friendzoned to the max


(When she says gay she’s probably referring to Kim and Max who knows)

Also, friendzoned Nathanael (they get together eventually tho so dw)

  • max: look at this note warren left me, he's such a goofball
  • max: warren makes me smile ((she says this tWICE))
  • max: *picks up warren's flash drive* must protect my precious
  • max: *blushes when dana talks about warren liking her*
  • max: *trusts warren enough to attempt to tell him about her powers before anyone else*
  • max: warren is pretty cute when he's in full-on geek mode
  • max: *trusts warren enough to call him for advice on how to open a locked door, in the middle of the night, and not worry that he'll tell anyone what she's doing even for a second*
  • max: *when chloe says max "friendzoned" warren* no, he's really cool!
  • max: *looking at alt!warren* *sad/hurt voice & face* he hooked up with stella...?
  • max: *looking at a cruelly graffiti'd photo of warren that's been stuck to his door by nathan* poor warren. nathan is lucky i'm a pacifist.
  • max: *while writing an actual cheesy pick-up line on warren's room slate* sometimes you just have to take a chance and see what happens... will he think that's too dorky?? well, it's not like he isn't. he'll laugh, right??
  • max: *when warren says he'll never erase said pick-up line* you better not, it's permanent!!
  • max: *when warren says he's feeling pretty alpha* *flirtatious body language* you are.
  • max: *when warren sadly says he knows how to be invisible at school* not to me, warren. text soon.
  • a lot of people, still, somehow: max shows literally zero interest in warren though. she clearly doesn't like him at all.
Some Facts that LIS Fandom Ignores

. Warren is the only Character who saved Max’s ass and got a black eye 

. Warren Spied On Max in order to make sure she is okay.because he was worried about her 

. I Bet 20 bucks that you would shit your Fangirling panties if you saw Chloe spying on Max instead of Warren  i can see through double standards 

. Max was almost killed by Nathan the same psycho dude who shoot and almost shoot Chloe with a Gun.

. Warren Also sends her a lot of Text messages to make sure she is okay and safe.

. Meamwhile you find Chloe Adorable when she sends a lot of text Messages to Max 

.  If it wasn’t for Warren stepping up For Max, Nathan would have already killed her.

. Warren doesn’t mind being friendzoned and he never pushes Max

. Warren always jokes around and they are not ment to be taken seriously. (you people really dont get sarcasm do you?)  

. Warren comforst Max At the end of Episode 2 when Kate dies

. Warren does everything he can to make Max feel better after Kate Dies 

. Warren is The only Character who comforts Max while others tend to put a lot of pressure on her.

. Stop making him look like a bad Character