Where did all the women go?

Sif isn’t in Thor: Ragnarok

So in a franchise that isn’t exactly known for having much in the way of female characters we’ve lost Jane Foster, we’ve lost Darcy, Frigga got fridged for “manpain” ™ and now we’ve lost Sif too! 

And in return for losing basically every single female character in the franchise ever, we have Valkyrie. 

Not that I’m not looking forward to Tessa Thompson, I am, but I had been hoping to see just a tad more estrogen on screen. 

Women don’t really have cooties, @marvelentertainment I promise. We also make up 53% of the film going public, so maybe you could put a few more of us in your movies? Huh? Please? 

And maybe give us names because as prime as roles such as  Asgardian Woman #2 and Sakaarian Girlfriend #1 are, I’m getting sick of your sexist shit. 

Why don’t you hire some female scriptwriters, that might do wonders for your sexism problem, or is Marvel Entertainment as big of a sausage fest as your movies are? 

Pagan altar with Nordic Gods and Goddesses: Loki, Freya, Odin and Frigg. Hail!

Языческий алтарь и Северные Боги и Богини: Локи, Фрейя, Один и Фригг. Славьтесь!