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Do your Icejins hate Saiyans?

Kuriza definitely doesn’t. That little cinnamon roll loves everyone, unless you really push him too far or if he gets a bad vibe from you.

Artico doesn’t like talking and kind of despises everyone, regardless of their species. He wouldn’t be opposed to befriending someone from a different species if they can manage to break through his tough exterior. 

General Iceberg doesn’t care for them because of their savage behavior and brutality. Wouldn’t mind getting to know a Saiyan who is a pacifist or one who doesn’t use their powers for malevolent purposes.

Blizzie is racist and wants to kill anything that isn’t from her own species.

Frieza’s mother? Eh. She thinks most of them are lesser creatures who are very unintelligent and she treats her Saiyan soldiers in the same way that one would a pet.

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Do you think that the biogem color has something to do with rare color and common?

I think they can come in all types of colors. :) Super common for Frieza’s species, but it might be possible that they can also suffer from birth defects that might cause them to have an absent bio-gem. You never know, but when it comes to aliens, anything is possible. Years of indulging in countless science fiction oriented media taught me that a while ago.

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Do you think Icejins would have a sexual orientation?

Good question! I’m going to try to handle this one as delicately as I can and I hope my answer doesn’t offend anyone. Friendly disclaimer that this is just my personal opinion and my personal interpretation. Everyone is more than free to disagree and have whatever headcanons about Frieza’s species that they want. :)

Whereas humans have labels for our sexual orientations, Arcosians do not. They are aliens and they do not understand what it means to be “gay”, “lesbian”, “pansexual”, “bisexual”, “heterosexual”, etc, etc. A human or an alien who lives in a culture where these labels are used frequently would have to explain it to them because they don’t understand. 

Some Arcosians are attracted to the same sex. Some Arcosians are attracted to the opposite sex. Some Arcosians are attracted to both sexes! Some Arcosians are attracted to all sexes. But they don’t use labels. If an Arcosian woman who is only attracted to women Arcosians was asked out by a male Arcosian, she would respond with, “I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in men.” She wouldn’t call herself a lesbian or anything like a human might. Reverse for a homosexual male Arcosian and he’d say a similar thing.

In Arcosian society, the only time a same sex couple might receive odd looks in public is from Arcosians who feel like expanding one’s lineage is important and by choosing to confine yourself to a same sex partnership, you are throwing that away and acting very irresponsibly. (In one of my headcanons, I mentioned that Arcosians are a very proud and family oriented race who place heavy emphasis on procreation and producing children to carry on bloodlines and to keep their race high in numbers, so this is why some Arcosians might display hostility and (to us) “homophobic” behavior towards Arcosians attracted to the same sex.)  

In short, I wish people would stop thinking aliens would be as strict and less flexible about sexuality and gender identity like we intolerant humans are. It’s already been seen time and time again in several sci-fi films and sci-fi oriented media that a lot of aliens don’t even share our own morals, let alone our concept of marriage and love. I believe aliens should be allowed to live like aliens and allowed to develop their own cultural expression regarding same sex relations, platonic love, friendships, etc. I really do my best to keep from making them too “human-like” in their behavior because it’s a huge pet peeve of mine.

This also isn’t something I’m making up for some agenda or whatever either. It’s canon that Namekians only use male pronouns and Dende was confused when he heard a female pronoun for the first time. Kaioshin do not possess biological genders due to being born from magical fruit, yet they use whatever gender pronoun they feel fits them the best. Saiyans don’t abide by any gender roles whatsoever in their culture. Gine worked in the meat packing district (a job silly humans would probably equate with being “for men only”), female Saiyans regularly fought alongside the males and were accepted as capable warriors, and we even get to see a female Saiyan drinking with another Saiyan in “Bardock: The Father of Goku.” Rather than stay on Planet Vegeta and raise their babies, it’s canon that Saiyan infants are placed inside incubators and the female Saiyans do not stay home to play housewife or whatever.

I’m sorry, but why would Frieza’s species be completely different from the other aliens we have seen in DBZ and why would their behavior mimic that of humans when they don’t even know about human culture? And I’m not trying to anger anyone, once again. This is just my own opinion and whatnot.