frieza's species

anonymous asked:

What're your thoughts on Freeza's and Koola's/Frieza Race's ... bits? I know there are many ideas, so I was wondering what you thout >~<

I don’t want to sound plain, but I don’t really hold onto any particular idea about that. Mainly because of how divided headcanons there are and they are often present as example in fanfics. Since there is not exactly a vast amount of fan content about Frieza and the other icejins that particularly interests me, I can’t allow myself to be very picky so I don’t limit the content that I can enjoy.

However I prefer the headcanons that make sense regarding some things we know by canon. (Like hybrids of Frieza’s species) So I’m not that much of a fan of the headcanons that fall into the category of “No genitalia at all/asexual reproduction only”.