friendzoned to the max

  • max: look at this note warren left me, he's such a goofball
  • max: warren makes me smile ((she says this tWICE))
  • max: *picks up warren's flash drive* must protect my precious
  • max: *blushes when dana talks about warren liking her*
  • max: *trusts warren enough to attempt to tell him about her powers before anyone else*
  • max: warren is pretty cute when he's in full-on geek mode
  • max: *trusts warren enough to call him for advice on how to open a locked door, in the middle of the night, and not worry that he'll tell anyone what she's doing even for a second*
  • max: *when chloe says max "friendzoned" warren* no, he's really cool!
  • max: *looking at alt!warren* *sad/hurt voice & face* he hooked up with stella...?
  • max: *looking at a cruelly graffiti'd photo of warren that's been stuck to his door by nathan* poor warren. nathan is lucky i'm a pacifist.
  • max: *while writing an actual cheesy pick-up line on warren's room slate* sometimes you just have to take a chance and see what happens... will he think that's too dorky?? well, it's not like he isn't. he'll laugh, right??
  • max: *when warren says he'll never erase said pick-up line* you better not, it's permanent!!
  • max: *when warren says he's feeling pretty alpha* *flirtatious body language* you are.
  • max: *when warren sadly says he knows how to be invisible at school* not to me, warren. text soon.
  • a lot of people, still, somehow: max shows literally zero interest in warren though. she clearly doesn't like him at all.
Some Facts that LIS Fandom Ignores

. Warren is the only Character who saved Max’s ass and got a black eye 

. Warren Spied On Max in order to make sure she is okay.because he was worried about her 

. I Bet 20 bucks that you would shit your Fangirling panties if you saw Chloe spying on Max instead of Warren  i can see through double standards 

. Max was almost killed by Nathan the same psycho dude who shoot and almost shoot Chloe with a Gun.

. Warren Also sends her a lot of Text messages to make sure she is okay and safe.

. Meamwhile you find Chloe Adorable when she sends a lot of text Messages to Max 

.  If it wasn’t for Warren stepping up For Max, Nathan would have already killed her.

. Warren doesn’t mind being friendzoned and he never pushes Max

. Warren always jokes around and they are not ment to be taken seriously. (you people really dont get sarcasm do you?)  

. Warren comforst Max At the end of Episode 2 when Kate dies

. Warren does everything he can to make Max feel better after Kate Dies 

. Warren is The only Character who comforts Max while others tend to put a lot of pressure on her.

. Stop making him look like a bad Character 

Okay, I defend Warren like a mother bear on steroids… but I’ll tell you why.

Max needs allies.

It shows in all the small interactions with other students who aren’t Nathan, because let’s be honest. Getting Dana to open up to you? Helping out Juliet, remembering her name and even making her realize that watching Kate’s video wasn’t cool of her? Talking to and being on Kate’s side as well as saving her (besides it obviously being the right thing to do it still helps)? Getting on Evan’s good side to look at his portfolio and just in general talking to him? Letting Daniel draw you and just in general talking to him? Trying not to look like a poser in front of Justin so he likes you? Playing nice at the right moment with Victoria and her followers Taylor and Courtney? Saving Alyssa from projectile weapons and talking about the things she likes? Zachery even had a pleasant conversation with Max.

There’s so many moments where Max can try to get along with others so they like her. It’s possible it’s just to get to know them and feel like you’re actually in school, but I can’t help feeling like I need to befriend as many people as possible in order to have people out there that have my back when shit goes down.

Warren’s already 100% on Max’s side and I don’t want to believe that saying no to his date advances will set me back, because I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a “this will have consequences”, but I did make sure to help him with his experiment just in case so he knows I have his back if he needs something. Warren’s probably Max’s number 1 go to right now that won’t flip out if she wants to hang out with someone else (here’s looking at you Chloe). Warren’s the most friendly and upbeat person plus the smartest one she knows. She needs him in that respect and so if he’s going to have her back the way he does, even if he has feelings for her, as long as I can avoid going out with him and still keep him on my side I’m going for it. He has my back in this game then I have his until he solidly proves to me in canon that he doesn’t have Max’s best interest at heart.

I’m also big on giving people the benefit of the doubt. So until anything is set in stone Warren is my bae and I’ll defend him to the ends of the world and back. (I’m aggressively loyal to people who have my back, what can I say?) Sometimes he doesn’t make good decisions, but since when does anyone make good decisions all the time? He’s no Nathan and I’m trusting him with Max’s life to be honest. If it turns out he isn’t on my side then I’ll be super disappointed, but I’ll also apologize and step down. But until then, I will fight anyone without any solid proof calling him a bad guy and share my positive view on the things he does.

Thoughts on Max and Warren...

One thing I’ve noticed in the blogs that I follow that circle around Life is Strange, is that most of them ship together Max and Warren.
Now, I’m not one to ‘shipshame’ but really, that ship needs to sink as soon as possible. I’ll put this all under a read more as it does get pretty long.

If you’re a ‘GrahamField’ shipper, please consider reading this as it delves a little more into how it’s such an unhealthy ship!

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