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Top five domestic kiho?? Like looking after the kids, cooking, feeding each other, worrying, and whatever else you can come up with 😘

LMAO like i said yesterday you win this is another level of combination. but hmm okay let’s get it.

#1 - this is like one of my all time faves of kiho and not just even in the domestic sense?? ki could have handed him the plate, he didn’t have to feed him??? the way he’s leaning in his seat to reach wonho and how he opens his own mouth whilst feeding him can we just pause for a second // full gifset here 

#2 - this oneeee i can’t tell you how much i love this one. kihyun cooking and wonho coming in playing music and kihyun first pretending to kick him out whilst SMILING because he can’t help it and then end up singing along HOW MUCH MORE ADORABLE AND DOMESTIC CAN YOU GET // full gifset here

#3 - this just gets to me bc anyone can tell ki the little shit is faking but soon as he falls on wonho and even with his exaggerated i’m in pain face, wonho gets so worried in like 2 seconds and he’s all doting i’m :(( // full gifset here

#4 - this, is the real reason they’re never paired to sit next to each other at fansigns i have concluded it’s because they can never keep their hands to themselves and end up doing shit like this. like this radio show was just domestic kiho in its glory // full gifset here

#5 - this just makes me :((( bc do you remember no mercy, kiho being paired up in teams 3 times, thriving even BEFORE they debuted?? in a competition but ki still had time to sit on wonho as he exercised?? i mean knowing that out of anyone in monsta x these two have known each other the longest just really warms my frozen heart :( 5 years :( // gif used here

Most Fire Emblem Lords reclaiming their homeland.
Applicable Lord: I have struggled for so long, but I’m finally home. I will restore it to its former glory, I promise…

Holmes reclaiming his Homeland.
Holmes: Why the fuck did I decide to come back home? Everyone is throwing their responsibilities on me!

Shigen: Holmes shut the fuck up already, put on your dad’s old ass armor and promote already!

@mythaster / @theaqueenofficial@theriu / @traveling-magpie / Shoutout to the punks who got me partying like it’s 1996 and performing along with long-memorized Adventures in Odyssey on my way to work this morning.  ✌️ Having only a tape player in the car isn’t so bad

Do yourself a favor and imagine the Kyoto Trio and Rin singing “Guns and ships but everything has gone to hell”.

I laughed for 5 minutes at the thought of Suguro going “ANAGRAM!!1!1!1! HAMI LTON11!!1!1!1!”

Yet more Torchwood logos

Just watching End of Days and I found a couple more logos that I don’t think we’ve found yet!

At least this one makes some sort of sense…normal people put logos in the corners of window notice board things, right?

This one looks pretty old, probably an original from the days before they plastered the freaking logo everywhere.

On the Doctor’s handy spare hand!

His folder.  A logo on Ianto’s folder.  YOU EXPECT US TO BELIEVE YOU’RE A SECRET ORGANIZATION?!?!

These are classic ones, but I was wondering how they got the logos on the glass.  Did the glass company do it for them?  Did Ianto, or some other poor soul, have to spray paint them all on?