и Богини: Локи, Фрейя, Один и Фригг. Славьтесь!