my style suddenly did a thing did you notice like wow they actually have noses and stuff and idk i’m still tweaking it out with eyes and junk ill figure out something eventually

i had more doodles but of course i forgot to save them :‘I im still mad those were the original doodles that like suddenly changed my style 

im not used to drawing her but she’s suddenly the guinea pig for messing w/ styles go figure

Day Twenty-Three: Favorite Single-Stage 

Miltank is infamous for being a bitch and a half to kill at Whitney’s gym [the nth time i challenged her i wasnt even paying attention and i somehow magically won and i had no idea what i did] but it’s still really cute???? I love Miltank wtf it’s a cute cow I love cows

I have a Miltank in ss named Bessie which is the most unoriginal name for a Miltank but i didnt want to think too hard when i caught one so