Vegeta/Bulma Story

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In this fairy tale there’s a Prince, but he is not good and charitable,
There’s a Princess, but she is not a woman waiting to be rescued.
In this fairy tale there is love, but it doesn’t happen immediately, comes before the passion, comes before the need to be understood, until we realize that we can’t be one without the other.
This fable seems anything but not a fairy tale.
The Prince and Princess have saved each other, and they have gotten better each other, they’ll accept them as they are.
The love of Fables is not in words, but in fleeting glances full of words.
If in this fairy tale there’s an happy ending is because we tell it, when every night we sleep next to each other.


when your best friend is in danger


Written for @amazingmeplusone

A/N: So I’m pretty much thinking that maybe there was a time when Raditz wanted to give up and only saw one way out…

Raditz stared at the enlarged skin that swallowed his knuckles, taking note of the colorful dance of blues and purples that were beginning to form. He spat a curse word under the currents of his tongue, squeezing the side of infirmary bed tighter.

Nappa sat across from him, the features of his face painted in shadow, his arms folded across his broad chest. His lips pressed together into a tight line, his eyes dark and full of torment. Raditz could see his disposition clearly, even though only a sliver of light washed over the room by way of a creaky lamp above.

He signed, clenching his jaw and finally letting his eyes wander down to the cause of their confliction. It hurt his stomach to look, but he would prove to himself and to anyone listening that he was no coward.

A swollen face greeted him, eyes shut forceably, the body unmoving. The skin resembled that of a child’s hurried scribble, and Raditz wished he could remove the bruises with a washcloth and some warm water.

“Raditz,” Nappa’s gruff voice spoke, interrupting his thoughts, “Stop looking at him like that.”

Raditz tore his eyes away from the table bed, burning straight into Nappa. He swallowed hard, trying to dissipate the anger that swarmed his chest like a thousand bees. “Stare at him like what?”

Nappa unfolded his arms and rested his elbows on his knees, the light illuminating the dark edge that loitered his irises. “Like you pity him. He would beat you bloody and raw if he saw you staring at him like that.”

“Tch,” Raditz looked down to his boot, the tip stained with dried blood, and squeezed his eyes shut, “This is bullshit and you know it, Nappa.”

“Never said that it wasn’t,” Nappa sighed, “But dignify yourself with some honor. We don’t look down at our Prince like he’s some whore who’s been beaten in an alleyway. Keep your head about you.”

“You’re really pissing me off, ” Raditz bit, saliva beginning to pool in the corners of his mouth, “Talking to me about honor. Where the hell was your honor when Zarbon was beating him down? I didn’t see you jumping in!”

The image of Raditz screaming in fury and attacking Zarbon head on infiltrated Nappa’s mind, and he shook his head as he recalled having to hold the brute back. Raditz had managed to land a hit in the center of Zarbon’s iron chest, resulting in his swollen hand. Vegeta had taken the rest of the beatings, declaring Raditz to be a fool for daring to help out an elite. “The more you talk, the more I realize that you are definitely a third class. You think out of the pit of your ass instead of that small brain Bardock passed to you.” He pressed a finger to the side of his temple and narrowed his eyes. “Think boy. Would it do you any good to have saved him? Your entire power level is the size of Vegeta’s pinky, and he has no chance against Zarbon. What would you have done differently? Except to piss us all off?”

“Who will protect him if we don’t, Nappa!?” Raditz growled, pointing an accusatory finger at the unconscious boy on the table, “You were personally assigned to see to his aid, and I was a forgotten peon on some mud ball planet! Vegeta could have gotten us killed when Frieza asked him. But he chose to keep us around!”

“For the sake of our legacy, Raditz!!”

“And where in our legacy does it say we wallow in the terror of another!? Where in our legacy does it say we allow our prince to be beaten to a pulp?! He’s just a boy!”

“Why are you so passionate about this, damnit!? ” Nappa stood, his voice rising as the chair squealed at his departure, his eyes alive with hell fire. “You’re not sounding like a Saiyan!”

“Fuck you! I sound like more of a Saiyan than you! At least I’m trying to keep him alive! ”

“And you think I’m not?! The boy is our only hope, Raditz. If he can’t live through this, than what is the point of us being warriors? Isn’t a warrior one who triumphs through anything?”

“What does that matter if he’s dead! Look at him, Nappa! ” Raditz stared down at Vegeta’s broken body with a new sense of purpose, wiping his brow with the back of his hand. “This is the worst I’ve seen him. And you know just as I do that this is minor! What happens when Zarbon doesn’t hold back? What happens when Frieza stops intervening? That weight falls on our shoulders! It becomes our burden to bear right before we follow him into an unmerciful death! ”

“So then what do you suggest, Raditz,” Nappa lowered his tone, feeling a headache approaching, “You have all of these problems, but haven’t offered a solution.”

Raditz took a deep breath and held it, feeling his answer burning on his tongue. He scraped his teeth over it, hoping it would ease the burden of the role he was giving himself. It didn’t. “We’re going to die,” he said finally, his tone dripping with pain, “Maybe not today, maybe not in a moon cycle, but we’re all going to die.” He ran his eyes back up to Nappa, feeling his face turn cold as stone. “Frieza is going to have his way with us and when he’s done, he’s going to toss us to rot in the fucking galaxy. What a way to go huh? So much honor in that,” he rolled his eyes.

“What are you saying? ” Nappa inquired.

“I’m saying, if he’s going to go, shouldn’t it be at the hands of a Saiyan? And not as a servant, pulling at the strings of his leach while he’s paraded around like a… Like a..” he squeezed his eyes and forced the slur out, “… Like a monkey?”

“Coward, ” Nappa whispered, feeling rage pool around in his belly and bubble over into his bloodstream, rushing to his head relentlessly, “Are you imposing that we strike him down? While he’s sleeping?”

“Is there no other way? ” Raditz mind was clouded and nothing could relieve him of his anxieties. This was the only way, he decided, that he could save his soul from having to face his Saiyan elders in the afterlife, asking why he didn’t do anything further. He raised his hand and a soft yellow light began to develop in his palm, threatening and soothing, and he hovered it right over Vegeta’s head. “I’m doing him a favor.”

“I will blow your head from your shoulders before you get the chance, Raditz, ” Nappa threatened, raising his own ki soaked hand,“ Gather what little shred of dignity you have left and disarm yourself. You accuse me of not protecting him? Well I will do so now, even if it costs you your own life. ”

Raditz glared at Nappa, the ki in his palm building. Sweat began to pile around his forhead, but he made no moves to wipe it. Nappa stared back intensely, ready to fire. They were the only three of their race left, and he wanted to make sure that they at least survived, but Raditz was a fool if he thought Nappa wouldn’t kill him to protect the bigger picture. If anyone would prevail, it would be Vegeta.

“Nappa, ” Raditz whispered, “Don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment.”

“Speak for yourself, bastard, ” he spat, “you’re the one taking the pussy way out.”

Raditz closed his eyes and smirked. Pussy way out, huh? That’s what Nappa said about Bardock. He and Vegeta snickered over the tale of Bardock’s crazed demeanor being broadcast over the scouter, but Raditz thought differently. As he heard the transmission about his father’s last moments in his life, he wondered how true his father’s words were. Frieza certainly looked deceptive, and Bardock had never really made qualms in the past, so what had changed now?

He hoped to answer him as soon as he made it to the afterlife.

He let the rest of his ki fall to his fingers, and then he fired.

The lamp above Vegeta’s head rattled as the ki blast scorched it, sending into metal embers that rained down over the trio in an orange dance. Raditz eyes widened as the grip around his hand tightened, and Vegeta slowly sat up, his eyes dark and menacing.

“What the hell are you doing? ” His voice was hoarse as if it had been overworked, and Raditz felt his tongue swell up in words that he couldn’t reply with.

“Vegeta,” Nappa replied matter of factly, “Good to see you’re awake.”

“As if I could be defeated by that lizard, ” His voice darkened, the hair over his forehead invading his eyes, “Now answer me, trash. What the hell do you think you were doing?”

Raditz swallowed, the vein in his neck throbbed, and he closed his eyes. “Vegeta, I–”

The cold of the wall rushed to greet him as Vegeta punched him in the jaw. Raditz groaned, although a piece of him was in awe at his strength even while on the brink of death.

“If you ever, ” Vegeta seethed, “Raise a hand like that to me again, I will pull your intestines from your belly. And you will address me as Prince Vegeta.”

Nappa chuckled mockingly behind the boy, and Raditz could do nothing but nod once. He could feel that Vegeta had possible knocked a tooth loose, and he tried to wiggle it back into its space .

“Good, ” Vegeta began to slur on his words, his head wobbling, “Pathetic… Third…class…” the table bed groaned as his body fell against the metal, and he slipped into the darkness of his unconscious again.

Nappa shook his head and glared at the Saiyan teen on the floor. He was more like Bardock than he would’ve thought, and that fact made Nappa sick to his stomach. Raditz would eventually learn like his old man, and Nappa was growing not to care.

“I hope you learned your fucking lesson boy, ” Nappa chided, “And grow a Saiyan pair of balls. Next time, I won’t hold you back as Zarbon rips his hand through your abdomen. In fact, pull a stunt like that again and I’ll encourage it.”

Raditz groaned and hung his head, refusing to let himself drown under the weight of Nappa’s words. He rested his hands on his stomach and let the world fade around him, only his self torment and the sting of Vegeta’s punch keeping him afloat.


Sooo not Canon I know, lol but Yknow…