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Don’t Get Mad ‘Till You Know the Facts

Prompt: Can you do an imagine for Tim please, where him and the reader are friends, and he confesses about his crush on her But the reader doesn’t take him seriously and just laughs it off. Then later on bc he’s been weird for the days after bc of the accidental rejection, The reader asks whats wrong. They have this sort of argument where Tim spills and the readers just like “Holy shit you were serious?!” So basically angst(ish) and fluff all around?

YAY MY FIRST TIM FIC REQUEST. I AM SO EXCITED! Teehee got the title from a Shania Twain song, that’s why it’s a little long.

Pairing: Tim Drake X Reader

Y/BF/N- Your Best friend’s name

Y/N- Your name

TW: cursing, and angsty-ish

Word count: 850

You couldn’t help it that first time he told you, you laughed. In your defense, the timing was super bad for Tim. You had been having a conversation with your other friend, and you were literally talking about confessing your love in a joking way to get out of a class and pull a Romeo and Juliet. So when Timothy come up to you literally two seconds later and said, “H-hey. Y/N. I… I just wanted to tell you that I’ve had feelings for you for awhile now and I…”

You giggled, “yeah, yeah, very funny Tim. Next time try not to eavesdrop on Y/BF/N and I’s convo next time, okay?”

Tim looked taken aback, but he only smiled and nodded, “Y-yeah, so that Bio lab today?”

You shrugged, “oh, I know, such a pain in the rear-” And you had just one off with the subject, never knowing the truth.

You didn’t really think about it, but then Tim started to act…strange. Well, stranger than normal, anyway. Anytime you walked into a room he quickly vacated it, and he actually skipped a few classes on Tuesday, then he didn’t even show up for school the rest of the week. You were beyond worried, you tried texting him, and when that didn’t work you called him. He ignored that, so you finally ended up calling the Manor.

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